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Being an Open Source Platform, Android offers a variety of opportunities and ways to explore a whole new digital life out of your social life. Nowadays, almost everyone is using a smartphone to get done many of their routine tasks. Android platform is quite different from the other available smartphone platforms. Compare to other platforms, it has the most simplest User Interface so that anyone can get started with it and for this reason, people love to own an Android smartphone. If you too are using an Android smartphone, here we are sharing different ways to block a number on Android smartphone. By using these ways, you will no longer receive any unwanted calls. So follow these ways and make those annoying number blacklisted now! 

Since the world’s becoming more advance with the technology and its features, there are hundreds of ways to make the most of the smartphones you are currently using. Advance Android smartphones have got plenty of features to make your life more simpler and hence it has an built in blacklist feature which can blocks down a particular number so that he/ she wouldn’t be able to make you any phone calls. Some manufacturers offer this features, however some of the older ones don’t have this particular feature inside. If you too have not seen such feature on your phone, these ways of blocking a phone number will help you out.

Furthermore, Android is widely popular as it has got all types of smartphones at a different price ranges. Yes, no matter what kind of a person you are, there are many choices you can have to buy your own Android smartphones. Manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and LG are the most popular brands amongst the available ones. There giants have got plenty of Android devices for different types of devices and for that reason, we are here enlisting all the ways to block a phone call or we can say a particular number easily from these devices. So if you are using anyone of these phones, follow below given steps and get all of those annoying numbers blocked. Prepare a list and make it blacklisted one by using these methods on your devices.

How to Block a Number on Samsung Phones?

Samsung Phones

Samsung is the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world with a huge number of Android smartphones designed for all types of people. There are a special range of smartphones from a low range to extreme high range. You don’t have to think about more on buying a new smartphone, as soon as you are looking for a samsung device. It’s pretty easy to pick a Samsung device and buy it instantly. If you’ve got a Samsung device already, know how you can block a particular number on it from the following steps now!

Step 1 :

First, you have to tap on the home button to launch the home screen studded with available apps on the device. Or it can be called as Apps menu.

Step 2 :

You would see all the previously installed apps and games including the preinstalled ones in this list. Kindly select the Phone icon from here.

Step 3 :

In the Phone app, you could see call logs of the device with a list of recent calls, received calls and favourits and other available contacts. However over to the contact you like to block and select it out from the logs option.

Step 4 :

You could see a number of options once you select the contact from the log.

Step 5 :

You’d see an option Add to reject list here. Just select this option and then choose Add to auto-reject list option to block that particular number down instantly.

So folks, this is how you can block a particular number on your Samsung device. The recipient who is just blocked by you will no longer be able to make calls to you. You will not see any missed calls or anything on your screen. He will not be able to even send you voice mails by now. Most of the Samsung devices have the same method to block a particular number. If you couldn’t not see this option, just tweak out with a few different options given on the screen and you will be able to block this number easily.

How to Block a Number on LG Phones?

LG has got a number of mid range Android smartphones with all the advanced technology features inside. You can explore an entire world of technology with all the tech inventions inside. If you are using an LG smartphone and get annoyed with a few numbers whom you like to send into the blacklist, following steps will guide you to block those numbers so that you will not receive any phone calls from those numbers.

LG Phones

Step 1 :

Just like the Samsung devices, go to the Apps menu or Home Screen option, launch Phone app which shows you all the calls that you have made and received in the recent days along with the contacts section.

Step 2 :

Go to the particular contact to block it down completely. Select that contact from the call logs or contacts section.

Step 3 :

Select the three dot button which is located at the upper right corner of the contact.

Step 4 :

Select Call Settings option and then Call Reject option from the pop up window. Select Reject Calls from option after that.

Step 5 :

You could see a new phone log there with + icon. Select the + icon to add contacts to blacklist. The numbers which will be added to this list will no longer make any phone calls to you.

This is how you can block down a particular contact on an LG smartphone. It’s pretty easy and anyone can do this. If you are unable to see this option on your Call Logs, just tweak it out with a few more options and buttons given on the page. You’d see Black List option or block this number option there.

How to Block a Number on HTC Phones?

HTC Phones

HTC offers a number of advance Android smartphones with tougher look. It gives you a unique personality and as the HTC Devices have got something unique compare to other brands. For the very same reason, HTC brands are one of the most popular brands to showcase your personality. If you are using an HTC device, following guidelines will help you to block a particular number on your HTC Phone. Just follow the steps and get those annoying numbers blocked right away!

Step 1 :

Tap the home screen or Apps menu and select the Phone icon. This will show you the phone log of your HTC device with received calls and the calls that you’ve made recently.

Step 2 :

Swipe in right to open the log history of that particular number which you want to block.

Step 3 :

Now, just press and hold the number you want to block. A new pop up window will be seen on your screen.

Step 4 :

You’ll see an option Block Contact, just select this option and then tap the Ok button to block that contact. You can choose any numbers from the Contacts list of your HTC device to stop receiving calls from them.

Apart from this, you can even re-enable those contacts to make calls you back by unblocking them. Yes, you can even unblock those numbers after a few hours or days. Go to Apps and select People option and then select the Three dot button from there. Select Remove block contacts option to view all blocked contacts of the phone. Tap Remove button to remove that number from the blacklist. It’s easy and anyone can try this out instantly!

These were all the possible ways to block a particular number from the giants like Samsung, LG and HTC. Now, if you are using a different Android smartphone, you can follow the same steps to block those contacts. Most of the Android devices do offer the same options to block down the contacts. Just select the contact and them more or three dot button to view more options. You’d see block or add to blacklist of add to reject list option. Select an appropriate option to block down that contact instantly. A few steps will be useful for you if you are using a different Android device.

How to Block a Number on Android?

Step 1 :

Select the Phone icon from the Home Screen or from the Apps of your phone.

Step 2 : 

Select Contacts option to view all Contacts available on your phone. This will show you stored contacts list on your device with name and numbers.

Step 3 :

Now, you have to choose the Three dot button given at the upper right corner of the display. This will show you a few more options on the display.

Step 4 :

You’ve to select the Settings option from here.

Step 5 :

You’d be presented a page with all Call Settings which you like to make to receive and make phone calls from the device.

Step 6 :

From the Settings option, you need to select the Call Settings option.

Step 7 :

Select Call Blocking option and you will see Block list and other options. Kindly select the Block List option to add and remove phone calls from the device.

Simple, isn’t it? Well, this is how you can simply use the Call Settings option to block down those annoying phone calls from those numbers. As you’re being told, you can easily tweak it out and select this option as the option is widely available on almost all types of Android smartphones. You have to search for it from the device itself. We have enlisted all the ways to block it down from the built-in feature and you can follow the same on your device to add or remove contacts from the device. Apart from this, you can even use an additional call blocking apps to block down contacts to stop receiving unwanted calls.

Singe Android’s Play Store has got plenty of exciting apps and games for everyone, you can use the most useful ones on your phone to make your life more beautiful. If you are looking for an app to block down unwanted calls and numbers, Call Blocker app is here for you. Get more details about this app and its usage from here.

Call Blocker is there to reject all of your unwanted calls from the device automatically. If you’ve been receiving plenty of unwanted calls or spams from companies and sales departments which of no use to you, kindly block such numbers immediately so you will not receive calls from those numbers using this app. The Call Blocker app serves a simple User Interface so that anyone can easily start using this app. Following list of its features will give you more information on using this app on a particular Android phone.

Features of Call Blocker App for Android

  • Simple and easy to use app available for free
  • Light weight app compatible with almost all types of Android smartphones and tablets
  • Blacklist feature allows you to add numbers to this list to stop receiving phone calls from them
  • Record phone calls or reject them automatically
  • Different Block Modes to block down numbers from the device easily

This were all the useful features available in this useful tool, Call Blocker. The app is available for free and you can download it from its official Google Play Store‘s page for any of your Android device. A few screenshots will help you to understand the use of this app on a particular Android, take a look!

Call Blocker 1 Call Blocker 2 Call Blocker 3

So folks, these were all the ways with which you can block a number on Android smartphone. Which method do you like the most? Don’t forget to drop us your views and thoughts in to the comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to receive feedbacks from our readers. You can even share your experiences with us. If you know any other ways to block a number on Android, kindly let us know so that we can add it to the list. Stay tuned for more such useful tutorials on technology.

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How to Block a Number on Android
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