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This is an era for multiplayer gaming and there is no shortage for finding games in all the different genres. But the one genre that has always stood out is the adventure. And in this most popular game genre Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of the most played game, available for both iOS and Android.

From the biggest gaming brand at present, Gameloft, comes this amazing multiplayer adventure game that promises to offer the most intense slash-and-hack gaming experience to the players. Dungeon Hunter 5 is an adventure hack-and-slash game offering multiplayer gaming mode. The game series have already been a big hit and the new instalment, the fifth game in this series is sure to outshine even the success of its predecessors.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack Tool

The motto of the game is pretty simple, hunt down the villains and collect as much bounty as possible and secure your place at the leaderboard. But playing the game requires lot more than strategies and player performance. There are spells, weaponry, skills to be unlocked, trap rooms or the defence mechanisms for your loot to be upgraded and a lot more. And this requires not just good gaming skill but also in-game resources and coins. And acquiring these resources demand good understanding of the game and all the things you can do in it. There are few things that many players don’t know that can help them advance in the game better. These tips and tricks can come in very handy when trying to deafen a strong enemy or trying to hike up your position on the leaderboard.

So in order to help you better understand the game and to make you more skilled in it below are the few important tips to be kept in mind while playing the game.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips and Tricks – The Advanced Guide!

Dungeon Hunter 5 Game

  1. Knowing all the five elements of game

In Dungeon Hunter 5 you need to have full understanding of the way the elements work in the game. The correct order of their power can help you get an idea about the type of enemies you’ll be encountering in the levels and that in turn can assist you in selecting the correct weapon type to be able to defeat them. So make sure to remember the correct order of the different elements used in the game, which is as follows: Fire> Nature> Death> Light> Water> Fire. And so know you know that fire can defeat nature, nature can defeat death and so on.

  1. Knowing your weapon of choice

Dungeon Hunter 5 offers five types of weapons and each one of them have its own strength and weakness. So to be able to know which weapon to use on which enemy is the key to winning the game with highest points. Though you can prefer the type of weapon that you are most comfortable with but sometimes for particular enemies you might need to utilise a particular weapon in order to defeat him. Below are the 5 different types of weapons available in the game and their speciality:

  • Glaive- This weapon packs in a lot of power and so is best to defeat multiple foes at a time.
  • GreatSword- In spite of being heavy and slow, they are quite powerful and a single swipe form this weapon can kill most of the enemies.
  • Dual Blades- These are best for close-range as they are quick and easy to use.
  • Staff- These are best for long-range combats as they have magical powers in them.
  • Crossbows- These are the best flight-ranged weapons in the game.
  1. Using Dodge Roll to escape traps

Traps come into play with level 4 and handling such traps like mine explosions, spikes and such items can cost a great deal of damage at times to your character. The best way to avoid damage form these traps is by using your dodge rolls. Use these dodge rolls to avoid any accidental triggering of any such trap and thus protecting you against them easily and effectively.

  1. Fusing weapons with other equipments

Using a particular type of weapon for particular enemy type is one way of increasing your kill count and effectively defeating your enemies, but fusing your weapons with other equipments to make them even stronger is highly recommended in regular intervals. You can fuse your powerful weapons and even armours with the old equipments to make them a lot more stronger than they already are. And if you are able to fuse the equipment of same elemental property together, than the strength is enhanced even more.

  1. Earning better rewards by replaying completed levels

Although this trick is already very popular with other role-playing games as well but is worth mentioning here again. The idea is to complete a level on the easiest difficulty and then replay these levels with other deadly opponents in the more advanced expert levels. This way you can receive better rewards by defeating enemies in the expert level.

  1. Picking an in-game ally over a random player

Make sure to always pick an in-game ally before starting a mission. Most of the players ignore this last decisions before entering into the mission and end up playing with a random suggested character. But there is a huge difference and the difference is in the number of bounty tickets you will receive at end of a successfully mission. With a random character you get only one ticket while with an in-game friend ally you get four bounty ticket. And needless to say, the more number of bounty tickets the faster you gain access to bounty chest with extra loot in them.

  1. Clearing the mission without fail

When you clear your newest mission without failing even once, then you get a first clear bonus that consist of set of gems. So now when you know this, try to be more careful and to clear the mission without fail.

  1. Select a lower level hunter in Stronghold game mode

By selecting a rival bounty hunter with lower level than yours for the stronghold game mode, you can easily defeat them in the final round by eradicating their stronghold defence. And doing this will also bring coins, quarts and points to your name.

  1. Friend request to gain bounty tickets

Send friend request to your Dungeon Hunter 5 buddies and make them accept your friend request. Each accepted friend request can earn you multiple bounty tickets and so make sure your friend requests are accepted.

  1. Collecting potions to save energy and resources

Spend time on the maps that offer potions as drop and try to collect as many of them as possible and add them to your inventory. This potion can save you a run and in turn can avoid losing every or premium currency in the game.

Now with the tips and tricks mentioned above you can very easily have an upper hand on your rivals in this game. But if you are willing to take an edge over your opponents in the least time possible and are curious to explore the game world without any kind of restriction then you might want to try the Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack for the same.


Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats / Hack

Dungeon Hunter 5 requires you to collect gold and coins to unlock other items weapons and to surpass your rivals on the leaderboard. But acquiring these currency, energy potions and other resources can take a bit if time and hell lot of playing hours. Also these golds and gems can be acquired but you have to pay for it, like real money, to buy these resources. But what if there is another way around to all of this? And fortunately there is!

Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack Tool Unlimited Free Gems and Gold

Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack tool is one such tool designed to be able to provide the user with unlimited amount of gold coins and gems and that too for absolutely no real money and in no time. These hack tools are the best and the fastest way to take an edge over your opponents in this game and to hike your position up in the leaderboard, and not just few positions but enough to be able to bring you to the top positions on the table. And to provide better insight on what this hack tool is able to do, read below.


Benefit of using Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack for gaining unlimited gold and gems:

To help you achieve full gaming experience of this beautiful role-playing game and to help you outshine your opponents in no time, the Dungeon Hunter 5 hack for acquiring unlimited gold and gems can come in very handy. The players are often restricted in the game due to insufficient gold and gems and not everyone can spend real money to obtain more of these in-game currencies. But in order to advance further in the game and that too in the shortest time possible, this hack is the best bet. And the best part of this hack is that it is completely free of cost. This means you need not spend a single penny to gain access to unlimited supply of golds and gems. Seems too good to be true right? Well then you are in for a big treat as it is cent percent true and working hack for the game.

Do you know that the best loot of the game can be found in the Gear Chest but to open it you need 50 gems. Thats a huge amount of premium game currency that is very hard to acquire and requires a lot of time. But since this hack tool can get you unlimited supply of gems and golds, this means you can very easily gain access to Gear chest and the loot in it. And this is just the one instance where this hack tool can help you, many more waiting. The game full exploration is possible only with the help of this tool and if you want to experience every bit of this game, then this tool is the must to have.


Features of the Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack Tool

To begin with you get unlimited amount of gold and gems and other currency coins that are required at every level in the game. The unlimited supply of these currency can easily let you advance through the levels with great ease, leaving all your rivals baffled with your success in the game. And apart from gaining an edge over your opponents you get to explore the game world without any restriction so offering an unparalleled gaming experience like never before. Dungeon Hunter 5 is a brilliantly designed and a vast world to explore and with the unlimited currency supply you can very well explore this entire world easily.

Also the new form of currency added in the game, the Quartz, can be obtained with this hack tool and needless to say, that too an unlimited supply of it. And apart form currency you also get access to the unlimited health, stamina and energy. Now its only a formality to say that with all these things you can become not only invincible in this game world but you become the only one to unleash the full potential of this game and to enjoy it completely and freely.


How to use the Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack Tool?

Using this hack tool is a piece of cake even for the amateur players. All you need to do is to download the hack tool, the link for which is provided below. Once you have successfully downloaded the hack tool open it and then choose the option, the kind of hack you required for the game and press start. Within seconds your desired hack will be applied and in no time and without spending even a single penny you can then be the king of this game world and rule it as you want, defeating all your enemies and surpassing all your opponents.


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Is this hack safe?

Many of the first-timers have this doubt in their mind that is it safe to use the hack for the game. Players can be cent percent sure that this hack tool is absolutely safe and completely secure. There are no malware, no information sharing nothing as such that can harm your device or can affect your gaming profile in any way. The payer’s identity and all the information remain anonymous throughout the use of this hack tool and so there is no need to worry about using this hack. Its completely safe and is undoubtedly the best way to have an unparalleled experience of this game, an experience like never before.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of the best and presently the most played role-playing game on android and iOS devices. And with all the tips, tricks and cheats and hacks made available to you here can really take your gaming experience to a completely different level. So enjoy the game and explore its vastness like never before.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Cheats, Hack / Mod, Tips & Tricks and Guides
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