Arc Welder Tutorial – Run Android Apps on Google Chrome


Arc Welder is also known as an additional App Runtime for Chrome which was officially launched by Google last year. The main aim of launching this environment to let developers test their work directly. Fortunately, Arc Welder is now available for all the available PC systems and you can easily install it on any OSs such as Android, Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux except iOS. Google Chrome has launched an extension called Arc Welder which allows you to run Android apps on Google Chrome instantly! Following guidelines will help you to add this extension to your Google Chrome web browser. 

Arc Welder 1

Prerequisites for Arc Welder Application

  • Google Chrome Web Browser installed on your PC
  • APK Files of the apps and games which will be added to the Chrome
  • Arc Welder Extension

These much things are required in order to use Arc Welder on your Google Chrome web browser. Now, follow below guidelines to install this extension and see how it works!

Arc Welder Tutorial – Run Android Apps on Google Chrome

Step 1 :

Launch Google Chrome Application on your PC by clicking on its icon.

Step 2 :

Now, follow below given link which will redirect you to the official Google Chrome’s Extension page of Arc Welder.

Go to Arc Welder 

Step 3 :

Click on the Add to Chrome option given on the same page.

Step 4 :

Once the process gets done, just click and launch the Arc Welder app to your system.

Arc Welder 2

Step 5 :

On the main page, there’ll be an option saying Add your APK. Just click it out.

Arc Welder 3

Step 6 :

You need to browse the APK files which will be added to the Chrome.

Step 7 :

Once it gets done, you’ll see an option Launch APK file on the same page. Click it out to get it launched!

Simple it is! This is how you can run Android Apps in Chrome without any types of additional applications or software. Just install Arc Welder’s extension to your Chrome browser and start exploring the world of apps and games within your system.

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Arc Welder Tutorial – Run Android Apps on Google Chrome
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