How to Disable Automatic App Updates in Google Play Store


Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone to get many of their routine things done. One can easily explore a whole World right within a smartphone. If you too are using a smartphone, there might be a number of apps installed on your device. When it comes to smartphone, Android comes first. Being an open source platform, everyone loves using an Android. It serves decent user interface for everyone. You can download and install any of your favourite Apps and Games from Play Store. But what if your apps and games updates automatically every time when there’s a new update available. What if you don’t want to update some of them? Well, you can disable automatic app updates in Google Play Store easily. Following guidelines will help you disabling this auto updates option from the Play Store. Keep on reading!

Talking about the current time, people love to use different types of apps to get many of their routine things done. Android’s Play Store has hundreds of amazingly designed apps and games for everyone. When you search for a particular app, you will get a list of apps related to your query which is a good thing. Surprisingly, you can download and install them for absolutely free. You don’t need to pay any money in order to download and test out the apps you want to.

Additionally, developers also take care about the bugs and other things within the app which are encountered by the users. In such cases, they push an updated version to the current apps. Well, in order to update these newly bug fixed apps with some more additional features, you need not to update them manually. Being an Android user, your device will automatically update all the apps within the device when you connected to the Internet. Some of you might know to set it off, while the other don’t know how to exactly turn it off. If you are the one who don’t know how to disable automatic app updates in Google Play Store, kindly follow below steps. We have prepared a complete step by step installation guidelines which will guide you to stop or to disable auto updates in Google Play Store for your installed apps and games within the device.

You might be wondering automatically updating apps is kind of a good thing for our device as we get latest updated version of the most important apps and games installed on the device. Well, of course it’s an absolutely a very good move, however there are some drawbacks of this function which you might want to know first before setting this function off. If your device has an auto update enabled and you have not set it to your Wi-Fi, all of your 3G data will go away. Along with that, constantly transferring data and updating the apps, your battery will be sucked up completely. So by turning this feature off, you can save a lot of battery to your device to keep it charged for some more hours. At some point of time, you might don’t want to update an app and you don’t need the additional features of it which are recently made available. May be you just don’t like an updated app’s looks. Make sense, right!

For the above reasons, you should disable automatic app updates in Google Play Store so that you can stay away from the above problems and of course with a charged mobile phone, always. Following step by step guidelines will help you disable this option right from your current Android smartphone. Do follow the steps now!

How to Disable Automatic App Updates in Google Play Store

Step 1 :

First, go to the Apps menu and open Google Play Store on your Android. You could see an icon of Google Play Store within the apps menu, just tap it out to launch it.

Step 2 :

Now, tap on the hamburger icon which is placed at the top-left. It looks like three horizontal lines to open a Settings option of your Play Store and the associated account with it.

Step 3 :

Tap Settings option from the dropdown menu which is just opened on the device.

Step 4 :

Tap on Auto-update Apps option from the same menu.

Auto Updates Apps on Play Store

Step 5 :

In order to disable Automatic updates of your apps and games, select Do not auto-update apps.

How to Disable Automatic App Updates in Google Play Store

Step 6 :

You are free to select some additional options in case if you have limited data connectivity. You can even set this automatic updates only if you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection.  In order to do so, tap Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only in the same pop-up.

This is how you can set proper options to update your apps and other games from the Play Store. Being an Android user, you are free to set some particular apps to update automatically. Yes, there’s an option available which lets you update a set of particular apps to update automatically when there’s a new update available. If you too want to set some apps to update automatically, just follow a few more steps given below.

Step 1 :

In order to update an app automatically, just go to that app’s page on Play Store.

Step 2 :

Now, select Three vertical dots button to bring the Settings option.

Step 3 :

Check Auto-update option from the pop-up.

There you go! You have successfully updated the app to update automatically within the app. You can set this option for other apps or games which are being installed on your device.

What’s your take on this folks? Have you ever done the same? Do share how do you feel after disabling this function. You can share your thoughts and views on this as well. Meanwhile, if you have anything else to know, just drop us in the comments given below this post. We’d definitely like to help you out with your queries and questions. Stay tuned!

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How to Disable Automatic App Updates in Google Play Store
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