25+ Best Texting Games 2016


Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone to get rid of the real world and all the messes with it. We all love to use a smartphone to experience something new everyday. A smartphone offers a whole new world to explore right within our hands. We don’t need to go anywhere for anything, we can do pretty much everything from anywhere around the world by using a smartphone. Smartphone runs with a set of amazing apps and without such apps, a smartphone can not deliver anything. If you love spending time with your smartphone, you might have a list of amazing games to play with. If you are looking for some cool texting games, we’ve got 25+ best texting games here. Follow the list and grab them now to live a whole new gaming life. Take a look!

Would You Rather

25+ Best Texting Games 2016

1.Story Builder

If you love to write but couldn’t found the right thing at a right time, this game is here for you. Story Builder helps you to generate your own story with an epic way. The game has got many variations to play, however it has a simple method to generate that epic story out of your boring life. Players just need to write lines one by one and at the end, they’ll have their own story within the Story Builder game.

Story Builder works on a simple gameplay which requires a cool opponents who can help you building up a story of your choice. Initially, you need to send a phrase within the game to your opponent. The opponent will then respond with a whole new line. You both can start building lines one by one and at the end, you will have that perfect story. The game will stay on until you finish the story with the last line. You don’t bother about anything, even if there is no sense in both the parties’ lines, you will have a laugh at the end. You can see if it’s working or not and that’s how the story goes. The game looks quite boring, however it has got all the fun to spend a gold time with. Over text, you each one has to put 6 words at a time and you will be given 20 turns each time. Play it widely and build your own story right now!

2. 20 Questions

20 Questions is an epic game with an interesting gameplay. The game allows you to ask 20 questions to the recipient, the opponent will have their turn to ask you 20 questions to know each other. If you have a crush on someone, make them able to play this game and see a set of interesting answers at the end. This game is absolutely amazing and delivers the best of time to play around the words. The game is power booster with a lot of amazing things inside. User first need to pick a category to start a story with, then the opponent will ask the same questions from the category and then the game goes on.

This game turns out to be the best game for those who love to know someone. You can ask anything within the 20 questions. You will be able to know that person personally by asking all genuine questions which they would like to answer straightforward. Make sure you ask all legal and light hearted questions so that the opponent will not get uncomfortable with it. Go ahead and play the game now!

3. Let’s Get Personal

As the name suggests, Let’s get personal is kind of a game which enables users to know personal things about an opponent. You can ask anything to the opponent even if the questions are very personal. Personal questions can be asked within the game which is why the game is absolutely amazing. People who dare to answer all the personal questions can start with this game.

The game starts with a simple message, a personal questions to the opponent. The opponent will then respond to your questions in his or her own style and that’s how the game will go on. The questions could be of any category, you can even ask questions like a job interview. The game is designed for the ones who love to know each other well. You both can go deeper with your thoughts and that’s how you can survive the questions.

4. Make It Rhyme

Make It Rhyme is really an interesting texting game for everyone who loves to like poetry. This game enables you to create a Rhyme which you can sing in your own tone. The game works simply, the first person will start with a word or phrase and then the opponent will try to end it with a suitable line that matches with your own line. The game will go on and on until the other person quits. You will both get an interesting Rhyme at the end of the game if you both survive for some long time.

Make It Rhyme is even more beautiful to know each other if you stay very far away from the person. You can invite the person and can start Rhyming with an epic way. With this, you can stay in touch with your friend to live happily even if you both are miles away from each other.

5. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss, Marry, Kill is one more option with you if you are looking for a new Texting game with spend your time with. Kiss, Marry, Kill runs with total three components. The game requires you to choose three people with whom you can start the game with. Each one of you will have turns and you all have to answer one by one whom you want to kiss, marry or kill. See, what’s going on with your friends by playing this amazing game. You can even choose the opponents by yourself.

This is sure an interesting game if you are still single and don’t date anyone. You can even make your other friends jealous with the answers of other persons. Go ahead and start spending out some soothing time ahead with Kiss, Marry, Kill game.

6. Let’s Take a Trip

Let’s Take a Trip is a texting game designed for those who love to travel. Even if you don’t have time or money to travel, you can start living in a dreamy land within this game. The game requires nothing, just add opponents and start playing the game. You just need to start by saying I am going to…., and I am taking………

The game runs with a simple line of alphabets. You can start with an alphabet A and opponent has to answer it with B and this is how the game will go on. You can go ahead till Z, the person who stuck between the game will lose it and this is how the opponents will get eliminated. Try it for ultimate fun!

7. Where Am I?

Where Am I? is yet another interesting game designed for the people who love to spend some interesting time by asking such questions. As the name suggests, the game makes you enable to ask the opponent about where you actually are? You can ask any question to the opponent. However, you have to add some description to the question which you ask. If you are in a marriage, you can simple add words like surrounded by people and delicious food. You can even add some more things to the question if you want to describe it more simply. This game is like a special treat for each one of us to spend a healthy time ahead.

8. Truth or Dare

You might have played Truth or Dare game in your school time with your school friends, well since the world goes digital, you can now play this game with your friends virtually on devices and PCs. Truth or Dare is an epic game which is indeed the best one to play in real or even in the virtual world.

Truth or Dare game has finally make it to the digital world to relive those old childhood days back. The gameplay is quite simple in which you need to challenge your friend by asking a questions. Ask your friend if he or she wants a truth or dare. If he chooses Truth, you can text him the question on which he may respond more politely. If he choose dare, you can text him a photo or video or something which you can see him doing. Yes, you can virtually play the same old game with the help of latest technology and its devices. You will not get bored with this old game as it offers the same environment even if you all are not in the same room. Truth or Dare is sure a treat for the ones who are looking for a new texting game. Go ahead and start playing this epic old game to start reliving your childhood memories back. What are you waiting for?

9. Would You Rather

If you want to know a person’s mindset, this game is here for you. This is yet another epic texting game which enable you to know other person well. You can play this game with your crush to actually know what’s there inside him or her.

The game takes place by a simple question. You just need to start asking a question with “Would you rather_______________ OR _______________?” You have to wait for an answer what he chooses and you will get to know him with this. You may even get surprised with the answers of the questions you have asked here and you have to be prepared for some shocking answers as well. It’s really an interesting game to play around. Of course, you can play the game with your real friends as well. Just add them here and start asking the questions. You will also be asked the same questions and you have to give proper answers to all those questions.

10. Song Lyrics

If you are someone who loves to listening to songs or just signing them out in your free time or if you really are someone who loves music a lot, this Song Lyrics game is designed for you. The game works on a simple base, you need to ask a question by picking up a line of a song. The other person has to answer it with that particular song.

Song Lyrics expands the nature of your music and the real taste of your music. You will even get to know more about the music you were not aware of. Song Lyrics is really a very useful game to sharpen up your music library stored in the mind. You can create a point system within the game. The point table will go on and on until you lose the game. You have to answer properly to stay alive with the system. Go ahead and give it a try now!

11. Movie Lines

Just like Song Lyrics game, Movie Lines is yet another epic game if you relate with entertainment. If you are a complete movie buff who are gathered with movies and theatres a lot, who actually loves to spend time by watching the favourite movies, this Movie Lines game is here for you.

The gameplay is quite simple in which you need to start the game by selecting a category from the list. Just select a category and turn your conversation into movie lines. If the opponent stuck with the guessing of a movie line, he will lose the game and then the other person will have an opportunity to ask the question. This is how the game will go on and on and you have to answer the movie name correctly if you don’t want to lose the game. It’s an interesting texting game which is loved by millions of its players around the world. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

12. Word Scrambler

Word Scrambler is an exciting texting game with a simple gameplay designed for all types of people. If you get bored by playing all the old games and if you are looking for a new exciting game to sharpen up your mind with, Word Scrambler is the game which you should install on your device right now.

The game starts with a simple question in which you need to put a word with proper letters. The opponent has to answer with as many words as he can scrambles up. Users can make this game even more exciting and interesting by setting up time limits to it. You can even put proper values to the words having more letters within. The more you scrambles the words the more points you will gain.

13. Emoji Invasion 

Nowadays, we all use a smartphone which allows us to use emojis which can be used if we all are running out of words. Yes, this Emoji Invation is kind of the same game which requires you to translate what an emoji suggests. This texting game can be played with a guy or a girl and it will turn out to be the best texting game if you know the opponent well. It unleashes the real fun out of your boredom which is surely an interesting move you can ever make.

You can use thousands of emojis in your phone. Some of them can be understood, however there are plenty of emojis which don’t have proper meaning. You have to translate them by giving proper words to it. The opponent will ask you a question and you have to answer the question not with the words, but with the emojis available on your Keyboard. If you miss the answer, you will lose the game. This is really an interesting game which is sure to give you laughter ahead. Play it beautifully with your friends or other players around the world.

14. I Spy

I Spy is a complete interesting game which puts a whole new environment within your mind. The game works with a simple thing in which you need to tell your friend where you actually are. Her will understand the surroundings around you and then you can start asking the questions related to it. You can start the game by saying, I spy something…..

The opponent will have all the clues as you have already mentioned your location and the environment around. You have to make proper guesses and see if the opponent can make it to the answers or not. It’s a beautiful game with simple gameplay to play around.

15. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a popular Party game which turns the entire world of yours. Just like other texting games, this game too has a simple gameplay in which you need to start your turn by asking a questions, Never Have I Ever……

Never Have I Ever game which can be started with the points followed by the question. You have to fill in the blank and then respond it to your friend. Make sure you fill the blank correctly to score high in the points table. If your components confesses if he has done that before, he will lose the game. Continue the game until you both have no points left in the table. That’s why you have to start the game with a list of points. This is another useful get to know you game for everyone.

16. Hangman 

Hangman is simple to play game designed for everyone. The game needs to begin with a set of points which will be given to the players. Text the appropriate amount of underscores for letters in the word to start an epic journey of the game. In order to move ahead, your opponent will send you a letter. If the letter is correct, respond him by replacing it with the correct underscore. If he is not correct, he will lose the point and this is how the entire game will move.

Hangman requires a sharpen mind to clear the question asked by the opponent. You have to give proper answers to stay alive with your points. If you give incorrect answers again and again, you will lose points gradually. At the end, the player who don’t have any points will lose the game.

17. Words In Reverse 

Words In Reverse is an exciting texting game which runs on  simple gameplay. As the name suggests, Words In Reverse is all about texting your friends a sentence with reverse of its words. Make sure you write the words in reverse order and see the respond of your friend. You can also write each words in reverse order for more fun to be unleashed within the gameplay. The game will go on and on till you confuse. The one who get confused with the sentence or anything else, Words In Reverse is the win game them. The game is absolutely interesting and gives you the best of entertainment.

In order to start the game, you can ask your friends by sending a sentence of the real word. You can write about your day routine, your weekend plans, your family, your car or anything else. The other person will have to respond quickly or else he will lose the game against you.

18. Funny Pics

Funny Pics is a game where there is no any opponents or other winning or losing. The gameplay is simple where you have to select a particular category from the list. You have to download a meme or anything funny from the Internet and ask to caption it to your opponents. You can get the same questions as funny pics from the opponents. Since the game is there just to entertain its users, you don’t need to wait for win or lose. Just make sure you have a complete entertaining time alongside the game. Try it and get entertained for yourself.

19. Stack Words

Stack Words is kind of an addictive game which requires a bit of your mind power. Stack Words is there with a simple gameplay. Starting a gameplay is quite interesting. First of all you need to pick up a category to start the game with. After selecting a category, you need to enter a word and send it to the opponent. The opponent will have to answer it with a new word within the same category which starts with the last letter of the word.

Stack Words needs nothing, just a proper answer to the word which is received from the opponent. The person who fail to answer the correct word which doesn’t start with a last letter, he will lose the game. You can start playing the game with a fresh start. The game will goes on and on for hours of entertainment.

20. Abbreviations 

Abbreviations is yet another interesting texting game designed for the people who are looking for a new game to spend their time with. This Abbreviations game serves a simple gameplay where you have to ask a question with the first letters of what you are actually doing right now. Let your friends guess what you mean by those letters with a complete sentence to it and see if he answer it or not.

Abbreviations works on a simple base where you need to send a question with the first letters. Eg. If you are driving and listening to music at the same time, you can send it as DALTM. Let your friend guess, you can even send him a couple of hint to get that correct answer from him and unleash fun out of it right now!

21. Song Emoji

Song Emoji does offer the same gameplay as Song Lyrics but with Emojis. If you are a complete music freak who loves to listening to different types of music all the time, this Song Emoji game gives more booster to their life by playing it as a game. The game needs you to use different types of Emojis in order to answer the questions asked by the opponent. Make sure you answer it correctly with proper description in emojis so the other person can easily understand it.

The gameplay is very simple in which you need to send the lyrics of a song in emojis. The opponent has to guess the song by putting the right words. If it is quite difficult to guess the song by the opponent, you can even enter some letters along with the emojis in the question. If the emojis are not enough to describe the song, you can use letters in between them so that the other person or the component can easily make a proper guess to the song. It’s really a wonderful game which you can try right now!

22. Word Building 

If you are looking for a game to sharpen up your mind to make it even more healthier, this Word Building is the game you should start playing it right now on a respective tech device. As it suggests, Word Building is all about playing with a set of different types of words in the environment of texting. The game is one of the most popular texting games which is loved by millions of its players around the word.

The gameplay is quite simple and you might have even played it before in your childhood or school days. You need to send a word with different letters, the opponent has to respond it with another word using the same letters of your word. Yes, the opponent can not use any other letter to respond to your text. If he sends a proper word, you have to respond the same way like the opponent does. You have to send a word using the same letters. Let’s see how long you both can survive. The one who doesn’t respond properly with the same letters will lose the game eventually.

23. Trivia Time 

Trivia Time is all about asking Trivia questions to your friend or opponent. The gameplay is quite simple which doesn’t require any additional skills to play. Anyone can easily start playing this game by starting with a Trivia Question. At the beginning of the game, you need to set up a points and then you can start asking questions.

People have become more advanced with the technology and since they can use Google for the Trivia Questions’ answer. So make sure you set up a time limit in order to complete the game. The one who doesn’t respond properly will lose the game. The person who reach the point goal will win the game.

24. Movie Lines

Movie Lines is pretty interesting game if you really like watching movies. If you know more about the movies, you can play this game with the same opponent. Movie Lines has a simple gameplay. Start the game by asking a movie name to your opponent. You have to select a proper category to start playing the game. Make sure to select a category first and then send a movie name. The opponent has to respond it with proper movie name within the same category. One who fails to respond will lose the game. To make the game even more interesting, you can use emojis in between your conversation. If you win the game, you can start conversation right away.

25. What If

What If is yet another interesting texting app or game available for the ones who love to use their mind a lot. What if is a game with simple gameplay in which you need to ask questions starting with What if followed by two situations to the question. The opponent has to answer with the right situation to get the question answered. The game makes you learn a lot of things while playing which is far more interesting than all the other games.

The game is specially designed for the couples who love to play around with the words. This is an interesting game which is absolutely entertaining for everyone. Go ahead and start playing it right away with the right people in your circle.

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