Best WiFi File Sharing Apps for Android


One of the most common use of a smartphone is sharing. Yes, you can share files, photos, songs, movies and pretty much everything from one device to the other without requiring any wired connection. Yes, you can use best WiFi File Sharing Apps for Android to do so. All it requires is an app installed on both the devices to share the entire world of entertainment over a WiFi connection. It’s pretty simple and anyone can start using these apps on their respective smartphones. Following list of best WiFi file sharing apps will instruct you more about the uses and functionality so that you can choose the best one for your device. Keep on reading!

Best WiFi File Sharing Apps for Android

1. ShareIt


ShareIt is a popular File Sharing app with which one can transfer files from one device to the other wirelessly. It doesn’t require any wired connection or other additional accessories, just use this app to share instant files on the go! With ShareIt, you can share all kinds of files whenever and wherever. The tool offers 200 times more speed than a Bluetooth connection. No USB, Data Usage or even Internet connection needed, just keep this app handy and start sharing. ShareIt is available in over 200 countries with 400 million users. It even offers cross platform sharing option which means you can share files from Android to iOS or Windows to iOS instantly. The app is widely available for all types of popular platform. Simple portal to share big files with your friends easily. ShareIt is also available for PC and you can even download it for a respective Windows or Mac system. Download ShareIt for your Android from the following link now!

Download ShareIt for Android

2. Xender: File Transfer, Sharing


Xender offers super fastest environment to share big files from one device to another without any connection. Yes, you don’t need to be connected with Internet or any Wired connection. It doesn’t require any USB connection, just install this app in both the devices to share everything instantly. Just like ShareIt app, Xender too is available with Cross-Platform sharing services which enables you to share big files from your smartphone to computers and vice versa. The app runs smoothly and offers a decent User Interface for everyone. Xender offers group sharing feature which allows you to share files to 4 people at the same time. It works super faster. Xender is for free and you can download it from the following link easily!

Download Xender for Android

3. AnySend


AnySend is a new file sharing tool offers a quick file sharing environment to share big files from one device to another. AnySend offers incredibly easy system to share files, just tap the file and the person’s name and you’re done. The selected file will be received by the recipient in no time. No Internet connection required in order to share files with this app, it works on your local network. Share files like movies, audio, images, contacts and much more instantly. Simple user interface is the key of this app. The app is pretty much compatible with all types of Android devices and is available for free to download. Following link will help you downloading the app from its official Google Play Store’s page. Get it from there!

Download AnySend for Android

4. SuperBeam


SuperBeam is the quickest and fastest way to share big files from one device to another or from one device to your computer with a WiFi direct connection. The app allows you to connect devices with three different ways, QR Codes, NFC or manually. Just make a proper connection to your devices and you’re done! You can even share big files through web interface with this app if the other device doesn’t have SuperBeam installed. User can share single or multiple files of any kind instantly with just one single click. No matter what kind of a file is there, just search for it and share it on the go! The app saves all the files and other details of your past work, you can see all the history in the history section of the app. There are total 3 different themes available to choose according to your basic uses. You can get more features with its pro version, however we request you to test its free version first which costs nothing at all. Download it from the following link now!

Download SuperBeam for Android

5. WiFi Shoot

WiFi Shoot

As the name says, WiFi Shoot shoots the files between two devices with WiFi direct. The lightweight app works smoothly and it doesn’t require any wired connection or additional accessories. Just make a proper connection with WiFi and start sharing big files on the go. The app is currently in its beta version and people are testing it and reviewing it so that the developers can work on it. I personally tested this app and it worked great for me. It sends and receives big files in no time. Take proper information of the app to use it effectively on your Android device. It’s an amazing app to keep on every Android devices. WiFi shoot costs nothing and you can easily install it from the following download link right away!

Download WiFi Shoot for Android

So folks, these were all the most popular and highly in demand WiFi File Sharing apps for the current year. If you are using any other file sharing apps on your device, just do let us know in the comments given below the post. We’d definitely add it to here in the list.

What’s your take on the above list? Do share your experiences using anyone from the above list. We’d love to hear from you as your feedback. If you have anything further to ask, just let us know. We’d provide proper solution to your queries, till then stay tuned with us for more such useful updates!

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Best WiFi File Sharing Apps for Android
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