Download Framaroot APK for Android (Framaroot 1.4.1 APK) – Latest Version


Android is a place where one can explore a whole new world of apps and games with a lot of innovative tweaks. If I’m not wrong, you too are a big fan of using an Android smartphone. Being an open source platform, Android has got plenty of options to make the most of your technology life. There are hundreds of apps and games available for different purposes for every Android user. Surprisingly, almost all of your favourite apps and games are there for free. You can get them installed for free for free. To enhance the functionality of your Android, Framaroot APK is here. The app is there to get you a rooted Android device with just one click. More details are as follows! 


Android rooting is one of the crucial thing an Android user can do to bring more apps and games. As Android is an open source platform, it is also open for all the developers who have managed to develop apps and games which are somehow not available on Play Store. Play Store only allows apps and games which are there within their criteria. You can only unleash the apps which you have developed, once it is fulfil the basic terms and conditions. The world is open for all and now you can install a huge list of third party apps and games to your Android which are not actually available on Play Store. Yes, you don’t need to pay for your favourite apps once you have a rooted Android smartphone.

Additionally, a rooted Android Operating System allows you to install a few custom ROMs and other media files as well to change the entire User Interface and OS of your current Android system. If you love making changes to your Android by tweaking it out with some apps and games and such custom ROMs, it is the right time to get your Android rooted with Framaroot app. The app is specially designed for the non-technical people who don’t know how to root an Android smartphone. Here we have managed to list down all the useful information of this Framaroot app here. Just take a look!

What is Framaroot?

Framaroot is a third party app to Root an Android device. The app is available for almost all types of Android smartphones and compatible with all of them. If you want a rooted Android device but don’t even know how to root it, Framaroot helps you to do so. The app is designed for everyone and even a non-technical person can also start using this app to root their respective Android phones. This app doesn’t require a PC/ laptop connection. You are just one single click away to get a rooted Android. This is not just done, you can even unroot your device with just one single click as well within the app.

Framaroot is a third party app and for that reason, it is not officially available on Play Store to download. Since you are using an Android, you can install an additional APK file of any app or game manually. To do so, you have to download Framaroot APK file from the following Download button now!

Download Framaroot APK for Android – Framaroot 1.4.1 APK


In order to download Framaroot APK file, all you have to do is just hit the above mentioned Download button once. Downloading process of Framaroot will itself take place. It will take a couple of minutes to complete the process. Soon, you will get an APK file of Framaroot APK file downloaded to your desktop.

You might be wondering about the installation process of the Framaroot app. Well, you can easily install any APK file to an Android device by following a few simple steps. A step by step detailed installation tutorial is given below to install the Framaroot APK file to your Android smartphone or tablet device. Here’s the tutorial!

How to Install Framaroot APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

First, you have to download a proper APK file of a required Android app or game for your Android smartphone. You can download this app from the above download button and get an APK file from there.

Step 2 :

Once you get an APK file, you need to transfer it to a respective Android smartphone. Or we request you to copy the download link from the button and try to open it on a respective Android device.


Step 3 :

Click the Download button once and downloading process of the file will take place. Soon, an APK file of Framaroot app will be downloaded to your desktop.


Step 4 :

Once it is done, just go to your Apps menu and launch File Manager app.


Step 5 :

The File Manager app will look like the image given below.


Step 6 :

Tap on the Search option and type in Framaroot there. Tap it out and you will be presented an icon of Framaroot app there.


Step 7 :

Tap the Framaroot APK file and you will be asked to whether to install the file or not.


Step 8 :

Kindly select the Install button when asked.


Step 9 :

Installation process will take place itself. You can see the progress of it as well.


Step 10 :

Soon, an APK file of Framaroot APK file will be installed to your Android smartphone. You will be prompted a Successful message on the display as well.

Once you are done with the installation process, you just need to go to the Apps menu of your device where you can see an icon of Framaroot app. Tap the icon and the app will be launched. You will be asked whether to root the device or not, kindly select the Root button to root the device right away! If you’ve a rooted device and want to unroot it, you will be asked to select Unroot button on the display.

So folks, this is how you can download and install a popular Android rooting app, Framaroot. What’s your take on this? Do share your experiences with us. You can even share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Stay tuned for more such useful updates!

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Download Framaroot APK for Android (Framaroot 1.4.1 APK) – Latest Version
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