Download and Install FreeTelly for Windows and Mac by TVAddons [Tutorial]


If you are looking for an app which would come with pre-configured Kodi experience, then you are at the right place. FreeTelly is the app which you need to install on your Windows or Mac system to get the same Interface like the original Kodi. Basically, FreeTelly is a custom version of Fire TV Stick Kodi. The best thing about this app or software it, it will come with pre-configured custom addons. The app is fully customization and will give you a whole new environment to explore your favourite TV and other videos. 

If you are not aware about the FreeTelly app and looking for a way to get it working on your Windows or Mac system, here you would be going to learn about the actual installation process of the FreeTelly app to your Windows or Mac system. A complete step by step installation tutorial is given here.

The FreeTelly app from TVAddOns comes with pre-configured customizations and addons. This app doesn’t require any additional configurations or setup to be done in order to explore various channels and networks of entertainment. Once you install this app on a respective PC system, a whole new world of entertainment will be presented to your desktop. The app is designed for non-technical people who are not familiar with Kodi and its extensions.

Kodi is not an easy to use platform for newbies who have just started using the PC system. So, this FreeTelly app is especially designed for those who are eager to explore the Kodi AddOns on their PC or Laptop. The original Kodi requires months of time to understand and to make it work. However, this new FreeTelly for Windows and Mac is here to get you the same interface.

FreeTelly Compatibility

FreeTelly app comes with ready to use interface which requires no any additional setup to be done. The app serves a decent user interface to explore the world of entertainment out of the box.

FreeTelly app is especially designed for the PC users so it is quite compatible for Windows and Mac systems only. You would not be able to use this app on any other platform for now. However, we would get to see its version for Mobile platforms like Android and iOS in the future as the number of users for this app is gradually increasing making it more popular day by day.

Before moving any further, we would like you to see how this app actually works on your PC or Mac. You can actually see the user interface of this app once you know more about this app. To get you the right information about this app, we would like you to follow a list of its features first. We have explored enough of the web and compiled a list of all the features of the FreeTelly app which you might like to know about. Let’s get on to the list of its features from here.

Features of FreeTelly for Mac and Windows

  • Simple and easy to use app designed for all newbies of PC users
  • Compatible app for Mac and Windows systems
  • The app allows you to stream all the movies and videos that you like to watch online
  • Most of the TVAddOns are comes pre-configured
  • Start exploring all the popular TV AddOns right from this app
  • Allows users to add additional addons and extensions to the app
  • Explore various channels and sections with just one single click
  • No configuration required to use this app
  • Requires almost no time to install it on the PC
  • Runs smoothly on any Windows or Mac system
  • No any registration or Sign up process required to use this app and much more

These are all the useful features available on this separate version of Kodi, FreeTelly which is widely popular over the globe. The application is compatible for Windows and Mac system for absolutely free without any fees or subscriptions. So, you can enjoy the best of entertain from this app for free.

If you are using an Android smartphone or iOs device and want to explore and watch popular Hollywood Movies, TV Shows and other videos, you can go with the ShowBox and Terrarium TV Apps. The apps are very popular over the globe with millions of its users for both, Android and iOS users. However, this FreeTelly app is yet to come for these mobile platforms.

Downloading FreeTelly app for Windows or Mac system is quite easy. If you have gathered enough information about the FreeTelly app and want to download its setup for a respective Windows or Mac system, you don’t need to worry about it. Just follow below given respective link to download FreeTelly for Windows and FreeTelly for Mac systems. Once you click on the download links, downloading process of the setup files for this FreeTelly app will itself take place. It will take several minutes to complete the process. Soon, the setup file of FreeTelly with .exe extension for Windows and .exe extension for Mac will be downloaded for your system.

Download FreeTelly for Windows PC

Download FreeTelly for Mac System 

We are here to install this FreeTelly app on Windows and Mac systems. If you are eager to know the actual installation process, just follow the given steps in the tutorial which is prepared here for you. The process is a bit simple, however it requires you to follow all the below given steps wisely. It’s doesn’t require any further steps, just download it and install it on a respective Windows or Mac system just like you install any other app or software on it. FreeTelly requires a few simple steps to be installed on your system and you will be able to start using it in just a few seconds. Let’s get on to the installation process of this app.

Note : The tutorial which is given here is performed on the Windows PC. If you are using a Mac system, you just need to follow the same process. However, you need to drag the FreeTelly app to the Applications folder in your Mac system to install. As the installation process for both, Windows and Mac systems are different.

How to Install FreeTelly on Windows PC?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download the installation setup file for the FreeTelly app for your Windows or Mac systems. If you are not aware about it, just follow above given Download links for FreeTelly apps. We have enlisted the download links for Windows and Mac systems, you can get the respective one for your own PC system.

Step 2 :

The file which you will get will come with Zip folder. You need to extract the .zip file of FreeTelly app. Extract the file and you will get a new file with theFreeTellySetup.exe file which is an actual installation file of the app.

Step 3 :

Once you get this file after extracting it, double click on it to start the installation process. You would see the below image on your desktop. Click the Next button to start the process.

Step 4 :

After this, you just need to click on to the Agree button for the terms and conditions.

Step 5 :

Click on to the Next button and the system will ask you to install this app to a specific location. You need to select the path to install this app from this option. Once you select it, Click the Next button.

Step 6 :

At last, you would see Install button. Click on the Install button when asked to move with the final steps.

Step 7 :

It will take a few seconds to complete the installation process. You could see the progress of the installation process for FreeTelly app on your desktop.

Step 8 :

Once FreeTelly app gets installed on your system, you will see a new screen like below image on your desktop. You need to click on Run FreeTelly box and mark it up.

Step 9 :

At last, hit the Finish button to launch the app right away on your Windows PC.

Step 10 :

The app will be launched in a stunning dark blue color them and initially, it will ask you to read some instructions of using it on your system. You could see Ok button here. Just click on to the Ok button when asked.

Step 11 :

After this, you would be asked to finalize the installation process. Click on to that option as well.

Step 12 :

Once the process gets done, you would see some details of the FreeTelly app on your screen with Continue button. Click on the Continue button from here.

Step 13 :

After this, the configuration of this app will start its downloading process. Click for a couple of minutes to complete this first.

Step 14 :

Once the download process gets done, you will be asked to complete the final process. Just select the Ok button.

Step 15 :

You’re done with the installation process. You could see the home page of the FreeTelly app on your Windows PC with various channels and networks to be explored.

In order to start using this app, just select the channel or network that you like to watch, the app will itself start streaming that channel. You would see different options on the screen. Just select the required option of channel or show or any other video to start streaming it out.

The same process needs to be performed on the Mac system if you want to install this FreeTelly app on Mac. It doesn’t require any additional skills. Since you are using a Mac, you know how to install an app on it. So, follow the same steps and install this app on a Mac.

What’s your take on this, guys? Have you ever used this app before? Do you know any other way to install it on a Windows PC or Mac system? Do share your thoughts and views on this. For feedbacks, use the comments sections given below this post. For more such useful updates, stay tuned with us.


Download and Install FreeTelly for Windows and Mac by TVAddons [Tutorial]
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