Top Google Play Alternatives for Android Devices


Almost all the Android smartphone and Tablet users make use of the default “Google Play” app store for downloading application. The Google Play store olds more than million applications with more than billion downloads per month. However, many applications are paid on the app store and if you are one of those who do not wish to spend money on apps, you may get the same apps free on other app stores.

Yes, there are other Android app stores available too that one can download on his or her device and install applications for there. Also, other app stores might solve your other problems too. Like, many of us are not able to install applications that are not available in our country. In other app store, the apps might not be country specific and thus anyone can install them without any hindrance. So here are some best Google Play Alternatives that you might try on your Android devices.

Top Google Play Alternatives

Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store

Google Play Alternatives

No doubt, Amazon app store is the best alternative that one can find out there. Not millions, but there are thousands of applications that you can download from this app store. This includes games, music applications, productivity apps, business apps etc. Almost all the famous apps are there so that the user miss nothing. In order to install any application from the app store, the user needs to download the apk file from the Amazon app store and then install it manually on his or her device.

One of the best thing that this app store offers it user is deals. There are many deals going on every now and then using which you can download paid applications at very low cost and sometimes even for free. So, if you are not able to get any app on Pay Store, it is possible that you might grab it from Amazon app store. It is the best Google Play Alternatives for all the Android users.

SlideMe APP Store

Slide Me app store

SildeMe is another great alternatice that offers thousands of application right at your mobile screen. SlideMe app store contains both paid as well as free applications for you to download. There are many payment options available too including PayPal that one can use to pay for premium applications.

Each and every app in the store is categorized properly and neatly. The user base of this app store is increasing day by day and if you are an Android app developer, you might consider to place your new app in SlideMe app store as well and benefit from their huge ad network.



GetJAR is not a new app store. It was very popular before Android came into the market and provided .jar and .jad games and apps for phones that used to run on Java based platform. After Android became popular, they included Android applications in their app store as well and now they offer thousands of popular and useful application to all the Android users globally.

GetJAR app store also shows the user sponsored recommendations but those apps are not installed in your device automatically. The GetJar reward and GetJar gold system offers the users the top applications based upon your requirements and past downloads. Using these systems on can earn rewards and redeem them to get paid and premium apps totally free.

Top Google Play Alternatives for Android Devices
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