How to change cursor speed on Windows 10?


Windows 10 is one of the most advanced and useful update by Microsoft to the Windows Systems. Windows 10 has a variety of new features to improve the overall computing experience. There are plenty of functions for browsing the web and do a lot of things on a Windows 10 PC. Today, we will guide you about how you can change the mouse settings in Windows 10 PC. If you are having some issue with the current speed of your cursor, you can get it changed right away from here. 

In Windows 10 system, you can change and customize a variety of things as per your requirements. You can bring the best of features just by customizing your PC. There are many ways with which you can change the cursor pointer, cursor speed and much more. We will guide you through everything so you can customize the entire mouse of your current Windows system. Let’s see how it is done!

Change how the Mouse button in Windows 10 system work

Step 1 :

Click on to the Start button from the lower left corner of your system. This will present you a settings option.

Step 2 :

From here, you need to click on to the Control Panel option.

Step 3 :

Once the Control Panel launched, click on the Search button and search for Mouse. Once you see the option, click it out.

Step 4 :

This is the main Mouse Properties of your Windows 10 PC. You can customise your Mouse settings from here.

Step 5 :

From the main properties page, click on to the button tabs to change the settings of your mouse buttons.

You can change the functionality of the right and left buttons by selecting the Button Configuration option and then Switch Primary and secondary option from the box.

You can change the double click speed as well. Just select the Double-click speed option. A speed slider will be presented to you from which you need to slide the slider to low or right as per your requirements.

You can enable the ClickLock feature to your mouse as well to drag items without holding the button. To do so, click on to the ClickLock button and then select Turn on ClickLock option. At last click the Ok button to change the original settings of the mouse buttons.

Apart from this, you can even change the pointer of your mouse in your Windows 10 system. Let’s see how can you do this by following a few more steps.

Change mouse pointer looks in Windows 10

Step 1 :

Follow the above steps to bring the Mouse Properties on your Windows 10 system.

Step 2 :

From the available tabs, click on to the Pointers option. This will give you a couple of option to change the overall look of your mouse.

To change the Pointer’s look, click on to the Scheme option and a drop-down menu will be presented to you. You can select the new mouse pointer and then hit the Ok button to see immediate changes.

You can change individual pointers to various parts while using your Windows PC, to do so, just click on to the Customize option and you will be given all the options to customize the mouse pointer as per your requirements.

Apart from this, you can even change the settings of how your current mouse pointer works. You can change it as per your requirements just by following the below given steps.

Change how the mouse pointer works on Windows 10?

Step 1 :

Make sure to bring the page of Mouse Properties by following the same steps given above.

Step 2 :

From the page, you need to click on to the Pointer Options. This will give you a lot of options to change the current functionality of the Pointer of your mouse.

In order to change the speed of your mouse pointer, click on to the Motion option and then Select a pointer speed option. A slider will be appeared from where you need to select the speed from low to fast and vice versa.

Apart from the above speed option, there will be a variety of options available in the same page. You can change the given options as per your requirements. Once you are done with it, click on to the Ok button to see the changes.

Additionally, while surfing and exploring multiple things, mouse pointer turns into a wheel. You can even change this wheel icon as well. Following steps will let you know how to do so.

Change Mouse Wheel functionality Windows 10

Step 1 :

To do so, you need to open the Mouser Properties option in your Windows 10 system. Follow the above steps to launch the Mouse Properties page on your system.

Step 2 :

From the available Tabs, you need to select the Wheel option.

Step 3 :

From the available options, you need to select Vertical Scrolling option. This will help you to change the actual functionality of the Mouse Wheel in your Windows 10 system.

There will be a lot of additional options available in the Window to change the Wheel settings in your Windows 10 system. So you need to choose the right option at the right time whenever you are looking for a way to change the Mouse Pointer Wheel option.

So folks, these are all the ways to change and to customize the entire working functionality of your Mouse in Windows 10 system. You can give this option a single try to see changes. If you are not happy with the changes you have made, you can simply set them with the default options by visiting the Mouse Properties page.

Apart from this, you can change the screen resolution in your Windows 10 system as well. If you are looking for the perfect list of Shortcuts for your Windows 10 system, the given list will help you out to know the basic use of the useful shortcut keys in Windows 10 PC. Interestingly, Windows 10 system also allows you to take a Screenshot with four different ways. So there are plenty of options available in your Windows 10 system to change things as per your basic requirements.

What do you think about this guidelines? Do you have any feedbacks on this to share with us? If you face any difficulties with your Windows 10 system, do let us know. We would try out best to get them solved. For more such useful updates, stay tuned with us!

How to change cursor speed on Windows 10?
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