How to add Settings to Taskbar in Windows 10


Windows 10 is known as the most advanced Windows update from Microsoft as it brings all the advanced features of computing to the system. The system allows you to access a variety of things easily just like the Mac system. Windows 10 brings Taskbar at the bottom side just like Mac’s Dock so you can launch your favourite apps right from it. Today, we will guide you to add Settings in Taskbar in Windows 10 system. 

Settings app in Windows 10 is one of the most crucial app as it has got a variety of options to customise the entire system. Windows 10 brings mobile platform interface so you can customise your system as per your basic requirements right from the Settings menu just like a smartphone. There are many ways to launch Settings app in Windows 10 system and you can explore all the ways from the mentioned tutorial as well.

Adding Settings app in Windows 10’s Taskbar is pretty easy and anyone can easily do that, but it requires proper information which is given here in the steps. It’s a two step process and by following these steps, you will be able to add any of your favourite application to the taskbar so that you can easily access the app right from the desktop with just one click. So let’s get on to the steps now!

How to add Settings to Taskbar in Windows 10 system

Step 1 :

Make sure to launch the Start Menu in your Windows 10 system first. Just go to the lower left corner of your system and click on to the Start button.

Step 2 :

You could see a menu with a number of useful options once you click on to the Start button.

Step 3 :

From the menu, hover over to the Settings option and right click on to it.

Step 4 :

Once you right click on to the option, you would see two different options there. From the available options, you just need to select the second option, Pin to taskbar.

You’re done! The Settings App will be added immediately to the Taskbar once you select the Pin to taskbar option by following the above steps.

So folks, this is how you can add any apps to the Taskbar in your Windows 10 system. It doesn’t require anything else, just follow the same steps to add the apps to the taskbar for easy access.

How to add Settings to Taskbar in Windows 10
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