“DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” Error Fix on Chrome, Firefox & Safari



DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG is an error related to network service associated with DNS server. There comes a time when people encountered this error while exploring different types of websites. The error appears whenever a user tries to visit a particular website on their browsers. Most probably, the error occurs on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari web browser for Mac users. If you too have received the same error and couldn’t found proper solution to this, we’ve a special fixes for this error. “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” Error Fix on Chrome, Firefox & Safari from here. Keep on reading! 


Everyone loves to explore different types of websites through their PCs while using different web browsers. This error is not related to any web browser app, but it is directly related with the network so it can be encountered on all types of browsers including the Google Chrome and other available popular web browsers. There could be a number of reasons behind this error such as a minor fault in the settings, network problems, DNS server not accessible, Firewall setup. To get this error fixed, you have to follow a set of proper instructions with which you can easily get rid of this error. Here, we have compiled all the possible ways to remove this error from your system and hence from all the web browsers. Just follow proper steps with the given methods and you’ll be free from this error while exploring the web.


Method 1 : Disabling and Re-enabling Network Connection

Note : You can remove “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” Error on Chrome browser by disabling or re-enabling network connection of your system. Following steps will guide you to do so.

Step 1 :

First of all, you need to press the Windows key and then type cmd into the command section.

Step 2 :

Now, right click on the command prompt and select Run as administrator option.

Step 3 :

Now, type in the following the command into the command prompt :

netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

Step 4 :

Once you are done, Reboot your system once.

Step 5 :

After this, go to Google Chrome >> Settings>> History>> Clear Browser’s History by selecing “from the beginning of time”.

Step 6 :

Now, go to Control Panel and select Network and Sharing option.

Step 7 :

From the available options, select the “Change adapter settings”.

Step 8 :

Right click on the option and you will see a Disable option. Make it disabled by selecing this option.

Step 9 :

After this, right click on the same icon and make it enabled by selecting the Enable button.

Step 10 :

Now, you must need to connect with the Internet connection by LAN or Wi-Fi connection.

Step 11 :

Once you are done with the connection, you can open the Chrome browser and start surfing the websites. The error will be solved.

This is how you can fix “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” Error on Google Chrome web browser. Now, let’s see how can we solve this error on a Firefox browser. We’ve prepared a step by step tutorial to do so.


Method 2 : Release and Renew your IP

Step 1 :

You have to start your system with full administrative rights so that you can make proper changes to your system. If not, kindly reboot your system and boot it as administrator.

Step 2 :

Now, click on Start button and select Run option.

Step 3 :

Enter cmd and hit the Enter button.

Step 4 :

This will load up the Command Prompt of your system. You can add new command to your system as well.

Step 5 :

After this, type in ipconfig /release then press Enter.

This will remove the current IP from your system to assign a new one.

Step 6 :

Now, type ipconfig /renew then press Enter.

Step 7 :

After this, you can reboot your system and start surfing the web back.

This is the most simplest way to get rid of this error from your Windows system using any web browser.

Method 3 : Remove or flush the DNS from your system

Step 1 :

First, you have to start your system with an administrative’s permission. If not, kindly reboot your system with Administrator.

Step 2 :

Now, click on Start button and select Run option. Enter Cmd and hit the Enter button open the Command Prompt window of your system.

Step 3 :

Once you the Command Prompt Window open up, enter ipconfig /flushdns and hit the Enter button.

Step 4 :

Now, close down Command Prompt and try to access the websites through your current browser.

Method 4 : Modify your DNS Settings

Step 1 :

Make sure that you are logged in with Administration’s permission to your system.

Step 2 :

Now, click on Start, then right click on My Network Places and select Properties.

Step 3 :

At the left hand side, you’d see Network Connections option. This will show you the available connections on your network. right click on your Local Area Connection and selectProperties.

Step 4 :

Local Area Connection Properties page will be appeared on your system. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click on Properties.

Step 5 :

From the current page, click on Use the following DNS server addresses then type in the below given OpenDNS Servers. 

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server:

You’re done! Now, reboot your system once and try accessing the web through available web browsers.

Method 4 : Clear your Browser Cache and History

For browser related issues, this is the most common way to get rid of all the available errors on different web browsers. Browsers save surfing as cache memory and hence it blocks many IPs from accessing particular websites. In order to do so, you can clear your browser’s cache and history.

Google Chrome :

Go to Desktop and select Google Chrome’s icon to launch Google Chrome web browser on your system.

Now, click the three lined button at the right hand side of the window and select Settings option from there.

At the left hand side, you would see an option History. Click on Clear all browser data from the available options.

You’d be presented a list of options here from which you need to select the beginning of time from the drop down menu.

Select Empty the cache option from the available options and at last click on the Clear browsing data button.

Mozilla Firefox :

Go to your Desktop and select Firefox icon to launch the Mozilla Firefox Window on your system.

After this, click on Tools option and then select Options from the Window.

Now, click on Advanced tab and then Update button. select Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them, and click on OK.

Internet Explorer :

Go to your Desktop and select Internet Explorer icon to launch the browser on your desktop.

After this, select Tools option and then select Internet Options.

Here you’ll see an option Browser History with Delete button. Select Delete button and you’ll see a number of options.

Select proper options from here and delete all the history and cache of your Internet Explorer browser.

Method 5 : Disable Internet Security Software

Almost every PC user have a proper Security tool installed on their respective systems to secure their PCs from Internet threats. However, such Firewalls prevent users from accessing many websites from the browsers. Many of the PC users have face this issue after updating their security software or Antivirus software on their respective systems. Sometimes, if you change the current Antivirus security software, this error occurs. In order to get rid of “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” Error, try disabling the Firewall of any security software installed on your system.

Once you have disabled the security software, go back to the browser and start surfing the sites you want to. The error will be gone and you will not see it again on your system. This is also a simplest way to remove this error from the system.

Method 6 : Reinstall the Web browser back

If all of the above methods fail to resolve the “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” Error on a particular system, the only option left is reinstalling the current software from your system. Just go to Control Panel of your Windows system and select Uninstall Program option. You’ll be presented a list of all available software and applications installed on it. Kindly select the browser which shows this error. Hit the Uninstall button, after a while the browser will be removed from your system.

Once you uninstall a particular browser from the system, kindly re-install a fresh new version of the browser from the net. This will get you a complete new edition of the web browser without the error.

So folks, these were all the possible ways to remove “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” Error from various browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. If you ever encounter such error on a current system, you can fix it by following the above mentioned methods one by one. You don’t need to try them all, just follow them one by one and check if the issue is resolved.

What’s your take on this? Do you have any other way to resolve this error? Do share your experiences with us. You can even put your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Stay tuned for more such updates in the coming time!

“DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG” Error Fix on Chrome, Firefox & Safari
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