How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files, Images and Videos in Windows 10


One of the most common question that almost all the Windows users are asking about removing duplicate files, images and videos. Recently, Microsoft released its latest Operating System in the market with Windows 10. If you have already upgraded your current OS to Windows 10 and looking for a way to find and remove duplicate files, images and videos, here’s a tutorial to help you out with this, so you can find and remove all the files which are not needed anymore. 

Windows 10 comes with a whole new user interface which is getting mix reviews from the users from around the world. It offers kind of the most advanced features to explore the web world well. In order to find and remove files, videos, images and other documents which are similar, Windows offers a variety of software to find and remove those items easily. Here, we will guide you use these different software in your current Windows 10 PC.

Since, there are a number of useful software available to get rid of this double files issue, it is mandatory to go with the most efficient software which is liked by almost all the users of it. You have to choose the best software which is available with the most decent user interface so you can easily find out the files and remove them instantly from your system. Let’s start with the popular software from here.

Using CCleaner Software

CCeaner is one of the most popular and trusted software which is available for Windows, and Smartphones. It is by far the best software to remove unwanted files and memory from your device. It works automatically and free up space in your system so your system can work properly. There are many reasons why your system is not working properly and such unwanted files is the main reason behind it. So, to run your PC smoothly and to free up memory space in your system, you should start using this software in your system.

If you are not familiar with CCleaner software, here’s a step by step to install it and how you can find and remove duplicate files, images, videos from your Windows 10 OS. A complete useful guidelines are given below.

Step 1 :

Make sure to download and install CCleaner software in your system first. If you are not aware about the process of downloading this software, you can get it from the following link. CCleaner software is available for free and you can install it right away on your system.

Download CCleaner for Windows 

Note : CCleaner software is available with its Free trial version and a Pro version. If you are just using it for the first time, you can go with its free trial version. Once you are completely satisfied with it, you can go with the Pro version of this software for your Windows PC.

Step 2 :

Once you download the software, just double click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.

Step 3 :

You have to go through the basic instructions while installing this software in your system. Kindly follow all the instructions wisely and soon, the software will be installed on your system.

Step 4 :

After this, go to the Apps menu or Start Menu and click on the icon of this software to launch it out.

Step 5 :

From the left sidebar, you would see a number of options from which you need to select the Tools option.

Step 6 :

Here you could see a few useful tools which are bundled with this software. From the available tools, you need to select the Duplicate Finder tool.

Step 7 :

The tool will be presented with a few options. You need to check all the options and then start scanning your system with it.

Step 8 :

You can choose the entire system or a particular folder to scan for the duplicate files. Make sure to hit the Search button at the end.

Step 9 :

After a few seconds, the system will show you all the duplicate files which are available in that particular folder.

Step 10 :

If you want to delete the duplicate files, just select them from here and then hit the Delete Selected button.

So guys, this is how you can find and remove duplicate files, images, videos and other documents from your Windows Operating System. The Software works smartly and gives you a lot of options to keep your PC clean from unwanted files.

As you know, there is not just one software available to do so, you can find out a number of such useful software for your Windows system. Software like, Duplicate Files Finder, Easy Duplicate Finder and many other software are available to help you find duplicate files which are stored in your system. Let’s learn a few things about these software one by one so you can even test them out in your system as well.

Duplicate Files Finder is a lightweight tool which is compatible with almost all types of Windows systems. It also works on the latest Windows 10 Operating System. The software serve a decent user interface and runs very faster. It doesn’t require much time to setup things, just install it and start making use of this software right away. You can download this software for your Windows PC from here.

Easy Duplicate Finder is yet another software to scan and find out unwanted files from your system. It will find duplicate files such as mp3, videos, images, documents and much more. You can manage plenty of things within this software easily as it serves simple user interface so that anyone can start using this software on a respective Windows system. It runs smoothly on your Windows PC and gives you the best options to manage files easily. You can download this software from here.

If you use Internet the most, it is mandatory for you to use a proper antivirus software. You can find out the best anti virus software for your Windows systems from here to keep your Windows system secured from unwanted virus and malware attacks.

So folks, this is how you can find and remove files from your Windows PC by using a number of software. These are the popular software which are available with their free trial versions to test them out in your Windows systems. If you find shortcut virus in your Windows system which create unnecessary files in your system, you can easily get them removed by following simple steps.

What’s your take on this? Which software did you like the most? Are you already using one? Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, let us know in the comments given below this post. We would definitely provide you a proper solution to your queries. For more such updates, stay tuned with us.

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files, Images and Videos in Windows 10
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