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Technology is everywhere and it blesses us with new gadgets everyday. We all love to explore more of the technology and its innovative inventions within the tech devices. Not just tech devices, technology helps all types of people in some ways. Smartphone is the best invention ever made for human beings. We all are using a smartphone with which we can manage to get done many of our routine tasks. Gone are the days when you have to wait for someone to respond to your messages, there are hundreds of different types of useful apps available which connect you with your loved ones instantly. Talking more, Android and iOS are the most popular smartphone platforms. You might have used an Android Emulator on your PC. Today we bring something new for iOS users. If you want to use iOS devices on your Windows or Mac system, best iOS Emulator for PC are enlisted here. These iOS Emulators are there for Windows and Mac systems. You can choose the best one from the list right now!


iOS Emulators are nothing but softwares which lets you run iOS apps on your Windows and Mac systems. Yes, you heard that right. iOS Emulator helps you to run your favourite iOS apps on a PC without having an actual iOS devices. As you know, iOS devices are very high in price tags and for that, it is not affordable for everyone. You can easily bring out those popular iOS apps to your PC by using an iOS emulator. Since Android has a large number of users, there are people who are running different Android Emulators on their system to play and explore those popular Android apps easily. Well, you can do the same for iOS apps. You can now freely enjoy popular iOS apps on your Windows and Mac systems. For those, who don’t know anything about an Emulator can now get required details of it from here. Just hang in here with us.

What is an Emulator?

Emulator is nothing but a kind of software behaves like a guest. It enables you to run apps and games on the guest. The software gets you the same user interface of an iOS device and Android devices. So, if you are running out of money to buy an iOS device, such Emulators are like a treat for you guys. Hope this helps in understanding the meaning of an Emulator.

Why do we need an Emulator?

There are plenty of reasons why should you use an Emulator on your system. Emulators are basically designed for the developers to test and run their apps on PC without any environments. Emulators are designed for all types of PC users and mobile devices and they are based on Cloud services which can be accessed from anywhere. Apart from this, people can use Emulators to run and play popular games which are not available for PCs. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can even use and explore all the popular Android and iOS apps on your PC by using an appropriate Emulator.

Emulators don’t require any additional technical skills to use. Anyone can easily start using an Emulator on a respective system. It can be installed easily and runs smoothly on any PC systems. Furthermore, you can download and install these Emulators for absolutely free. You don’t need to pay anything in order to explore the popular apps. So let’s get on to the list of best iOS Emulator for PC by following this list right now!

Best iOS Emulator for PC – Windows & Mac

1.iPadian for Windows, Mac and Linux

iPadian is undoubtedly the most popular iOS Emulators with a huge number of its users. If you are looking for a new iOS Emulator, iPadian is the one you should get for free. iPadian is very intelligent software which offers an amazing interface of an iPad on your system. Using this Emulator is very simple and you can easily get you the best experience of using an iOS apps on your system. You can get an actual iPad’s screen on your PC to use iOS platform on your system. The Emulator connects you to AppStore and you can download iOS apps and games right on your PC with this Emulator.

iPadian offers a decent User Interface which can be used by anyone easily. Initially, it doesn’t require any charges. You can go with a free version of it for testing purposes. If you really like the Emulator, you can go for its paid version. The Emulator is available with two different versions, a free and a paid version.

How to use iPadian on Windows and Mac systems?

Using iPadian is as simple as if like you are using any other app or software on your system. It can be installed easily just like any other software and it gives you the feeling of using a real iPad on your PC. You can use iPadian in a full screen of your PC which fits completely to the whole screen. Just like any other smartphone, you can have a number of basic apps to use without downloading them. iPadian offers a number of apps such as Facebook, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds and many other more. Using apps are too very simple. Just click the cross button to close down the app and click on the icon to launch the app. Safari Web browser, Mail, Calculator and many more other apps are there to use.

Once you launch any apps on the iPadian, you could see navigation buttons with which you can browse other apps as well. You can use AppStore to start installing your favourite iOS apps. It’s pretty simple and anyone can easily install the apps to your PC to use them on the iPadian.

Compatibility : Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Download iPadian 

Price : Free and Premium version for $10

2. SmartFace

SmartFace has clearly different User Interface than the iPadian. This Emulator is mainly designed for the developers who develops and tests different apps. It enables you to develop unlimited number of apps for absolutely free without any cost. If you are iOS developer, SmartFace is the software you can use in order to test out the apps.

How to use SmartFace on PC?

Using SmartFace is simple and any iOS developer can use it on their respective system. It can be installed like a normal software once you download it. SmartFace is there to emulates your files with which you can test out different apps and games developed by you. You can choose different types of iPhone and iPad versions to emulate the files accordingly. Just select the file and browse the file you want to emulate within the software.

Apart from this, you can even develop different types of apps within this software. SmartFace even allows you to develop iOS apps for Windows within the same environment. Some of the features are there only in the premium version of the software and for that you have to buy a premium version. You can use SmartFace from app development to app testing at one place.

Compatibility : Windows, Android, iOS

Download SmartFace

Price : Free and Premium version for $99

3. Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is also known as one of the best Emulator to test out the apps which you have just created for iOS devices. This Emulator is there for the developers. You can use this Emulator within the iTunes to emulates the beta apps of your iOS apps. TestFlight tests apps which are really important for you and it tests the apps only above iOS 8.0.

How to use Xamarin Testflight on Windows, Mac?

Xamarian Testflight works with iTunes connect and it can test all of your beta apps instantly. You can create App Store Distribution Profile with beta rights to start your testing of apps and games. Within this, you can even interacts with internal users, external users and can receive proper feedback from them to complete the testing of your app. Using Xamarin Testflight is quite a mess and if you are just a newbie, this software looks quite complicated for you all. Make sure to read all the documentations of it before using it on your system.

Compatibility : Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad

Download Xamarin Testflight

Price : Free and Premium version for $25

4. iPhone Simulator

One of the reasons why people love using iOS devices is the smoothness of their devices. Adding more to it, you can even get the best of UI which is not present on any other platforms. If you are already blown away by the apps and games of the iOS platform, you can not use them on a PC without actually having an iOS device. Yes, you don’t even need to buy an iOS device in order to use your favourite iPhone and iPad apps. You can use an additional software called, iOS Emulator to use iPhone and iPad apps right on your PC. Yes, you heard that right. You can easily download and install iPhone apps on your PC system by using an additional software iOS Emulator. iPhone Simulator does offer the same User Interface for everyone who wants to explore iOS apps on a PC.

How to use iPhone Simulator? 

Unlike Android, iOS devices are pretty high in price and for that reason, iOS devices are not affordable for everyone. May be this is the reason why people are loving iOS Emulators. One of the most useful feature of an iOS Emulator is you can use all the popular iOS apps and games on a PC without actually having an iOS device. Isn’t it great? The iPhone Simulator can create a virtual iPhone environment right on your desktop with a proper iPhone screen.

You will get the same User Interface with rich graphics to make you feel like a real iOS user. The only thing you might not like about this Emulator is it is limited to certain apps and you are not allowed to explore all types of iOS apps on your device. You can not fetch data from the AppStore, it doesn’t integrate with AppStore. Of course, you will get a number of basic apps to use like notepad, calculator, clock and a few others. Users can even change the wallpaper of the screen just like an iOS device which is a good thing. The Emulator is quite suitable for the newbies or for the people who just want to test out the basic iOS apps on a PC.

Compatibility : Windows and Mac

Download iPhone Simulator 

Price : Free 

5. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is one of the best iPhone Emulator available in the market for Windows users. The Emulator serves user friendly Interface which is quite decent for everyone who wants to use iPhone apps on a Windows PC. The Emulator is there for free and works smoothly on a Windows PC.

How to use Air iPhone Emulator on PC? 

Air iPhone Emulator gives you a smoothest iPhone Interface on a Windows screen. It serves rich graphical interface which is amazing. You are free to access a number of basic preinstalled apps within the home screen. The Emulator provides you a Screen of an iPhone and you can’t open it up in a full Screen mode like iPadian Emulator. It’s there for basic iOS interface. The Emulator is there to test developer’s beta apps.

Compatibility : Windows

Download air iPhone Emulator 

Price : Free 

So folks, these were all the most popular and almost free iOS Emulators available for PC, for Windows and Mac systems. You can pick the best one from the list to start exploring a whole new iOS environment on your desktop.

What’s your take on this? Have you ever used an iOS Emulator on your PC? Do share your experiences with us. You can even put your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, let us know. We’d be happy to help you out with proper solutions. Stay tuned!

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