Download & Install Google Play Store APK on Nokia X, X+ and XL


Nokia X series smartphones are launched with Android Operating System equipped with Nokia Store. Nokia X series has a number of phones such as Nokia X, Nokia XL, Nokia X+ etc. If you have bought any of these Nokia X series phones in the past and want to install Google Play Store to install third party apps on your device, there’s a way to do so. Since, the company doesn’t allow you to install the Play Store officially, you can install it manually with the following guidelines to your Nokia X series phones. 

Being an Android running product, Nokia X series phone doesn’t allow you to explore any Google services from the device. The Nokia X phones are running on Android JellyBean Operating System, however the phones look like running on a Windows platform as the company has pushed their own UI to the device which is why the phones looks like Windows devices.

Nokia’s X series smartphones have Microsoft’s services and the default apps which force you to use Microsoft’s services only. But things have changed and you can now install the Play Store app as well to your Android based Nokia X smartphone and then you will be able to install any of your favourite Android apps on a respective Nokia X smartphone.

However, there is no any simple way to install the Play Store to your Nokia X smartphone. You need to have some technical knowledge about installing drivers and other additional software to your device to bridge the gap and this is how you can install the Play Store to your device.

In order to do so, make sure your Nokia X smartphone is a rooted one. If you don’t have a Rooted Nokia X device, you will not be able to install the Play Store on it. So go ahead and get it rooted first. Once you are confirmed with it, go ahead and start following the guidelines now!

Prerequisites :

Before jumping on to the installation process, there are some tools which you need to download. Following we have enlisted the tools and their respective download links. Just follow the download link and do as mentioned.

  • Download and Install Nokia File Manager from here.
  • Download Nokia X USB Drivers from here.
  • Download Gapps for Nokia X from here.

That’s all you have to download in order to move further with the installation process. Once you are done with it, move on to the installation process now!

How to install Play Store app on Nokia X Series phones?

  • Make sure to install Nokia X drivers which you have downloaded earlier. You have to install proper drivers to your Nokia X smartphone first.
  • After this, you have to install Nokia X Manager from the above link. Just follow the link and install the latest and compatible File Manager app for your Nokia X smartphone.
  • Now, run the Nokia X Manager app on your device and select Install ADB Driver option.
  • Now, activated the USB Debugging on your device and connect your device with the PC by using a proper USB data cable.
  • Nokia X Manager will detect the device and you could see the device name on the desktop of your system. If you have successfully installed the drivers, the device will be detected automatically.
  • If you see the device on the desktop, just click on to the Install Gapps option from here.
  • You would see some message about the Gapps and its availability on the desktop. Click on the Ok button.
  • You would see the Windows File Manager from where you need to select the Downloaded file from the above steps.
  • Select the file properly and then click the Ok button.
  • The installation process will itself begin, it will take a few seconds of time to complete the entire process.

That’s all you have to do! Once the above process completes, just go ahead and disconnect your device from the PC first. To setup things properly on the device, we would recommend you to kindly reboot your device once.

So folks, this is how you can easily download and install Google Play Store on a Nokia X series smartphones. The Play Store in the Nokia X will get you your favourite Android apps and other Google services. However, to keep things going smoothly, you have to keep the up to date apps on your device, otherwise some Google apps and third party apps may not work properly.



Download & Install Google Play Store APK on Nokia X, X+ and XL
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