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Make inviting people a bit easier with these best Evite Alternatives 2016. Yes, you heard that right. If you find sending invitations with Evite becomes boring, try out these Evite alternatives to make your event more beautiful. Since the technology and its inventions are increasing, we all started using it. Nowadays, everyone uses Internet to become more advance. Some people do own their businesses online without any particular office or place. They can access everything sitting home within the computer through Internet. With this, sending invitations is also a bit simple task which can be done by anyone. Now, you can send invitations online with the sites like Evite. If you have already used Evite and looking for a similar site, get best Evite Alternatives from here now! 


If you are far away from Evite, let us introduce what this site actually offers. Evite is an event planner website which helps you scheduling event and send invitations to the people whom you want to invite for that particular invent. This social planning website is there for crafting, dispatching and organizing your event. You don’t even need to make phone calls or meeting a person physically, this website does it perfectly without anybody’s help. With Evite you can easily create an invitation card and can add the invitees to call them up for the invent. It’s a very good place for the people who don’t find enough time to make phone calls or send invitations personally. Just quickly create your own Invitation card, attach email ids of the people and the invitation card with be sent to them in a couple of seconds, all at one time. Isn’t that great! To make your life even more beautiful, here we have managed to compile a list of best Evite alternatives. Just follow the list and get your hands-on right now!

Best Evite Alternatives 2016

1. is the best place for those who are looking for a way to create an eye catchy invitation card. This place also has got plenty of different ideas to celebrate more of what you are looking for. carries a number of tools which you can use in order to create an invitation card that you want to develop. It doesn’t require any special skills, just select a tool and you’ll be guided to create an instant invitation card of an invent in just a few seconds. You can get different ideas for invents like wedding, birthdays, parties, graduation and more. If you have a reason to celebrate, has ideas to celebrate it more beautifully. Go ahead and visit the official website given below.

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Punchbowl is a place from where you can invite people instantly. Punchbowl offers a variety of ideas to create and celebrate your most awaited event in style. It doesn’t require anything, just keep your hands moving on the site and you’ll get an attractive invitation card in just a few moments. You’ll be asked some questions regarding your event, you have to add some details about the event and at the end you will have an invitation card along with the details inside. You could easily attach this and can send it instantly to the invitees. You can have hundreds of choices to create your own invitation card. This is not just done, you can even see whether the guests are coming or not by reviewing your invitation. Punchbowl even allows you to buy party stuffs in order to make your party or event a memorable one. Just visit the official website of it to know more.

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3. Facebook Event

Yes, you can now create an event using your personal Facebook account. Facebook, world’s most popular social networking website not allows you to connect with your people, but you can even build a great community with which you can send invites and share things instantly. You’ll even see whether the invitees are coming for the event or not. Using Facebook Event is pretty simple, you just need to login to your account and move over to the events page. You can select create an event option on the page. From here, you can easily create your event by putting out the details. In order to invite people, you would see a list of all of your Facebook friends here. Invite your friends and relatives through Facebook and they’ll respond to your invitations quickly. Yes, they will be notified with a notification of your invitation. Explore Facebook Event by following the below given link now!

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4. Anyvite

Anyvite is one more place to invite people for an event which you have created recently. This website allows you to create and send digital cards to the people. This is not just done, the invitees will receive a text message regarding the same. Anyvite also allows you to sell off your tickets. You can put the details and the invitees will buy the tickets from it. You need to put proper details of your event and other transaction details here. The site allows integrates you with your personal social networking websites where you can merge with your real friends and can invite them instantly. In order to start using this place, you have to first register yourself to it. You will be guided about creating an event from the very beginning. You can then purchase a premium account to create an event of your life. Visit the official website to know more about this Anvite.

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5. is also known as Invititude. BDare is a mobile friendly invitation service allowing you to create your event in minutes. You can even send invitations to the people instantly. Since it’s a mobile friendly invitation service, it works perfectly on the mobile devices. You can now create an event by putting out the details. You will be asked about the event and its date and other required things. Make sure you add the right details on the page and then you can create an event right away. User can even share images, videos and more to the invitees within the app. If you are looking for a new way to send invitations of an event, this is the best place you can ever visit. Go to its official website now!

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Make an extraordinary invitations for different occasions of your life with PurpleTrail carries a huge number of designs and themes which you can use in order to create an event card as an invitation card. Unlock a world of creativity to build an amazingly designed beautiful invitation letter. The PurpleTrail offers plenty of ideas and creativity to build an amazing card within your PC. You can try out your own creative ideas to get the extraordinary card right away. The invitations can be sent for free. The most beautiful thing about this place is you will not see any advertisements even if you are using it for free. There are many items and stuffs available which needs you to pay for that. However, you can use a bundle of things which are there for free. Initially, you can try them for free and if you find it satisfying, you can purchase the much needs items from the website. It’s easy and works beautifully. Go and visit its official page now!

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7. Smilebox

Smilebox offers a unique way to create and send invitations to your loved ones. Smilebox allows you to add music and animations to your invitation card. The website even allows you to create a photo collage which can be saved as an invitation card. You can easily send invitation cards by using the Social media integration with your Facebook and other social networks. You will be allowed to integrate with your current social networks with just one tap. This is not just done, you can even send invites through emails. Just add proper Email ids of the people whom you wan to send invitation, they will be notified with a proper message to regarding your invitation. Smilebox is a fun to use place which requires no special skills. Anyone can easily get started with it in order to make an event a memorable one. You can simply put the right details on the given fields. You can explore it more and more by adding various stuffs along with the animations and more. Visit its official page from where you can get more information about it.

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8. Sendomatic

Sendomatic makes you look good by adding more creativity to your event. Sendomatic allows you to create that beautiful invitation card. You can choose from hundreds of different templates. Additionally, you can even customize the selected template by adding up your own ideas and creativity. There’s a lot more to do within the Sendomatic which you can use to customize your own invitation card. Sendomatic allows you to send invitations ads free. Yes, you can send invitations to the people within the website, there’s no any advertisements you will see in your invitations. Users can also manage the responds of the invitees with proper message to let you know whether they are coming or not. The whole data can be exported in Excel file and you can save it for absolutely free. Additionally, Sendomatic even allows users to sell tickets. You can receive money within the place for your tickets of an event. It’s really a great place to create an event and invite the world’s people. You can keep an open event for public to see the details of it. They can purchase tickets from it easily. You have to mention and add proper details before buying the tickets. Go to its official website to know more about it now!

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9. Zoji

Zoji is a popular event manager tool which is available online. The developers also have claimed that the users can even make use of a created event off-line without any Internet connection. You can plan different activities offline which requires no special skills. Just create an instant event to add up a beautiful event within your hands. The service handles pretty much all types of events starting from birthday parties to mega events like weddings, social groups’ get together and much more. You just need to add proper details of an event including the place and its timings. The Zoji will also allow you to add email IDs and other details of the invitees. You can instantly send invitation to the people in no time. Zoji offers the simplest way to invite your friends online. The only lack is it doesn’t have too much too add, it creates a simple event with simple design. You can not put too much things to your event. Just keep it simple and it works perfectly on the invitees’ minds. Go ahead and visit the official site now!

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10. E-Invite

E-Invite offers a complete user friendly environment to create and share invitations. You can unleash your creativity by adding up your own event. This web based service allows you to make that perfect e-card to send it online to the invitees. You can send an e-card online through its network. E-Invite serves the best platform to create a stunning invitation cards along with proper details of your event. You can even print the invitation cards from the website easily. The online event creator offers a complete free environment to send invites to the people whom you want to invite for the party or an event. Your invitation will be sent them instantly and you can even see whether they are coming for the event or not once they respond to it. It’s an easy to use place which can be explored by anyone without any technical skills. Go ahead and unleash your creativity in order to make your event memorable one. Here’s the official website of the E-Invite website, just go ahead and visit it now!

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Best Evite Alternatives 2016
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