Best Way to Organize Photos on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac [Tips]


Digital world has changed everything and now we have plenty of technology gadgets for various tasks. You don’t have to keep a digital camera to take photos or go to the photo studio to click yourself out, all the photogenic people can now take a variety of photos with different modes right from their respective smartphones. Everyone loves to take pictures of different things and people and store them as memory. But what if you have thousands of photos with you? Well, we are here to help you out with it. Best way to organize Photos on all the platforms are enlisted here.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone with better camera to click out things to share them with the real people around the world with just one tap on the display. If you have thousands of digital photos with you stored as memory, but couldn’t find the right one at the right time, you have to organize them well so you can get the much needed ones quickly. Make sure you spend a few minutes to organize your photos to different locations to get them back anytime you want.

There are many ways with which you can store and organize your digital photos. We all have been using different tech devices running on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Operating Systems. There are plenty of different types of cloud services with their respective applications are available in the market which you can use for free. You can even purchase the additional space if you are running out of free storage space on such cloud platforms. Apart from these services, you can even use external hard drive to keep your photos.

We all take hundreds of photos through our camera to share them instantly with friends or just to keep them as memory. But most of us, don’t find enough time to organize those photos for future requirement. It is better for you to keep all your photos organized so you can keep track of your activities and can relive those golden days back whenever you needed.

Depending how much photos we have, we should got with the storage option for those photos. You can keep a copy of your digital photos so that even if you have accidentally deleted the photos from your mobile phone, you can still get all the photos back if you have a copy of the photos. We can use different devices such as PenDrive, MicroSD card, SD Card, Hard Drive, Blu Ray discs, DVD, Network Attached Storage, online services and much more.

From all these available options, we recommend you to kindly make use of the online cloud services which are available in the market. There are a number of applications available for almost all the platforms to keep track of your photos and to store them over the cloud. Once the photos are stored on the cloud through these online cloud services, you don’t have to worry about deleting those photos from your computers or smartphones. The photos will be there saved and you can access all the photos from anywhere.

Before moving on to the available tools to organize, manage and store all of your digital photos, we recommend you to kindly take a look on to some of the basic tips which can help you out sorting up and managing thousands of your digital photos which are stored in different devices without your access. So first, take a look on to some basic tips which are given below.

Basic tips to Manage your Digital Photos

1. Gathering all of your digital photos at one single place

If you are having an uncountable number of photos and images captured through your phones, cameras or any other devices, you should place them all at one single place. Copy or cut down the photos at one single place. Once you place down all the images at one single place, you can simply divide all the photos in different folders and sub-folders with unique names and captions.

2. Create a backup of your digital photos

Nowadays, we know how to backup things as we all use a smartphone and various applications. In order to keep your photos alive even if you delete them from various devices and places, you can always have them in front of you if you store and backup them well. Keep a copy of your photos at one single place. You can use CDs, DVDs, External Hard Drives and online Cloud Storage platforms.

3. Create routine of managing your photos

It is mandatory for you all to spend some time in organizing your photos after all your photos are your memory which you store. Let say, spend at lease half an hour every week in order to manage and organize your photos. Take regular backup of your photos from various applications or copy them to external drives as per your choice. Maintain a routine of the same every week.

4. Create different categories and place the photos

This is the best way and option to manage your photos well. Even if you take good backup or store your photos on Cloud platforms, you would not be able to manage them if you don’t have special categories assigned to the photos. This is not like an actual category, but you just need to assign a particular name to the folders. Like you can create a folder name with Events and within this folder you can create a few sub folders with different names of the events like birthday, wedding, picnic and all. Place all the realted photos to the sub folders. Once done, take a backup of them. Now, anytime you have such photos, copy and paste the new photos to the relevant folders.

Since we can easily access different types of tools from various devices, here we have enlisted the best tools which can organize all the photos and can store them for lifetime. You can even sync the photos to all the devices with one single tool. If you are interested to know about such tools, here it is!

Best Way to Organize Photos 

Using Google Photos Application for all platforms 

Google Photos is by far the most convenient and useful photo storing app from the giant, Google. Google has numerous services from which Google Photos is quite a unique one. Google Photos is a cross-platform photo storing app which is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac systems. There is a dedicated app for each platform which you can use in order to sync and organize your digital photos.

Google Photos is available for absolutely free if you keep track of the size of your photos. The platform allows you to store upto 15GB of Photos with its free memory storage. If you are satisfied with the service and want to purchase extra space, you can get additional 1,000 GB of space by paying just $9.90 per month. Google also offers a few more plans for different needs of the users.

Google Photos app for desktop has now changed and merged with Google Drive. So you can create a folder within the Google Drive to save your photos directly there. You can keep track of your photos and can turn the auto backup option on to save all the photos directly to drive. You can separate the photos in different folders and can well organize all the photos by giving them special names. If you go with the free service, the app will store your photos with 16 Megapixel size and videos with 1080 pixels which is a good quality indeed. Apart from this, all of your photos will be synced automatically and you can view all the stored photos from any device at anytime from anywhere with one common Google ID that you use on the devices.

Here’s a few steps which will guide you manage your photos with Google Photos application.

  • Make sure you have a proper Google account, if not, sign up for Google account not.
  • Now, go to the and click on the Dotted Square button.

  • You could see all the Google services here from which you need to select Google Photos.
  • Click on to the Create button given besides the Search option.

  • You can create Photo Album, shared album, animations and more from here.
  • To move photos from one album to another, just click the Edit button and drag the photos between the folder.

Using Mac’s Photos app

Apple offers iCloud and Photos app to manage and organize your photos. iCloud service allows you to sync all your iOS devices so that you can easily manage all the photos from one single place. If you are looking for a way to organize Albums in Photos app on your Mac, just follow below given steps on your Mac.

Importing Photos in Mac

  • If you have a smartphone and using a Mac system, you can easily manage and organize all your photos at one place. You can simply import your photos to Photos application and then can sort them out to a specific folders and albums as per your choice. Let’s see how you can import and manage photos in Mac from here.
  • Make sure you have a proper USB data cable of the device that you want to connect. If you are connecting a DSLR, you have to have a proper USB data cable for that.
  • Once the device, Camera or Smartphone, is connected to your PC, go to Navigation bar and select Import tab.
  • Make sure you choose the required photos to import from the device. If you want to select all the photos, click on to the Choose All New Items Import from here.
  • A new Last Imported album will be created in your system where you can see all the last photos taken by you.


Organizing Photo Albums in Mac

  • From the Dock or from the Applications folder, click on to the Photos app on your Mac.
  • At the top of your screen, you could see Albums tab, kindly click it out.
  • From here, select All Photos option.
  • From here, you need to select the photos to move into specific folder from here.
  • From the upper right side of your screen, you could see + sign. Click on to the + Sign and you would be asked to select Album. Click on to the Album.
  • Once you select the Album, you need to enter a specific name to that Album. Give a proper name to that album and all the selected photos will be moved there in the new Album created by you.

Organizing Photos in Folders in Mac

Now, if you are already using Photos application in your Mac OS, you need to manage your photos well in the specific folders. Following steps will guide you to manage your photos in folders in Mac.

  • Launch the Photos app from the Dock of your Mac.
  • From the Navigation bar, you have to click on to the Albums tab.
  • From here, you need to right click anywhere and select New Folder option.
  • Once you select New Folder option, a new folder will be created here.
  • Make sure to give proper name to the newly created folder.
  • From here, you can drag down the selected photos from the current folder to the new one.

Organizing Photos using Smart Albums in Mac

Photos app by Apple features a variety of functionality to manage and organize your photos. You can even create your own Smart Albums to manage thousands of your photos. Here’s how you can do so.

  • Go to the Dock or Applications folder and click on to the Photos app, launch it well.
  • On the front screen, at the upper right corner, you would see + Sign, click on to the + sign from here.
  • A drop down menu will be presented to you from which you need to select the Smart Album Option.
  • Once you create the Smart Album, it will automatically work. You have to drag the photos to the smart albums for once.
  • Once you select this option, all of your photos will be automatically moved with specified date, time and more. So you don’t have to worry about the photos as all your photos will automatically managed and separate within the Smart Albums section.
  • You will be able to set the conditions of the newly created Smart Album just by clicking on to the Gear icon given there.


Oranizing and Managing Photos Using OneDrive

Microsoft has recently updated their Cloud service, OneDrive for all the major platforms. OneDrive now allows users to make use of this service through all the devices and platforms with one single account. The service syncs everything of users so you can manage all the stored data from within OneDrive application. Microsoft is offering 15 GB of free storage capacity for new users. You can store data upto 15GB with its free version. If you want to go premium, you can buy additional space by paying $6.99 per month. It will give you 1,000 GB of space, that’s really huge. This is not just done, you would even get a free access to Microsoft 365. If you’ve been using a Windows PC for a long time, this is quite a useful service for you all.

If you are ready to use the service of OneDrive in order to manage your photos, just follow below given steps.


  • Make sure you have OneDrive application installed on your device or PC.
  • Just like Google Drive, you just need to upload your photos directly to the OneDrive application. You can manually add the photos by launching the app and click on to the Plus icon.
  • Select Photos and add them to OneDrive.
  • Once you Added all the photos to your OneDrive, you can easily re-arrange, manage, edit them as per your requirements.
  • You can create new folders within the app and can drag or cut the photos from one folder to another folder easily.
  • Manage and organize your photos in OneDrive from anywhere as it stores your photos in cloud.


Organizing and Managaing Photos Using Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the oldest services to backup and organize different things. The service was started before Google’s and Apple’s cloud storage service and it has still millions of users who are using it to save things over the cloud. Dropbox was launched as a third party application without any base. In order to start using Dropbox, first you have to sign up for its account. Make sure you have installed the Dropbox app on your PC or mobile to start using it.


If you have decided to manage your photos and organize them well with DropBox’s own environment, just follow below given points.

  • Download and Install Dropbox application on your PC
  • Put all the photos and folders into the Dropbox folder
  • Dropbox will work automatically will sync all your photos in the PC
  • If you are using a smartphone, Install Dropbox application to a respective Android or iOS smartphone first. Put all the required login details into the credentials fields and login there.
  • The application would ask you for some permissions to fetch the data of your device. You can allow the app to sync all your photos over the cloud.
  • Once synced, you can go to the app and can manage all your photos to different folders. You can create different albums and can sort down all the photos from there.
  • Good thing is, you can view all the photos from anywhere with Dropbox app.




Organizing Photos in a Windows PC

If you are using a Windows PC and want to keep all your Cameras and Phone’s photos well organized with proper folders, albums, dates and all, Windows allows you to do so. Just follow below given points and you will be able to manage your photos using a Windows PC.

  • Go to the Start menu by pressing the Start button and search for Windows Live Photo Gallery which is a default Photos application in Windows PC.
  • From here, you can rename all the photos you would like to manage with different name, just hold down the control key and hit the rename button.
  • You can keep the same name on various photos as well.
  • Each photos will have their own different names with unique sequential numbers.
  • You can then separate the photos to various folders and albums as per your requirements.

Importing & Tagging Photos in Windows PC

It is the best thing if you put all the photos of your smartphones and cameras into one place so you can easily manage all your photos well. Before doing anything else, first you have to import your photos from different devices to the Windows PC. Following points will guide you on this.

  • Connect your Phone or Camera using a proper USB data cable to the Windows PC.
  • A new pop-up will be presented to you on the desktop.
  • From here, you need to assign a proper name to the folder. This is the tagging of your photos.
  • The assigned tag will be carried away by the photos that you import.
  • So by now, you can easily check for the tags and all the imported photos with this tag will be there on your screen.

Organizing Photos using External Hard Drive

This is the most convenient way of managing, storing and organizing your photos. People do take thousands of photos from different smartphones, cameras and other devices. However, they don’t know where to put all these photos so that they can get them back without worrying about the deletion. Following points will guide you to save your photos in an external drive.

Import all the photos from your Camera, Smartphone or any other devices to your PC at one single folder.

  • Create different folder as albums and give them specific names.
  • Now, drag or cut the photos to specific albums or folders from here.
  • Manage all the photos to specific folders from here.
  • Now, connect an external hard drive to your PC.
  • Move all the folders that you have created with the pictures.
  • Safely remove the hard drive from the PC.

There are plenty of ways to organize and manage your photos and we have listed down all the possible ways to help you organizing and managing thousands of your photos on Mac system and Windows PC. You can either save your photos with external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, pendrives, SD card as offline sources or can go ahead with online cloud storage tools and applications. Or you can save them on both the platforms. They all are there for absolutely free of cost.

What’s your take on this guys? Which service do you use? What features did you like the most in that? Do share your thoughts in front of us. If you have any feedbacks, drop them here into the comments section. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Best Way to Organize Photos on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac [Tips]
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