Best Face Swap Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad 2016


If you are not good at photoshopping, just get a whole new life with the best Face Swap Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad devices. No matter which smartphone platform you use, you can get the best of Face Swapping by installing apps on their devices. Nowadays, Face Swapping is a trend as people love to swap faces with their pets, animals or any other photo. Swapping face is just a few taps away and you’ll get a hilarious photo in a few seconds to make a fun out of your boring life. Face swapping is nothing but interchanging your face with another person on a particular photo. The results will make you laugh for sure. If you get bored by playing the same games, it’s time to make some fun with these best Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS. Take a look!

Since we all love to use different types of apps and games, we have compiled a list of best Face Swap apps for Android, iPhone and iPad here. Of course, there are some websites also available which allows you to interchange your photos with others, however you can use it right on your smartphone within an app. Using an app of Face Swap allows you to interchange photos in just a minute. You can instantly share your creativity on different social networks as well. Its pretty easy and anyone can get started with it even if you are not relate to technology. The technology trend has been changed, forget taking selfies from everywhere, now it’s the time to swap your photos with best Face Swap Apps from here. Following list will help you choosing the right Photo Swap app for a respective smartphone. Take a look!

Best Face Swap Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad

1.Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is one of the most popular Face Swap apps available in the market. The app is available on both the platforms, Android and iOS. Face Swap Live was available only for iOS devices which is now available on Android’s Play Store for Android users. The app is full of entertainment that lets you interchange your photo with other person in real time. You can record videos and photos by swapping faces with celebrities and other people. Unlike other Face Swap apps, this Face Swap Live interchanges photos right from your Camera in real time. You can not just use static photos but everything. Yes, you can use all of your photos or can download photos to interchange with others from the Internet. We’d like you to know something more about this popular Face Swap app and for that, you need to follow a list of its features which is given below.

Face Swap Live

Features of Face Swap Live for Android and iOS

  • Simple and easy to use User Interface designed for all types of people
  • Available for free and compatible with almost all types of latest smartphones
  • Switch faces with your friends and others instantly
  • Allows users to swap faces in real time
  • Record a video by swapping faces in real time
  • Be any celebrity with instant image search to record a video with their faces
  • Send video messages once you created it within the app
  • Make photos talk with instant photo talk feature to make fun out of it
  • Replace your face with any photos in a minute and much more

Additionally, Face Swap Live has got an amazing User Interface which is absolutely perfect for newbies. You can easily explore this entire app’s features once you started using it. Before using this app, you should take care about a few points to get that perfect face swap. All the right instructions are given in the official pages of this app. Go ahead and download Face Swap Live for Android and iOS now!

Download Face Swap Live for Android

Download Face Swap Live for iOS – iPhone and iPad 


MSQRD is a popular social app with a lot of fun inside. The app has a massive number of users with millions of downloads globally. If you are looking for a new Social cum entertainment app to make your life even more interesting, MSQRD is here. The app can also be used a Face Swap app allowing you to interchange face with other person to make fun out of it. It’s really amazing as it offers a decent user interface which anyone can easily use. MSQRD has been recently acquired by Facebook which is a great news for all the Facebook users. In order to use MSQRD, you can easily integrate it with your current Facebook account. Yes, you can sign up with your current Facebook account to start using this MSQRD on a respective smartphone. The app is widely available for Android and iOS platforms for free. This brilliant app works smoothly and gets you the best of entertainment at your end. Get entertained yourself or make your friends laugh by sharing your creativity with them right from the app with a simple social media integration option. You are just one tap away to make your friends laugh. Share, laugh and enjoy with the all new MSQRD app. Following list of its features will give you more information about the app and how you can use it effectively on a smartphone, just take a look!


Features of MSQRD for Android and iOS

  • Simple yet an impressive user interface for everyone
  • A number of faces to choose from to swap your face with
  • Add different animation masks to your selfies instantly
  • User can take real time selfies with Celebrity mask
  • Change the way you look in a swipe
  • Show your emotions with live face emoticons
  • Express your feelings with different types of emoticons and its effects
  • Download your swap face photo direct to the Gallery of your device
  • Simple social media integration allows you to share your photos on different social networks
  • Share your work on Instagram and Facebook with just one single tap on the display
  • Get entertained by using a set of hilarious Face masks to your photos and have fun

Furthermore, MSQRD offers a smoothest user interface without any interruptions. Anyone can easily use this app on a respective smartphone as it is available for absolutely free. It doesn’t cost you anything and you can download this app from their official app stores’ links which are given below. Download it now for Android and iOS platforms from the following links!

Download MSQRD for Android

Download MSQRD for iOS – iPhone & iPad

3. FaceSwap – Photo Face Swap

FaceSwap is the best and absolutely free photo swap app available for Android users. If you are using an Android and looking for a new photo swap app, FaceSwap app is here for you. The app has becoming more popular with its decent user interface which requires no technical skills. Yes, you don’t need to have any technical skills in order to use FaceSwap app. It works beautifully and gives you that perfect photo swap in a matter of minute. Yes, the app works instantly as it doesn’t have too much too offer. You can use this app to interchange your Face with other person. In order to know more about FaceSwap app, we request you to kindly follow a list of its features which is given here.


Features of FaceSwap for Android

  • Easy swap Faces in your own photos
  • Available for free requires
  • Simple and easy to use app with realistic results
  • Swap faces with different pictures
  • FaceSwap allows 1 or 2 photos at a time upto 6 faces in each photo
  • Open any of your photos from the Gallery app and take an instant one from the Camera to swap the Faces
  • Download button is also available to store or save this photo to your Gallery app
  • Simple one touch social media integration option is available
  • Share your photos on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks with just one tap
  • Facebomb effect to use the same pictures on all the faces available in a photo
  • Swap faces from 2 photos at the same time
  • Users are allowed to interchange their faces with celebrities as well and much more

FaceSwap app is amazingly beautiful as it doesn’t serves too much, just there to swap faces from one photo to another and gives you that perfect swapped photo in just a minute. Yes, you don’t need to mess with anything else, just focus on the photo and change it as you want. That simple! FaceSwap app is available for free. Unfortunately, it is not available for iOS platform, if you are using an Android, you are free to download it from the following download link now.

Download FaceSwap for Android

4. MixBooth

MixBooth is a popular Entertainment app which is there to make people laugh. Show off your creativity and make that awesome Photo by adding various effects on it. MixBooth allows you to mix your face or interchange it with other person’s face. You are also allowed to interchange faces with the celebrities. You’ll be given a list of available celebrities and their photos. Just choose a proper photo and start interchanging it right away. MixBooth app was available only for iOS devices which is now available on Android’s Play Store. If you are using an Android device, you can not download and install MixBooth to your Android for free from its official Play Store’s page.


MixBooth helps you to interchange your photo with your friends and other celebrities in a few seconds. The app also allows you to share your work on different social networks. You can use MixBooth to mix your face with photos of friends, family, colleagues, celebrities or the provided example pictures. You can even spend a fun time with your friends by making them guess who you were mixed with! See if your friend is capable enough to guess the face of the celebrity or not. In order to know more about this MixBooth app, we’d like you to know some of the coolest features of the app first. Following we have compiled a list of all the features which would let you know more about this app and its functionality. Take a look!

Features of MixBooth for Android and iOS

  • Simple yet an impressive User Interface designed for all types of people
  • Compatible with all types of Android and iOS devices running on latest OS versions
  • Works with photos taken by your Phone’s camera or the Gallery app of your device
  • Auto-cropping feature to crop face of an image
  • Merge two faces in your phone instantly by selecting them
  • Add photos of celebrities and interchange your photos with them to look like a star
  • Play with your friends to guess who you were mixed with
  • Works without Internet connection
  • Create and transform an instant photo within an app
  • You can shake device to see before and after views of that particular photo
  • You can see scroll results into the app Gallery
  • Save your work by selecting the download button
  • Save your photos directly to the Gallery app of your phone
  • Simple social media integration option is available to connect with your other social media networks
  • Share your work via Email, Facebook or Twitter with just one tap and much more

Furthermore, MixBooth has got a lot of effects which you can use to convert your photo according to your use. If you want to test this app on your device, you can head over to its official download page from where you can easily get official information about the app and can download it instantly from there. Following direct links will take you to the official pages of the respective Platforms. Download it now!

Download MixBooth for Android

Download MixBooth for iOS – iPhone & iPad

5. Face Swap 

Face Swap is known as one of the best Photo Swapping app which allows you to change your original photo with your friends, celebrities, animals and more. Unlike other apps, this Face Swap app has got plenty of advance features which you can use in order to make over your original photos. Face Swap is an intelligent app which is compatible with almost all the latest Android devices. If you are looking for a new Face Swap app to spend some fun time with, Face Swap app is now open for you on Play Store.

Face Swap

Face Swap is designed with latest technology and people which allows you to change or interchange your photos with friends and families, super stars, animals and more. You can even snap a photo of a statue and can make it work with your photo instantly. The app works smoothly and gives you required results in just a few seconds. You can change and create a new Face Swap photo instantly. Apart from this, Face Swap offers a number of themes, colors and stickers which you can use in order to convert your photos with. This is not just done, you can even record a video and can share it with your friends just by one single tap on the display. Face Swap has got plenty of amazing features which are enlisted below. Just take a look on to the list to know more about this app now!

Features of Face Swap for Android

  • Decent User Interface allows everyone to sue the app
  • Motion-swap feature allows you to interchange faces in real time
  • Use from dozens of motion faces to swap your photos with
  • Snap stickers allows you to add those amazing stickers to your photos
  • Face recognition feature detects faces from photo to interchange it with instantly
  • Users are allowed to take real time photos and can change with them
  • Instant photo edition to edit your current photos within the app
  • Multi-swapper and double-swapper functions to swap faces multiple times
  • Numerous themes are available to use with your photos to change the actual style and layout of the photos
  • Classic collage adds a number of collages to make an awesome photo collage with your Photo Swap
  • User can create a Face Swap or can record a video by adding various filters easily
  • Social media integration to share your work on different social networks
  • Instant sharing allows you to share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Additionally, Face Swap is quite an awesome app for the people who like to explore more and more. The app carries tons of features which are indeed the best ones to create an awesome Face Swap right away. The app is available for free and you can try it for yourself on a respective Android smartphone by installing it from an official download page. Follow the link now!

Download Face Swap for Android

So folks, these were all the best of Face Swap apps available for Android and iOS platforms. All the apps are massively popular over the world with a huge number of users. You can test for yourself and keep the most suitable one on your device.

What’s your take on this? Which app do you like the most? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. If you use any other Face Swap app, let us know about it. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, you can drop us in the comments given below this post. We’d be happy to assist you with everything. Stay tuned for more such useful updates!

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