How to Download and Play Titanfall 2 for Free


Titanfall 2 is a second edition to the popular shooting game, Titanfall. The gameplay serves a First-person shooting experience which you might have never played before. Titanfall 2 has completing rich graphics throughout the gameplay for unlimited fun and entertainment. If you are searching for a way to download or play this game on a respective PC system, from here you would get to know how you can download and play Titanfall 2 game for free. Keep on reading! 

Unlike other shooting games, this game has got a unique gameplay with sharp graphics to explore a complete realistic battleground on your PC. This new edition has a single player campaign with this you can share a bond between the pilot and Titan. If you don’t want to play Single player game, you can get a nail biting multiplayer game mode to spend hours. Since the game is designed for the advanced gamers, this edition of Titanfall game offers a variety of features.

Unlike the previous edition, this new Titanfall 2 has 6 unique Titans to be explored while playing the game. Deadly new pilot abilities with more advance features inside. The gameplay allows you to customize more of your much needed things. You can customize the Titans and other players according to your gameplay with expanded customization. You can change between a variety of gaming modes while playing the game. Explore more of the game with the advance maps to move accordingly and much more in the bucket.

If you are interesting to know more about this game before moving on to the download page, we’d like you to follow a list of its features which we have compiled here. Just take a look on to the list of its features given below now!

Features of Titanfall 2 for PC

  • Develop your own skills to get escaped from the enemy lines
  • Become more advanced Pilot by developing more skills with your own Titan
  • Intensely rich graphics throughout the gameplay to explore more reality within your PC
  • A unique set of options to customize the entire gameplay
  • Explore more of the gameplay with Six unique Titans
  • Explore a host of deadly technology skills to expand the gameplay
  • Change the game mode according to your mood from a number of unique modes
  • You can either play this game with a Single Player or a Multiplayer mode as per your choice
  • You can chat with your co-pilots while the mission is on
  • Manage a variety of things to become a master of the gameplay
  • Use plenty of advance weapons and equipments to stay alive in the mission and much more

So folks, these were all the exciting features available in this epic game, Titanfall 2. The game is full of action packed adventurous to spend entertaining time on your PC. In order to download and install this game, you need to have some basic Prerequisites on your system on which you are going to install this game. Following we have enlisted all the System requirements that needed to run this game smoothly on your system.

System Requirements for Titanfall 2 game

  • Operating System : Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • CPU : Intel Core i3-6300t or above
  • Required RAM : 8GB
  • Setup Size : 23.2 GB
  • Hard Disk Size : 30GB

These much system requirements are needed in order to install this game on your system. If your current system is the same or above than the above listed requirements, then you are good to go ahead with the downloading process of the Titanfall game for your Windows PC. Make sure your PC has enough free space to load the game well. 8GB RAM is required to run and play the game super smoothly on your device.

Download Titanfall 2 game for PC

In order to download Titanfall 2 game, you don’t need to do anything. Just click on the above mentioned link once, you will be taken to a new page and from which you can hit the Download button. Downloading process of the game will take place itself and soon the installation setup of the game will be downloaded. Since the game is big in size, it required a good high speed Internet connection to download the entire setup of the game.

Titanfall 2 game is available for free as a free trial for subscribers to EA Access (Xbox One) or Origin Access (PC). So if you have already subscribed with EA Access on Xbox One or Origin Access from your PC, the game is available for its free trail period. You can go ahead and can start playing this game right away.”

Once the Setup file of the Titanfall 2 game downloaded on your system, you just need to install it manually to your system. If you are not aware about the installation process of this game, then kindly follow below given steps. Here, we have prepared a step by step tutorial with which you can easily install this game on a respective PC. Here’s the guidelines :

How to Install Titanfall 2 game on a Windows PC?

Step 1 :

First, you have to make sure that the enough memory space is available on your system. If not, you have to make some free space on your system so the can be installed easily to your system.

Step 2 :

After this, download the setup of your Titanfall 2 game as mentioned above.

Step 3 :

Once the Setup file gets downloaded, you just need to follow basic instructions to install this game. You don’t need to be a technical person to install this game. Just double click on the setup file which is downloaded from the above steps.

Step 4 :

Once you do so, you will be asked to follow basic instructions. Just hit the Next buttons one by one, and the last step, you would see Install button.

Step 5 :

Click on to Install button and at the very next moment, Installation process of the Titanfall 2 game will itself take place.

Step 6 :

You have to wait for a few seconds until the Installation process finished.

Soon, the Titanfall 2 game will be installed successfully on your system. You would see a Successful message as well on the display. In order to start the game, just go to the Start menu where you would see an icon of the game. Click on the icon of Titanfall 2 game to start playing it on your PC right away!

What’s your take on this? Do you have any queries or questions to ask? Do share your feedback as comments below the post into the comments section. We’d be happy to interact with you.

How to Download and Play Titanfall 2 for Free
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