FaceTime for PC Windows App Free Download (Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 7)


FaceTime was announced only for Apple’s iPhone devices in the year 2010. Basically, FaceTime is an app allows you to make free video calls to Apple Devices. Apple has later introduced this app for Mac OS X as well. If you are a proud Apple user, you can also feel proud about this amazing Video Calling app, FaceTime. That’s all for Apple users, but what about the Windows users? Is there any FaceTime app available for Windows users? Well, if you using a Windows system and looking for the same app, we’ve got something very special for you. Yes, FaceTime for PC Windows App is now available. You can download and install this FaceTime App on Windows PC now. More details are as follows!


Just like every other device, FaceTime comes a preinstalled app on new Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac OSs. For that reason, it’s becoming more popular day by day. FaceTime runs smoothly and it doesn’t ask you to pay for it. As soon as you both have an Apple device, you are free to use this Video Calling app to start video calling right away. Since the popularity of FaceTime increasing, Windows users too have demanded to bring this app for them so that they too can use it to make smooth video calling to their loved ones.

It’s always better to use FaceTime on Windows PC as it allows big screen to see the other person. If you are talking with Family, you could see a whole picture of your Family members in one single frame which is a great thing. Currently, Windows users are using Google Hangouts and Skype applications to make free video calling. However, they all wanted to explore this FaceTime on their Windows PC as well. Honestly, FaceTime is not yet available for Windows system and hence you can’t download or install this application on a Windows PC. However, there are some alternative methods which you can try in order to get FaceTime or like FaceTime app on your Windows PC. We are going to explain everything in brief here.

Since FaceTime is copyrighted by Apple, it is not possible to install and use this application on any other devices. The app was exclusively designed for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which was later introduced for Mac OS X as well. So basically, FaceTime can be used from any Apple devices officially but not on Windows systems. However, there’s a trick which will is made for FaceTime for PC to run FaceTime on PC.

What is FaceTime?

FaceTime is an app which is also known as Videotelephony product which was released in the year 2010 exclusively for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. After a year, Apple has introduced the same app for Mac OS as well. The app was unleashed by the great man, Steve Jobs who was the CEO of the Apple Inc. at that time. The app has become massively popular with millions of its users in just a few days of its launching. Everyone loved this app as it serves the decent and smoothest user interface to make things super easier. It’s for free for all the Apple users. So if you have bought an Apple device, you are free to use this app as it comes as a preinstalled app along with any Apple device.

FaceTime helps you to stay connected with your loved ones. Using this app is pretty simple like 1,2 and go. Just enable FaceTime app from the device and launch it. Tap on a contact and you’re ready to use this app. It works amazingly and gives you the best of video calling functionality on your Apple device which is why people are loving this app so much. For these reasons, Windows users too want to test it on their respective PCs. We have an alternative way to use this app on a Windows PC, but before moving further, let’s catch some of the coolest features of this app. We’ve managed to compiled a list of all the extraordinary features offered by this brilliant video calling app, FaceTime. Just take a look!

Features of FaceTime application

  • FaceTime comes along with any Apple device for free as a Preinstalled App which you can even download and update from the AppStore
  • It offers smoothest user interface for all its users
  • FaceTime is available for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Mac OS X as well
  • It provides better voice and video quality even if you have poor Internet connection
  • FaceTime has a mute button to mute down the Volume of the person so that he can clearly see everything
  • It supports HD Video Calling, however it requires fast Internet connection
  • Blocking feature allows you to block down some users from the list
  • Get a realtime experience to meet and greet your loved ones as if like you both are in front of each other
  • FaceTime works on both the camera, Front Camera and Rear Camera you can switch between them anytime you want
  • A quality webcam is required if you are using FaceTime on Mac to see things in good resolution
  • FaceTime can also handles Video Conferencing for the group of people
  • Make video conference with multiple Apple users at the same time
  • The app will not ask you to setup things again, it will be there and waiting for just a few steps

So folks, these were all the features behind the popularity of this video calling facility from the Apple Inc. The FaceTime app has got millions of users who love to use this app instead of making voice calls. After all, it is there for free and fun to use app. Let’s get on to the tutorial which will guide us to install and run FaceTime on Windows PC.

FaceTime for PC – System Requirements

  • Windows Xp/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1
  • Single Core CPU
  • Upto 2 GB RAM
  • Proper WebCam to make Video Calling
  • Microphone or Headset to talk
  • Proper Internet Connection to handle Video calls

As you know, FaceTime offers the best of Video calling facility with which one can stay connected with their loved ones, now can use this excellent app on a respective Windows systems. You can get to know about installing this app on a respective Windows system by following the below given steps.

Note : Following procedure is just to make show the demonstration of FaceTime app for Windows users. It is not an official way to get this app installed and make it to work. You can follow the steps to proceed further with the given step by step tutorial. Make sure you have fulfilled the above requirements to install this app on your system. Once you are confirmed, you can start following the steps given below.

FaceTime for PC Windows App Free Download

Step 1 :

If you want to run any smartphone app on a PC, you have to have an Android Emulator installed on your system. It enables you to explore a whole new smartphone environment on your system. Once you have installed an Android Emulator, you will be able to use plenty of smartphone apps on your Windows/ Mac system within the Emulator. FaceTime also requires an Android Emulator on your system. If you are not aware about the Emulator, kindly follow below mentioned steps and get Android Emulator for your Windows system.


Download Bluestacks Emulator for Windows Systems 

Step 2 :

In order to install Bluestacks Emulator on a respective Windows system, all you need to do is just click above mentioned Download button once. You’ll be presented a new webpage from where you can get all information about the Emulator. After that, just hit the Download button to get Installation file of the Emulator.

Step 3 :

Now, double click on the installation file to start the installation process. You have to follow all basic instructions well. Soon, Bluestacks Emulator will be installed on your system. You can launch it from the Apps menu of your PC. Initially, it will be loading like the following image on your desktop.


Step 4 :

Once the Emulator is installed, you can see a number of apps and games options on the front page.


Step 5 :

Now, you have to download an additional APK file of FaceTime app for your Windows PC. In order to download FaceTime APK file, just follow below given download link now.

Download FaceTime APK for Windows PC

Step 6 :

Hit the above link, an APK file of FaceTime app will be downloaded to your system.

facetime-for-windows-5 facetime-for-windows-4 facetime-for-windows-3

Step 7 :

Now, double click on the APK file of FaceTime app. It will be installed on your Windows system. You could see it like the following images on your system.

Step 8 :

Once you are done with it, you could see an additional app which is downloading FaceTime app on your Emulator. Wait until the process is done. Soon, FaceTime app will be installed on your system. You can start using it by selecting the Open button on your system. Apart from that, you can even relaunch your Emulator and can select the icon of FaceTime to see the details of the app and how to use it tutorials.

So folks, this is how you can download and install FaceTime app on Windows PC. As you know, FaceTime is copyrighted by Apple and there is no way to install or use this app on any other systems. FaceTime is designed only for Apple products and will work on them only. The above process is just a demonstration to use FaceTime and other details of the app. If you are badly looking for a way to make smooth video calls without the FaceTime app, there are plenty of options available. Yes, you have to go with the available alternatives to this app.

Best 5 Alternatives to FaceTime for Windows PCs

In this competitive technology world, there are plenty of ways to get many of your routine tasks done. When it comes to cloud storage, there are many options available. Same with the Video Calling apps, there are a number of amazing and of course, popular Video Calling apps available in the market with which you can instantly make video calls to your loved ones without wasting your time or money. You are just a few taps away to see your loved one by using these best alternatives to FaceTime app. Yes, these apps can be installed on your Windows system using the same steps mentioned above. We’ll be listing all the features and useful details of these apps here.

1. Skype


Everyone knows how amazing Skype is! When it comes to video calling, Skype comes first. As you know, Skype is the oldest service which is still at the top of the best video calling services in the world. People love this platform which is available for almost all types of systems. Skype is available for Windows and Mac Platforms for their respective Apps. It is also available for Android and iOS smartphone platforms. The best thing of this app is it is available for absolutely free. It doesn’t ask you to pay anything to make free HD Video calls to people around the world. You can even start text chatting with the saved contacts with hundreds of amazing smileys and more.

Skype has been upgrading with newer versions and a set of new features to bring the best of video calling for everyone. Skype integrates with your phone’s contacts list and can now update it with it. You don’t even need to add contacts manually, the system will get a contacts list itself so you can start video calling or text chatting instantly once you install this app. Skype offers different services, it’s basic account is for free which allows you to make one-on-one video calls from around the world. If you want to make voice calls, it offers cheapest services as well. So almost everything is included in the Skype when it comes to communicating with the people.

2. Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is one of the most popular and innovative app to make video calls to the people around the World. The app is open for all devices running on an Android OS. Since it’s a Google product, Android users are loving this app as it runs smoothly and offers the best and quality video callings for absolutely free of cost. With Video Calling, you can do many more things. Google Hangouts is linked with your Google ID or we can say your Gmail account. It sync with all of your devices.

Google Hangouts is not just made for Android devices but you can easily use this app on your Windows or Mac systems. The app has replaced all the other video calling apps with its great services. You can even chat, can create conference, can give live lecture or live screen sharing, everything is there and just a couple of steps aways. Isn’t that great! Google Hangouts is a light weight app and runs smoothly without any interruptions and it gives you the power to make HD video calling as well. If you are looking for an app to make free videos calls, Google Hangouts is the best choice you can get. Grab it now!

3. Viber


I think you all are well aware about this app, Viber. Viber is one of the best app for video callings. Viber is just like Skype, an old communication app which is still there on millions of its users’ phones. Since the technology market has becoming more competitive, Viber has also been upgrading and offering new features to all the existing and upcoming users of it. Viber is available for PC and Smartphone platforms. The app is open for all and anyone can easily start using it as it costs nothing. With its decent user interface, people are loving this app.

Viber is there to provide the best of communication for everyone. With Viber, you can make free HD Video calls, Free voice calls, free chatting. This is not just done, you can even play Games with your friends using Viber. Yes, Viber has been upgraded with plenty of amazing features to stand ahead. The app allows you to make group chat, create a group and add upto 200 members to that group. It’s a great way to invite people at the same time. Just to make your chatting more interesting, it has hundreds of amazingly designed animated stickers inside. The most useful feature you would like of this app is you can even delete messages which are being sent. Yes, if you accidentally sent wrong messages, you can instantly delete them. The app doesn’t even require any sign up or registration process. Just enter your phone number and activate your account by confirming the pin code. You can delete and can activate your account anytime you want. Users can even set privacy to chat with certain number of people. You can customize plenty of other things within the app to make your communication hassle free.

4. ICQ Video Calls


ICQ is an instant messaging app with free video calls. If you are looking for a new IM which can handle up video callings, ICQ Video Calls is the best app you can get for free. The app is widely popular over the globe as it has a set of useful features to make a hassle free communication over different devices. The app works on good speed Internet connection. The app is best at HD Video calling at lowest data usage. You can easily make HD video calling within this app. It even allows you free International calls using 3G, 4G LTE or your Wi-Fi connections. Free texting to anyone, use hundreds of stickers to make your chatting memorable one.

ICQ is also good at sending video messages. You can easily record a video and can send it instantly within the app. You can even create group chat to start group chatting with your favourite group of buddies. It’s a great way to stay connected with your loved ones. The app can easily sync with your other devices and keeps your history and contacts in all devices. Most importantly, ICQ Video Calls is available for free.

5. ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice


ooVoo is simple and smoothest way to make free video calls over the globe. The app has got a number of advance features to make communication better by starting video calls, video chats, text chatting, voice calling and much more. The app even allows group video calling to keep your friends and family closed to eachother. You can even see all of the faces right on your screen if you make group video call within this app.

Additionally, ooVoo’s in-built free message service allows you to share texts, photos, videos and more. You can setup your personal profile with your own avatar to start using the app. The other users will see the profile you set here with the given avatar. You can share your best moments on any device at anytime. The app is available on all the platforms and keeps everything synced so that you don’t need to create new accounts for other devices. ooVoo has its own ooVoo store from where we can buy things which are suitable for our profile. So forget everything and start using this amazingly designed communication app, ooVoo. The app is available for free and you can easily start using it as it has a decent user interface for everyone.

So folks, these were all the best alternatives to FaceTime application. You can use these apps on other devices to make free video calls and can use other services which are there for free. You don’t even need to pay anything to use these apps. Just download the app and start using it to keep your loved ones connected.

What’s your take on this? Which Video Calling app are you currently using? Share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. We’d be happy to receive feedbacks from you guys. Your suggestions are also welcomed. Stay tuned for more such useful tips on the latest technology trends.

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