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Disco Zoo is a popular casual game from the makers of Tiny Towers. The new Disco Zoo game has got a whole new world where you can travel an entire world to collect various animals for your Disco Zoo. Yes, you heard that right, you have to travel one by one regions from the world to collect animals from pigs to dinosaurs. The gameplay has got a couple of more modes which you can try while playing this game. Disco Zoo has millions of its crazy fans around the world just because of its addictive gameplay. Find out Disco Zoo Patterns, Cheats and Tips & Tricks from here to achieve more for your Disco Zoo. Keep on reading! 

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Unlike other casual games, Disco Zoo has got kind of a unique gameplay with Puzzles. Yes, there are many uniquely designed puzzles available in the gameplay to bring the best of the gameplay. You can unlock hidden animals by solving out the Puzzles. Maximize your earnings to manage and expand your zoo. There are plenty of achievements available in the gameplay to expand and redesign your Disco Zoo. This is not just done, you can even throw away birthday parties to groove up the animals and other visitors. Just an awesome game to spend a complete entertaining time.

Additionally, Disco Zoo game has got an eye catchy retro style graphics which consumes less space. It works beautifully even on the low graphics. Since Disco Zoo has millions of its users around the world, they all have been waiting for some unique tips and tricks or we can say patterns and cheats to unlock new animals within the Puzzles. Well, if you too are a big fan of this game and want to achieve more of it, we’ve got some special Disco Zoo Tips & Tricks and Patterns which you can use to expand your Disco Zoo. If you just have started playing this game on your phone, we request you to kindly follow a list of its features which is given here.

Features of Disco Zoo for Android and iOS

  • Simple yet an impressive game designed for everyone
  • Addictive gameplay with unique gaming styles
  • A number of modes which you can use to play the game
  • Plenty of animals are there to raise and expand the Disco Zoo
  • A number of Puzzles to be solved to move ahead with the gameplay
  • Travel an entire world to expand the Zoo
  • Unlock and find out hidden animals by solving out the Puzzles
  • Maximize your earnings by managing and travelling the world
  • Throw funky disco parties to groove the animals and the visitors of the Zoo
  • Use the map to move and to complete the Puzzle

These were all the extraordinary features available in this popular casual game, Disco Zoo. The game has got everything to bring you all the best of entertainment at your doorstep. If you’ve been playing this game for quite a long time and looking for something more from it, follow below patterns, tips and tricks now!

Disco Zoo Patterns 2 Disco Zoo Patterns 3 Disco Zoo Patterns 4

Disco Zoo Tips & Tricks

1. Check the newspaper headlines

Newspaper headlines can be seen in grey color and you can find out at the upper right corner of the screen. Apart from this, the pink icon shows the random reviews of other users. This Pink icons also appear at the upper right corner of the screen. Each icon will earn you 250 points to gain and upgrade more of the game. So don’t forget to check out the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Save up your Discobux

Since Disco Zoo allows you to throw a part to the animals and the visitors to make their legs move, you can actually expand this styling by using this trick. Save your discobux for longest party modes. In order to give the longest party, you have to save the Discobux. Spending all the discobux will give you the power to throw the longest party ever. So don’t spend one by one Discobux, save them and spend them all together.

3. Double your coin earnings by using the disco parties

Did you know, during the party time, your animals can actual earn more coins per minute? Yes, you have to make up your mind in order to earn more coins while the party is on. The animals will not fall asleep during this time and eventually, it gives you more coins. When the party is over, they can reset their awake time easily. So disco parties are very important if your aim is to achieve more coins.

4. Catch more animals to level up

Since we all are looking for a way to collect more coins during the gameplay, we have to know all the ways with which we can grab more of them. The other way to do so is by levelling up the animals enclosures to keep them awake for longer time. Your zoo level is based on the number of animals you have with you. This is the only way to level up your Zoo and for that, you can go to one single safari again and again to collect more animals. You should not worry about the types of animals, just keep the numbers of the animals going on and on by collecting more of them. The stats page will show you how much animals do you need to level up your Zoo and you can go ahead with the same.

5. Level up your Animals enclosures

When you collect 5 animals, your enclosure will level up, this is how the entire gameplay works. The maximum enclosure you can reach is up to level six. After this level, you will no longer be able to catch the animals. Even if you catch the animals, they will automatically be freed up! Of course, the animals will give you more coins and expand the awaken time of them so it’s always good to catch more of them even if you reach to the level six.

6. Sit in the Zoo and wait for the Coins

This is the best way to grab more coins without using anything. Just sit back and relax yourself and wait for the coins to appear. By doing this, you will see some of the very useful coins which are really useful to upgrade yourself. You will see different values of coins and you can grab them up easily to expand the Zoo and the Disco Zoo level.

7. Enable the Push notification to On

Almost all the games now allow users to set the push notifications so they will be notified if something important is going on in the field. You can set the options easily and you will see it when the first animal falls asleep and the last one. By enabling this option, you can actually see or visit the Zoo again to make those animals awake. It’s really important to keep your animals awake in order to achieve more coins and level up the Zoo. So, this Push Notification option should be enabled on the game.

8. Remember the patterns of the animals while on a mission

It is very important to remember the pattern of the animals while you are one a rescue missions. During this period, you will not see any Pattern of the animals unless you have some power. Whenever you fail in the mission, you will see a pop up window on the display of that particular animal, you have to note it down so it will be helpful for you to complete the mission next time. This will improve the quality of gaming that you have and eventually, this will level up the Disco Zoo.

9. Keep an eye on the mystical animals

Since the Disco Zoo is quite popular for a variety of the animals, we have to know the importance of each one of them while playing this game. There are animals called Mystical Animals in the gameplay. These animals can help you gain more power and more coins. These are the rare animals in the Disco Zoo which makes you able to earn more coins in the next round up as well. Every rescue area has one Mystical animal and you will gradually see what’s inside that animal.

10. Watch for more Discobux

Discobux are really important just like the lying coins. You have to watch for the Discobux to gain more of the gameplay. Just go for the Discobux which appear in every level of the game. Make sure you grab as many as you can see and save them up to throw a memorable Disco Zoo Party for the animals and for the Zoo visitors. It’s pretty easy and gives you the best of power to party hard!

2 Rescue 1 Zoo Pedia

So folks, these were all the basic tips and tricks you should follow while playing the Disco Zoo game on a respective phones. These are the best ones which are designed for all the addicted people to this Disco Zoo game. We’re also presenting you some of the really useful Patterns which you need to keep on mind or can just note them down on your notepad which will give you more booster to level up the Zoo. Let’s have a look!

Disco Zoo Patterns

1. Remember and Learn the Patterns or Buy ZooPedia

Disco Zoo allows you to collect the animals for the Zoo to level up your own Disco Zoo. Your duty is to collect all tiles of the animal to rescue them for the Zoo. Well, you have to complete the animal pattern and only then you will be allowed to collect them for your Zoo. All the animals contains the same Pattern every time you are on a rescue mission to collect. If you don’t want to remember the animal patterns, you have to buy an additional tool called, ZooPedia. Yes, this one time purchase will allow to collect more of the animals without remembering the patterns. This tool allows you to view the patterns for the animals so you can easily see it in order to collect the animals. It’d be a very good investment if you really like to spend your time with the Disco Zoo game.

2. Use Discobux during the Rescues

Disco Zoo has got plenty of animals to make your time more adventurous. If you are already addicted to this game and looking for more to expand the Disco Zoo, you have to know each and every single thing of this game. There are two types of animals in the Disco Zoo, first is simple animals and the other one is mystical animals. Mystical Animals are very important in order to collect the animals, however you have to collect and use the Discobux even if you see the Mystical Animals while on a rescue.

3. Make strategies while on a Rescue

It’s very important to make use of your mind by making some of the best strategies to give you the power of rescuing an animal. Since our aim is to somehow collect the animal, we should give the best shots to collect them in the time. Every animal rescue require a few attempts and you have to use them very wisely. If you can get an animal in 3 attempts but you have left with 2 attempts only, you should go for the coins first and then you will be able to rescue that particular animal to bring them to the zoo. So by now, you need to use your mind power while looking for a way to collect the animal.

4. Gain rewards by finding out missing animals

Disco Zoo is not only a casual game but it’s kind of a Puzzle game and a Strategy game as well. Yes, you heard that right. You have to know everything about this game in order to become the powerful Zoo skipper. You have to keep yourself and your own Disco Zoo ahead of everything. The Zoo area shows up plenty of useful options with pop ups, after a few seconds, the pop ups will disappear and you will miss the opportunity to grab them out. Make sure you check the upper right corner of the display while exploring the Zoo area. Every time your animals will move from your Zoo area to the other areas and you will be notified for this unnecessary movements of your animals. You have to find your escaped animals right away and you will be rewarded for that. The rewards will be in number of thousand coins or even more than that. So every time you see an alert of a missing animal, make sure to find it out quickly to gain the best of rewards.

5. Explore the tutorials more and more

It is always recommended to learn everything before you implement something. When it comes to strategy games, there are plenty of hidden things and achievements which you can grab out in order to maximize your earnings and overall scoreboard. Since there are various objects available on the Internet, you can easily watch out for the best of tutorials of a particular game. Every few hours during the game, you will be given an option Watch a Video, click on this button and you will be presented a video of that particular attempt. Once you select this option, you will be given 5 free attempts to rescue the animal. This is the most easiest way to earn more coins and collect the animal. So don’t ever forget to watch a video when you are prompted with a message. By exploring such video tutorials, you learn many things which will gradually help you out during the game.

6. Make sure the animals are awake

Sleeping animals will not get you more money and coins so it is recommended to keep all the available animals awake. You have to keep an eye on every animal that you have in the Zoo in order to earn and collect more coins which will give you more attempts to rescue the animals and store them into the your very own Disco Zoo. During the rescue, you will see an alert message if you there’s any animal sleeping. Kindly make them awake so that your earning will not be stopped. The more coins you collect, the more attempts and power you will receive. At the end of the session, whenever you are about to close the game, make sure all the animals are awake. For the very reason, you can enable the option of push notifications On which will alert you with a push notification on the display.

7. Get best of Animal Purchase offer

Since it’s a complete professional casual game, there are a number of things which you should consider as legal when it comes to trade out. By other Zoos, you will receive some extraordinary offers with which you can sell out your own animals to the other Zoos. Make sure you are doing the right job and making the right deals for all the hard work that you have done to collect those animals. Different animals have different criteria to be collected. The most common animals can be easily collected and you can sell the most common animals to the other Zoos.

8. Don’t be in a hurry for the Disco Party

Disco Zoo is all about fun time when it comes to party. You can throw a party for the animals and for the visitors of the zoo if you are in a mood to groove your legs. Making Disco parties use DiscoBux and you have to save them up. Don’t waste the collected Discobux normally. Just save them up for the longer party and longer coin collection process. Once you have collected enough of the animals, only then you can throw such parties, unless you should not plan a Disco Party as it will not give you enough output. So before making any plans to throw away a party, you have to think twice for the longer time benefits.

9. Keep an eye on the Animals tiles

When you are rescuing for the animals, you will have to know everything about the pattern and other things of that particular animal. This way you can easily collect that animal for your Zoo. Did you know animal tiles are always connected to each other? Well, this is true! You can not collect more animals at the same time during the rescuing process. Just don’t hesitate to move one extra step. Some of the animals are tied with the same tiles and you can collect them all at the same time which will give you more benefits.

10. Build up your animal popular Cheaper than before

Since this is a kind of a strategic game, it require a bit of your mind power so you can easily collect the right things at the right time. Levels at the farm are much cheaper and you can always afford them to buy. So first, complete the ones which are already owned by you. You can go back and revive those chapters back to gain more coins and collect the animals. This is quite important especially when you are trying to unlock the new level and animal.

So folks, these were all the useful tips and patterns which you can use during the Disco Zoo game. If you love to explore more of the Disco Zoo game, these Disco Zoo Tips & Tricks and other Disco Zoo Patterns and Cheats are really very important. If you are a die-hard fan of this game, then you should not forget to note all the above tips and tricks so that you can spend a productive time ahead.

What’s your take on this? Did you find the above listing useful? Do you know any other tips or tricks? If yes, then do share it with us by using the Comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to add it to the list so the other users can always get benefit of it. Don’t forget to give us your feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned for more such updates in the coming time!

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