Best Antivirus for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 2016


The encroachment of technology as well as surge in the count and level of hackers has led to the rise in number of antivirus software. And this software is the most required and desired application for mobiles, tablets as well as laptops. If you happen to be the proud owner of a remarkable smartphone like iPhone or a tablet like iPad, protecting it from viruses etc would definitely be your first priority. Therefore antivirus software must be the first application that you must consider about installing on your device. There are loads of antivirus software that one can download on the Apple App store to protect your device from unwanted threats and these apps might create a great confusion regarding what is best for your device. So here is the list of the best antivirus for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch icluding both free and paid ones:

Best Antivirus for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch



Lookout mobile security is one among the top antivirus apps that can be found on the Apple App store. It is free and provides successful backup of your data. It also has other features like location of the lost device, saving the location of the phone before the battery runs out, email protection while the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. It also affords an anti-theft feature so that you can track your stolen phone or tablet. It is one of the best antivirus for iPhone and other apple devices.



Norton is a popular name when it comes to antivirus software and it has been protecting the devices like laptops etc. for years.. It is also available for free and provides the needed security for your device. This app offers anti-theft features and theft alarm so that the people around you are aware of the theft. One can even backup the contacts and can share it other mobiles. The Scream  feature of the app can be activated when there is a threat of theft.



This Intel Company gives a powerful protection from the harmful files that might infect your personal data stored on your mobile or tablet. It embraces a decent interface and fortunately it is very easy to understand. It gets updated quickly and also offers faster scanning features. It is provided with a new Secure snap feature which saves the photos without leaving any copy for misuse. One can locate their stolen phone or tablet and the alarm can be activated. This alarm rings even during the silent mode when it has been stolen. This particular security application also permits the consumers to listen to podcasts.



One of the handiest programs that one can be proud of having as it perceptively scans all the email attachments and other files that are gained access to by the file sync service together with the stored files. This program is very stress-free to use and features a guideless interface.


Virus barrier

It bids a wide-ranging protection to any variety of personal data lying on your iOS device and even examines apps and games which you have installed from the Apple app store or any other app store like Cydia. With Virus Barrier, one can scan and save email attachments or file on your smartphone or tablet. The app also bids to inhibit the transfer of infected files from one device to the other. It enables you to scan for viruses on files from a far-flung place like Dropbox etc. It is a paid app but you just need to pay 1$ for downloading it on your device.


Trend Micro

A web protection application which will enable you to cope with the level of protection you entail from this application. By means of Trend Micro Mobile Security, one can recognize corrupt apps and fake websites that attempt to take one’s vital details or sign one up with expensive and unwanted services. The features include protection from fraudulent websites, helps in managing the monthly data usage and charges, one can alter the protection level and also safe guards one’s Facebook privacy. Another best antivirus for iPhone, iPad and iPad that is going to keep you devices safe all the time.


The antivirus app will construct one’s user profile and after that start proposing protection of greatly sophisticated standard. This app requires signing up and the users have to store a backup on its cloud storage. The app has an identity checker which monitors one’s identity. It also has a free calling feature which enables the user to call the lost or stolen device. It skins an OS regulator to make sure that your iOS version is always updated. It basically has a firm methodology to the iOS security suite.


The above listed applications are few of the best antivirus for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. These apps can be easily downloaded and installed on your mobile or tablet from the Apple App store. The effective protection of all your information and details like financial transactions or personal details from unsolicited threats and hackers can be ensured.


Best Antivirus for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 2016
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