How to change the Screen Resolution in Windows 10


Being the most recent and latest OS update, Windows 10 has got plenty of advanced features to explore. You can have some of the most advanced functions to make the most of your web experience using a Windows 10 system. Microsoft has designed this Windows 10 system with unique functionality and a new User Interface. For the very same reason, most of the Windows 10 users are confused with the actual UI and they are not aware about how they can use and make changes to common things in Windows 10 system. Today, we will guide you about changing Screen Resolution in Windows 10 system. 

Since, Windows 10 has a complete new User Interface, it is hard to learn new things, but once you learn them, you will not face any troubles afterwards. There have been thousands of Windows 10 users who come across with plenty of issues just because of a different UI of Windows 10 compare to the previous ones. For that reason, they are always sharing their issues with us and we are providing proper solution to them. Changing screen resolution in Windows 10 is pretty simple, all you need to do is just follow a few steps and you will be able to change it as per your requirement. Let’s see how it is done!

Change the Screen Resolution in Windows 10

Step 1 : 

Make sure to click on to the Start Button first. The Start Button is located at the lower left corner of your system.

Step 2 :

Once you click the Start Menu, a new menu will be appeared and you need to select the Settings button from the menu.

Step 3 :

You could see a variety of options in your Windows 10 system. Make sure to select System icon from here.

Step 4 :

Once you select this option, you would see a few other options to change the display settings of your Windows 10 PC. Make sure to click on to the Advanced display settings option from here.

Step 5 :

Make sure to click on to the Resolution option where you could see different types of screen resolutions for your system.


Step 6 :

From the available different options, you need to select the Screen Resolution of your choice by selecting it through your mouse.

Step 7 :

Once you select the Right Screen Resolution for your system, you just need to click on to the Apply button.

That’s all! You have successfully changed the Screen Resolution in your Windows 10 system. You can change it again back to the default one by following the same steps.

When you connect your Windows PC to other devices or projector to project your screen, you need to set or change screen resolution of your system. If you know it then you would not face any issues while connecting your system to other devices. This will adjust your Windows 10 desktop to project it entirely through the projector or any other device to project your screen. Sometimes, to make it look familiar for your eyes, you should change it. So basically, changing Screen Resolution is quite important thing for all the Windows 10 users.

Apart from this, Windows 10 has plenty of apps and software which are there as default ones. If you explore the web well, you can change the Windows 10 default browser from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome browser. There are four different ways available to take a Screenshot on your Windows 10 system. If you are feeling insecure with your Password, then you can change it right away by following the guidelines.

Windows 10 has got a variety of functions and settings which are essential for everyone. You should know everything about Windows 10 and its features to make changes to your system’s default settings and other functionality. We are regularly updating this blog with proper Windows 10 tutorials and guidelines as we receive regular queries from our users.

If you you too have been facing any issues with your Windows 10 system, then kindly let us know by putting it into the comments section given below this post. We would come up with proper guidelines to sort out the queries you share with us. For more useful updates on Windows 10, stay tuned with us!


How to change the Screen Resolution in Windows 10
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