Best Collage Maker Software for PC Free Download (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac)


Nowadays, everyone spends their free time on different social networking websites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a number of other popular social networking websites and their apps are available for everyone. To create a good image on these sites, people upload different types of their photos. Just to compile a series of photos in one frame, there’s a name called Collage maker available in the tech world. Collage maker puts all the selected photos in one frame, you can even add multiple effects on the photos within the frame. If you are looking forward to such software, get best Collage Maker Software for PC from here. Following list will get you the best of Photo Collage Maker Software. 

Best Collage Maker Software for PC Free Download

1. Collagerator


Collagerator is one of the simplest tool to create an instant Photo Collage of your photos. The software is easy to use and is available for free for all Windows PCs. The software is a creative one which serves a complete user friendly UI for everyone. The software lets you create a Photo Collage with just a few clicks. You are allowed to pick the most suitable theme from a list of various themes. You can add various effects according to your basic needs and can try out various things on it. The software is compatible to run different formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF etc. This is not just done, you can even export images with the same format to your PC with just one single click. Collagerator can be downloaded from the following link for a respective Windows PC!

Download Collagerator for PC

2. Collaizer


Collaizer is a unique Photo Collage Maker software which lets you create an instant Photo Collage in different sizes and different shapes. The app combines multiple applications in one stable and easy to use application so that user can add multiple things to create a decent and impressive Photo Collage. There are plenty of advanced features to add while using this app. It has different buttons which can be used just by clicking on it to your photos. Click Add button to choose various pictures from your PC and then hit Next button to add the images. Since the software is in its Beta version, you may get some errors, however you can try it another time to get the required result!

Download Collaizer for PC

3. CollageIt


CollageIt is a supereasy Collage Making software available for your Windows and Mac systems. The software serves a complete decent User Interface so that anyone can easily use it on their respective PCs. You can even drag your images to create an impressive Collage instantly. CollageIt gives you an ability to use a number of features from one single page. Just click the option and it will be implemented on your work. It’s available for free and you can download it from the following link!

Download CollageIt for PC

4. Fotor


Fotor is undoubtedly one of the most popular photo editing tool allows you to create that perfect Collage of your photos. The platform allows you to use readymade templates in order to create a Photo Collage from a set of your photos. It’s amazing and has got a huge number of features to be applied on your photos to create one frame Photo Collage. Fotor is for free and you can download it from the following link for your respective systems!

Download Fotor for PC

5. Collage to Print

Collage To Print

Create, share and print a Photo Collage instantly with this amazing tool, Collage to Print. Unlike the other Photo Collage software, Collage to Print offers a unique User Interface with which one can easily create and share Collage from the PC. You can try out various readymade templates to add calendars, photos, passport photos, greetings, books, invitations and much more. The tool works smoothly offers a set of new features to use. Download Collage to Print from the below given link now!

Download Collage to Print for PC

6. Picasa


Everyone knows about this world’s popular Photo sharing and editing Platform. Picasa is a tool from Google itself allowing you to organize, edit and share your photos on different social networks. You can add various effects and can create a required photo collage by choosing a photo frame and much more. With Picasa you can create your collages from various types of formats including JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and many more. Following download link will help you downloading an installation file of this software!

Download Picasa for PC

7. PhotoScape


PhotoScape is an all-in-one Photo manager allows you to make use of different tools within one platform. PhotoScape has a number of tiny photo editing tools including a Collage Maker. The tool has an advance set of features to get that perfect photo collage. User can even select right Photo frame or Template to create an instant Photo Collage. Select right template, add effects and try out various effects to your collage. Download PhotoScape from the following link for your PC now!

Download PhotoScape for PC

8. PhotoVisi


PhotoVisi an instant Collage Maker software which is available on for web uses. PhotoVisi offers a set of incredible features to create an instant Photo Collage. You don’t need to get confused as it offers various ready to use Collage Software. You can easily drag your photos to manage the current Collage. Just pick useful photos, drag into the places till you get satisfied. Following download link will help you downloading this software.

Download PhotoVisi for PC

So folks, these were all the latest and popular Collage Maker software for your respective Windows or Mac system. Pick up your favourite one and get the software installed for your PC.

What’s your take on this? Do you know any other such software which you’ve been using? Do let us know in the comments given below this post. You can even drop your thoughts and opinions as well. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask or have any queries to be solved, we’d definitely help you out with a proper solution. Stay tuned for more such useful updates!

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Best Collage Maker Software for PC Free Download (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac)
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