How to Convert .Pages to .Docx (MS Word File) on Mac


Microsoft’s Word is widely popular platform to save different documents and work with its by editing it within the MS Word software. Starting from small businesses to extreme big firms, corporate world such as banks etc. have been using the same MS Word files to work with different documents. However, MS Word is only limited to Windows users. Mac users are using Pages app to work with such pages. You can simply use Pages to export files as .doc document to make it readable on all the platforms. Let’s see how to convert .Pages to .Docx on Mac system.

There are people who are using Mac systems, however to provide cross platform functions, one has to know how to work with some of the platforms which are essential to know. The Pages app in Mac system, allows you to convert your files with .docx file format so you can make it readable for everyone, for Mac and Windows users. The Pages app has a number of different options to export files from the Mac system to Windows system. Following steps will let you know about this process.

Make sure your Mac system has the latest updated version of Pages app. If you use an older version of Pages app, the same procedure is quite different and might not work on the latest version of Windows Operating System’s World File. Pages is a free Mac app to make the word documents readable on a Mac system. You can edit some parts of the pages, however you will not be able to edit it completely. However, you can convert the .pages documents to .docx so it will be working fine and offers great cross platform experience for both the users. Let’s see how it is done from here.

How to Convert .Pages to .Docx on Mac?

Step 1 :

First of all, you have to open the Pages file which you want to convert as a word document on your Mac system. Open the Pages document on a Mac system first.

Step 2 :

Now, at the upper side, you could see plenty of options from which you need to select the File option. A drop down menu will be appeared from which you need to choose Export to option.

Step 3 :

From the Submenu, you need to select the Word option.

Step 4 :

Once you select the Word option from the Submenu, a new Window will be appeared on the desktop which is Export your document window.

Step 5 :

From here, you need to click on to the Advanced Options option from the page.

Step 6 :

A drop down menu will show you the document formats available. Make sure to select the .docx option from the menu. This document is compatible with all the latest editions of the Microsoft Word platform. So we urge you to select the .docx option from the menu.

Step 7 :

Once you select this option, the next page will ask you to put a proper name of the document. Make sure to enter a proper name for the new .docx document for your system.

Step 8 :

At last, click the Export option to export the file with the select .docx file format to work with the latest version of Microsoft Word on a Windows system.

You’re done with the process. The selected file will be saved with .docx document file format which is compatible on Microsoft Word. You can simply edit this document on a Word platform on a Windows PC even if it is created on a Mac system.

This is the simplest way to work with both the file formats and the documents on Mac and Windows systems. However, there are some people who may face some issues while editing their .docx documents exported from the Mac system. This is just because of the use of different fonts, emojis and other non-supported icons on the documents.

If the documents content only texts, there will be no issues with the compatibility on a Windows system, however if the document contents a variety of fonts, emojis, stickers etc., it will show you some errors or you may not be able to edit such documents on your Windows platform.

So folks, this is what you might want to know about exporting your Pages files to Word files from Mac system to Windows system. If you have any further queries or questions to ask, do let us know in the comments section given below this post. For more updates, stay tuned with us!

How to Convert .Pages to .Docx (MS Word File) on Mac
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