How to Delete or Unsend WhatsApp Messages


WhatsApp Messenger is known as world’s most popular Messaging app available in the market. The app is widely available for all smartphone platforms including its web version. Yes, WhatsApp is also accessible through its web platform with the same account which is on your mobile phone. Recently, WhatsApp is updated with new version which lets you delete or unsend messages from the chat. More details are given below! 

WhatApp Messenger was available as an independent app for various mobile platforms, however in the year 2014, Facebook has acquired this app and now becomes a product of Facebook. The app is pushing out regular updates with new features to explore the best of messaging experience through the app on your mobile now. The giant is rolling out new update which allows users to delete or unsend messages from the chat to various people.

The new update of WhatsApp Messenger app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Platforms. Interestingly, the same is available on its web version. The new update has some limitations to delete the app from individual chat or group chat. The most awaited feature of WhatsApp Messenger is now rolled out and is officially available. All it requires is an updated WhatsApp Messenger on all the platforms.

The new Unsend feature on WhatsApp Messenger is available for chat attachments with Photos, Videos, GIFs, voice messages and more. When you Unsend a message, the recipient will get to know about that with a message that this message was deleted, however he will not be able to see the message and its content. The only thing which he will notice is a message and nothing else.

In order to make use of this Unsend feature is pretty simple and anyone can start making use of this feature on a WhatsApp application on the phone. To delete the messages, you just need to select the Chat and then the Trash option from the menu. Once you select the Trash option, you will see three different options from which you need to select Delete for everyone option.

Once you select this option, the messages will be deleted from your device and from the recipient’s device as well. Both will see a message that this message was deleted. If the recipient has not seen the message, it will also be deleted from the notification of his phone. So he will not see the message on the notification panel as well.

If you select Delete for me option, the message will be deleted from your Chat history only. The recipient will be able to see the messages on his chat section but not you as you have deleted the message from your Chat by selecting Delete for me option.

Interestingly, you can delete the messages or we can say unsend multiple messages from the chat with the use of the above options. However, you have to make a quick move. The messages can only be deleted from your devices within 7 minutes. Make sure to delete the messages within the 7 minutes, otherwise this feature will not work.

Apart from this, both, you and the recipient need to use the updated WhatsApp application to make this feature work. If one of you don’t have the updated WhatsApp Messenger, this feature will not work properly at your side.

If you find the above instructions lengthy, then here we have included all the steps which you need to follow to make this feature work. Let’s get on to the steps right now!

Steps to make use of Unsend feature on WhatsApp Messenger

  • First, you have to make sure that the WhatsApp Messenger on your phone is up to date. If not, kindly go ahead to a respective store and update your app right now.
  • Once done, just send a message to your friend.
  • Make sure to hold on to the message and you would see a menu with useful options at the upper side of the display.
  • Kindly select the Trash option from the available options.
  • Once you select Trash option, you could see three different options.

There you go! You can now select any of these options to delete the messages which you have accidentally sent to someone. Make sure you make a quick move as the messages can only be deleted within 7 minutes. So this is a limitation to make use of this feature. Once this time limit passed, there is no way to recall your messages. So you have to understand everything about this new update well so you can make the most of it.

One more great thing about this Unsend feature is user’s will not notify if the recipient has deleted the message. He will see the message within the chat but there will be no any notification on the device about the same.

So guys, this is how you can delete or unsend messages in WhatsApp Messenger. If you have any queries or questions to ask, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section given below this post. If you have any feedbacks to share, do share them here into the comments section given below this post. For more updates, stay tuned with us!

How to Delete or Unsend WhatsApp Messages
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