FaceTime for Android App Download


FaceTime for Android DownloadFaceTime is world’s most popular Video Calling app which is only available for iOS devices. Yes, you might have even heard or used this app on an iOS devices. Talking about the current time, it seems technology runs the entire world and it looks like the same. Smartphone is the greatest tech invention. Nowadays, one can not spend even a single day without using a smartphone. With smartphone one can do pretty much everything and can get done many of their routine tasks while on the go. Being the most popular smartphone platform, Android has millions of users with different smartphones and gadgets. If you’ve ever wondered whether FaceTime is available for Android or not, your question will be answered here. FaceTime for Android from here, know the app is really available for Android platform by following the report given below! 


FaceTime for Android App Download

FaceTime for Android App is not available officially but we will show how you can avail it on your Android device alternatively. FaceTime is copyrighted by Apple and one can not use this app on any other platform. It is specially made for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. FaceTime can even be run on Macbooks as well. So there’s a bad news for the people who are looking for a FaceTime app for Android smartphone or tablet.

If you are disappointed with it, let us show you how big Android is and what you can get from Android instead of just this FaceTime app. We are presenting a complete list of all the best FaceTime Alternatives for Android here. If not FaceTime, there’s a number of such amazing video calling apps available for your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Being an open source platform, Android does offer a variety of apps from its Play Store. i.e. if you are good at developing something, you are free to develop your own video calling app and can put it on the Play Store to make it public so that anyone can easily download and install the app which you have created. You can even sell your work on Play Store by setting up proper price tags according to the uses of your app or game.

FaceTime Alternatives for Android are available for free. Yes, you can easily download and can make use of your favourite Video Calling apps on a respective Android without spending a single buck. Everything is possible as soon as you are using an Android device. Of course, FaceTime has more simpler and decent user interface than any other video calling app. However, the Alternatives of FaceTime for Android has even more flexibility and options to make proper video calls. Following list of all the FaceTime Alternatives for Android to be grabbed for your Android smartphone or Tablet. Just follow the list and read all the useful features and other options from the official download page and then install an appropriate one for your Android. Here’s the list!

FaceTime Alternatives for Android

1. Hangouts


Hangouts is nothing but an upgraded version of Google Talk. Yes, Google has changed its popular Google Talk app to Hangouts with a set of advanced features. The app is absolutely user friendly and people love using it on to make video calls and other video hangouts. Hangouts allows you to create a  conference video call for multiple people. If you are working abroad and want to chat with other employees of your company, you can create a conference call and can start organizing a meeting within your PC! You can download it from the following link for your Android.

Download Hangouts for Android

2. Skype


I’m sure you all are very well aware of this software. Skype is world’s most popular video calling tool which is now available for Android and iOS platform as an app. Yes, you can download and install Skype on a respective Android smartphone to start making video calls in full HD resolution to your loved ones and other friends who live abroad. It even allows you to make cheaper landline calls as well. Skype provides great user interface and anyone can easily use this app. It has more features than FaceTime. Download this application from the official Google Play Store’s page now!

Download Skype for Android

3. Viber


Viber is an ultimate Video Calling app allowing you to make free HD Video calls all over the globe. The app works smoothly and its quality changes itself according to the Internet connection. The app allows you to make chats as well. It automatically sync with your contacts list and get you a whole list of contacts which are using Viber. You can easily make video calls by tapping on the camera option on the display. Viber has millions of downloads globally and you too can become one, as it’s for free for iOS and Android. Talking about the quality, Viber does offer the same video quality as FaceTime, however you’d get more options and features than FaceTime in Viber. Go ahead and install it now on a respective Android smartphone or Tablet from the following link!

Download Viber for Android

4. imo Free Video Calls and Chats


imo has becoming one of the most popular video calling app on Android platform. Unlike all the other video calling apps, imo consumes less data and gives you a quality video calls. Just tap on the contact to make an instant video call within this imo app. imo is liked by millions of its fans over the globe. The app works on Wi-Fi or 3G network. It automatically syncs with your contacts list and gives you a full list of contacts who are using the app. Just go to its address book and search for the contact to start a video call. imo Free Video Calls and Chats application is available for free. It has kind of the same user interface as FaceTime. imo works smoothly on any Android device. You can download and install this app from its official Google Play Store’s page from the following link.

Download imo Free Video Calls and Chats for Android

5. LINE Free Calls and Messages


LINE is one of the most interesting communication app. The app serves a list of advance features to get connected with your loved ones. LINE allows you to make free video calls and voice calls over the same network. You can even chat with the people who are using this app. LINE has millions of downloads globally as it serves a decent User Interface for everyone. Anyone can start using this app on a respective Android or iOS smartphone. LINE is famous for its stickers. The app has hundreds of different types of stickers which make the app even more user friendly. You can express anything by using these stickers within the app. The app works on your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. LINE Free Calls and Messages application can be downloaded for free from its official Google Play Store’s page. Here’s the download link!

Download LINE Free Calls and Messages for Android

6. Tango Free Video Call and Chat


Tango allows you to chat and call with the people who matter the most. No matter in which country they live, you still can make an instant video/ voice call to communicate. The app allows you to make free voice and video calls to any phone instantly. You can use a set of additional features while using this app. There’s special games available to try with the people whom you are online with call. You can even send texts, messages, stickers and much more within the app. Isn’t that amazing! You can easily share whatever with the people around the world with this simple app, Tango. Talking about the UI, it has the simplest UI with which one can easy start making video calls within the app. Tango has some complex UI compare to FaceTime, however the app has a number of additional features as well. It’s a great alternative to FaceTime for all the Android users. Tango Free Video Call and Chat application is available for free, you can install it right away from the following official link!

Download Tango Free Video Call and Chat

So folks, these were all the extraordinary alternatives of FaceTime for Android platform. All the above given apps are available for free and compatible with both, Android smartphones and Android Tablets. You are free to download and test any of the above listed apps by clicking on the given download links which will redirect you to the official Google Play Store’s page from where you can easily download and install them. Pick up your favourite one from the list and start making free HD Video calls right away!

If you have any queries or suggestions to put, just drop them into the comments section given below this post. We’d like to hear from you. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates on latest trends!

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FaceTime for Android App Download
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