How to Download and Play Undertale on Android


Undertale is a stroy of a man who falls underground into a world of monsters. You are the real one who control him and you the one who can save his life. Undertale serves an interesting storyline which you can play and follow for hours. If you love to play simple yet an addictive games, Undertale is here for you. The game is widely popular over the world as PC users are happily playing this game on their systems. But what if you want this game to play on your Android phone? Are you looking for the same? From here, you would get to know how you can download and install Undertale on Android smartphone or tablet. 

Before we move on to the tutorial, we should know a bit about this game and its actual gameplay and all the controls that you might needed while playing this game on your phone. First, you have to find a way to get escaped from the monsters’ world otherwise you will be trapped forever. The game is designed with retro style graphics so it works smoothly on your system and doesn’t require much of system requirements like space, ram and other things. It will be working absolutely fine on your system.

The game has unique battling system where you can go on a battle or you can use your mind and can negotiate to get out of the danger conditions. For extra damage, you can attack, however you have to defend yourself by taking full control of the game while enemies are nearby you.

The game is designed with one person playbase and you can play and get entertained with this game all alone. It doesn’t require much of your skills to play it. The game requires you to make some strategies and this way you can become friends with Bosses. You can even date a skeleton. The game is there to spend hours of your time just by playing and hooking up with the adorable creatures that this game is offering.

Unfortunately, there is no Undertale game’s dedicated version available for Android platform, and you will not be able to play this game directly on your Android smartphone or tablet. You have to go with some other procedure and this way you can get this Undertale game installed on your Android smartphone. Well, you don’t have to worry about it at all as here we have enlisted all the steps which will guide you through installing this game on your Android smartphone. The process requires a bit of basic technical knowledge, so you have to follow each of the following steps wisely in order to start playing this Undertale game on an Android device.

Note : Since there is no any Undertale game available for Android platform, we have to go with third party applications. This is not a legal way so you have to keep that in mind before installing this game on your Android device. If you are good to go with this, you can head over to the following step by step tutorial to start installing this Undertale on Android platform. Here’s the tutorial which you need to follow on your Android smartphone.

Before moving on to the installation steps, first we have to download Undertale game’s APK file so we can install it on an Android smartphone. Just follow below given link on your Android smartphone or you can download this APK file to your PC. After downloading it, you can transfer this file to your Android device as well. For now, just follow below given Download link to download Undertale APK file.

Download Undertale APK for Android

Once you get the Undertale APK file for your Android smartphone, you can now start following the installation step to install this game on your Android device.

Note : Make sure you have enabled Unknown sources option to your Android device before installing this file to your phone. If you have not enabled this option, just go to the Settings option and scroll down to Security option. Here, you would see Unknown Source option. Kindly enable this option so you will be able to install third party applications to your Android smartphone.

Download and Play Undertale on Android

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper APK file of Undertale game for your Android smartphone. If you are not aware about it, kindly follow above mentioned Download link and get this APK file from there.


Step 2 :

Once you get the APK file of Undertale game, you don’t need to Open it on your device. You have to install this game through the Controller of this game. So make sure you just download the APK on the phone. Do not open it now.

Step 3 :

After this, you have to download the Controller file to your Android smartphone. In order to download Controller file for this Undertale game, you have to follow below given download link.

Download Controller for Undertale game for Android

Note : The controller file for Undertale game is also available as its APK file so you have to take care of

Step 4 :

Just open the above link to your Android smartphone and you will see a warning message whether you want to download it or not. Kindly hit the Ok button when you see it to download the Controller.

Step 5 :

Download the above APK file of the controller and install it on your Android Smartphone just like you install any other file.

Step 6 :

Once you open the above Controller app on your device, you would be prompted with a page where you could see three options.

Step 7 :

From the available options, you need to select “Configure Input Methods“.

Step 8 :

From here, you need to select the Gamepad option. Enable “GamePad” from here with the toggle button.

Step 9 :

Now, go back and select “Go to GamePad Settings” which is a third option on the main page.

Step 10 :

From GamePad’s Settings, you need to disable “DosBox Turbo / XBox 36..”.

Step 11 : 

Now, scroll down on the same Window and make sure the controller buttons look like the below image on your device.

Step 12 :

Scroll down more and you would see one more option, “Gamepad Notification” You have to make this option enabled from here.

Step 13 :

Now, go back to the main homepage of the app and select the second option from the given three options. You need to select “Set Current Input Method” from here.

Step 14 :

Make sure to select Gamepad as the input option on your device from here.

Step 15 :

You’re done with the controller settings. Your Android’s Keyboard will act like the real controller of the game so you can control this game with the help of the buttons given here.

Step 16 :

Go back to the main home page of the controller app and you would see a blank option there. You need to select this blank option to activate this Controller to your Undertale game.

Step 17 :

Go back again and you would see an option on your phone’s display, “Show GamePad Keyboard

Step 18 :

Just select this notification that you get from the Undertale game.

You have successfully installed Undertale game on your Android smartphone. To start playing this game on your Android device, you just need to go to the apps menu on your device where you would see Undertale game’s option as we have already installed its APK file. Tap on the icon and the game will be launched on your phone. You can start playing it right away on your device.

Here are some tips as you can follow on the PC to control the game.

  • X – Z/ENTER on PC
  • A – C/CTRL on PC
  • Y  – SHIFT on PC

That’s all you have to do in order to download and install Undertale on Android smartphone. The process is pretty simple, however you have to go through each steps wisely which setting up the controller and other things of the game.

What’s your take on this tutorial guys? Do you know any other way to install this game to your Android device? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. If you have any queries or questions regarding this tutorial, feel free to let us know. To do so, just go to the Comments section given below this post and put your queries there. We would be happy to receive feedbacks from you. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!

How to Download and Play Undertale on Android
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