Android 8.1 Developer Preview is out : Top new features of the new update


Google’s new Android Operating System i.e. Android 8.0 Oreo is just released and not yet available for non-Google devices. Ahead of its availability to other smartphones, Google has released a new Android 8.1 Developer Preview update for the Pixel and Nexus smartphones. Yes, you heard that right. Google has official released the Android 8.1 Developer Preview update for Google-based smartphones.

Android’s latest edition, Android 8.0 Oreo offers a variety of new features including image processors, new UI, boost in the performance and much more. And now, the new update of the Oreo has arrived for the developers and testers. Initially, this new Android 8.1 Developer Preview update is available for the people who have enrolled to the Beta Program and the update is available for the Pixel and Nexus smartphones only.

If you are more curious to know what’s new inside the new Android 8.1 update, then here we have listed down all the features which would be there with the new Android 8.1 update in the future. The Developer Preview has a number of new features which are essential for the high end Android smartphones. Let’s take a look on to the features of this new, Android 8.1 Developer Preview from here.

Android 8.1 Developer Preview : Features

Neural networks API

This new Neural networks API offers hardware-acceleration for on-device machine learning technology. This will eventually improve the performance of your phone when you upgrade with the latest beta update.

Improved Notifications

Notification Panel is one of the most useful area which is loved by everyone. People use a smartphone to receive chat notification, call notification and other updates and they can easily view all the notifications just by swiping down on the display from the notification panel. With this new update, Apps can only make a notification alert sound once per second. You will not be able to hear more sound for the notification with this update. There will be no additional changes to the Notification panel of the phone with this new Android update.

Enhanced service for low-RAM devices

Being the most popular smartphone platform, Android has a large number of different types of smartphones. Most of the Android devices are from the mid-range and designed for the people who are looking for an affordable Android device to buy. The new Android update aims for the low-RAM devices to offer good performance. This will promote better user experience through your phone while making use of the Play Store and other applications.

Autofill Framework

The new Android 8.1 Update will expand the Autofill option to third party apps. With this new Autofill Framework, you will be able to autofill the forms and various things just like PC system once you update your Android with this Android 8.1 Developer Preview update.

This is quite a useful feature which most of the Android users were expecting which is finally taking place with the new Android update to your Android devices. To make this feature work, the new Android 8.1 Developer Preview uses AutofillManager class.

Safe Browsing Implementation

The new Android 8.1 update uses webview implementation through safe browsing API. This feature will work automatically and it will provide safe browsing experience to various websites without any threats. You can take full control of your web browsing through this feature which is more secure than the existing one.

Shared Memory API

This new feature allows you to create, map and manage anonymous shared memory on your device. This memory can be used on multiple processes of the apps.

WallpaperColors API

This new API adds supports for managing colors of wallpapers. This feature will create an object and it will identify things automatically.

Additionally, there will be more stable user interface available through this new Android 8.1 Developer Preview update on your Android device. The update will enhance the overall performance of your device with the new set of features.

If you are using the Google-based Android devices, then you will be able to upgrade it with this new Android 8.1 Developer Preview update. In order to do so, you have to enroll with the Android Beta Program by signing up for it. You’ll then receive updates over-the-air to the latest preview builds to your phones.

For more information about the new Android 8.1 Developer Preview update and the ways to install this update, we would request you to follow the official Google‘s page. You can check out the official list of its features as well.

What’s your thoughts on this? Which feature did you like the most in the new Android 8.1 Developer Preview? Do share your views and opinions on this. You can share your feedbacks in front of us by dropping them here in the comments section. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!

Android 8.1 Developer Preview is out : Top new features of the new update
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