How to Run exe Files on Mac


There is no doubt in the fact that Apple’s Mac is one of the smooth, best and powerful computing machine that one can get his hand on. However, many of us have been using Windows operated computers since childhood and might find Mac a bit difficult to operate. But, trust me that you are going to love it once you get used to it.

run .exe on Mac

However, we know that Mac also doesn’t run all the applications easily similar to Windows. And this is also the main reason why many developers prefers Windows over Mac. However, if you are also among people who is looking for a method to run .exe files on Mac, here we are with a simple solution. Yes, in this post we are going to tell you a simple method using which you will be able to run exe files on Mac computer very easily. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below, and enjoy all your exe applications on Mac anytime you want.

Steps to Run exe files on Mac

Step 1: The first thing that you require is Wine or WineBottler application. You can download the Wine application from the link that has been provided below.


Step 2: Install the WineBottler application after it has been completely downloaded.


Step 3: Now you require the .exe application that you wish to run on your Mac. You can either directly copy the applications from another Windows PC or you can also download it on your Mac from the internet.

Step 4: Now go to the applications folder and double click on the .exe file that you wish to run.

Step 5: The system is going to ask you whether you wish to run the .exe file directly or you would like to convert it to “simple OS X Application bundle” first. You need to choose the second option and click GO.

Open Wine File

Step 6: A new window will appear on the screen asking you about various setting that you might to alter before opening the application. You might vary it if you like or press the Install button on the lower right corner.

Your work is done now. The rest of the thing will be handled by WineBottler application as it will process and present you a Mac bundled application package that you will be able to run on Mac OS X easily.

Using these simple steps you can run exe files on Mac without installing any kind of heavy virtual emulator on your PC. Feel free to share your views and queries with us in comments below. We will be glad to help you if you face  any kind of problem while following the steps.

How to Run exe Files on Mac
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