BAD_POOL_HEADER Error Fix on Windows PC


BAD_POOL_HEADER Error comes on a Windows PC. This error comes from nowhere and all of your data will be lost in the middle of your work due to this error. If you are using a Windows PC and getting the same error to your system, just follow below given tricks with which you can fix BAD_POOL_HEADER Error on a Windows PC. Follow the guidelines given below to resolve this problem! 


Reasons of this error

1.Corrupt registry entries to your programs

2. Corrupt drivers installed on your device

3. Hard disk might be damaged

4. Bad RAM

5. Anti-Virus software without registered keys

These were all the reasons why you are getting this error. Well, solving this problem is an easy task and requires just a few steps to be followed.

BAD_POOL_HEADER Error Fix on Windows PC

Method 1 : 

You can easily solve this error just by restarting your PC once. Just go to the home button and click the Restart PC option. The error will be solved instantly!

Method 2 :

Boot your PC in safe mode. You can boot your PC in safe mode just by rebooting your PC and pressing on F8 key before it starts. Then select Safe mode option to start your PC in Safe mode.

Method 3 :

You can even restore your settings to solve this error on a PC. Go to Control panel and type Recovery option there. Click it out and you should see System Restore Option. Click next and choose Restore option from the same page. All of your PC’s settings will be restored.

Method 4 : 

The best way to avoid such errors in future is by reinstalling the entire Windows OS back to your PC .Try searching for a source to reinstall a Windows OS back.

So folks, these were all the ways with which we can avoid BAD_POOL_HEADER Error on a Windows PC.

Do you know any other such methods to resolve this error? Do let us know in the comments to solve this error. We would definitely add it to the above methods’ list. Stay tuned for more such useful updates from us!

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BAD_POOL_HEADER Error Fix on Windows PC
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