Best NES Emulator for Windows PC


Nintendo Entertainment System offers a wide range of games to play on a Windows PC. It is also known as NES which is being used by its players around the world. NES has got plenty of addictive games for the 90’s kids. Games such as Super Mario, Contra, Tanks and many more were there inside this system. Here we have enlisted a few popular NES Emulators for you all. Get the Best NES Emulator for Windows PC from here. 

NES Emulator

Best NES Emulator for Windows PC


Nestopia offers a complete user friendly environment for its users. It doesn’t require any kinds of technical skills, anyone can easily use this tool to rejoice their 90’s life back.

Features of Nestopia 

  • Simple and decent user interface made for everyone
  • Supports cheat codes
  • Wide range of options to choose from
  • Customizable controls to control your games
  • User can easily connects with external devices
  • 4 players can play a single game at the same time

Download Nestopia Emulator for Windows PC


2. VirtuaNES

VirtuaNES is your own virtual gaming assistance to play your favourite games within a Windows PC. The tool is compatible with all types of Windows PCs. It serves an amazing user interface which could be played by anyone.

Features of VirtuaNES 

  • Supports Joystick and external gamepad
  • Active cheat code can be used
  • Users are allowed to try out new cheat codes
  • Full screen mode to enjoy your games in full screen of your system

Download VirtuaNES for Windows PC

3. Nintendulator

Ninetendulator is the most advanced NES emulator available in the market for all Windows users. The tool is developed with C++ which offers a set of advance features.

Features of Nintendulator 

  • Inbuilt USB Gamepad support
  • Inbuilt auto-play support
  • Compatible with all types of Windows PCs

Download Nintendulator for Windows PC

These were all the most popular NES Emulators available in the market for the people who are looking for a way to rejoice their 90’s life back.

What’s your take on this? Do you use any other NES tool for your system? Which NES Emulator do you use? Do share your experiences in front of us. You can even put your views and opinions here with us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask or have any queries to be solved, do let us know in the comments given below this post. We’d definitely like to interact with you regarding your queries. Stay tuned with us for more such useful information.

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Best NES Emulator for Windows PC
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