How to Fix Instagram Error “An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred”


Instagram is world’s most popular and largest photo sharing app designed for all types of smartphone platforms. People are addicted to this app as the app allows them to show off their hidden talent to make people envy. Well, it is perfectly fine to use this network to share photos, however many of the users who tries to login to their Instagram app have come across with an error “An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred”. If you are also getting the same error, here we are with a solution to fix this error. 

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How to Fix Instagram Error “An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred”

Method 1 : 

One of the simplest way to get rid of such common errors is by restarting your device. Yes, you can Restart your device by pressing the Power button and check if the error is gone. If the error is still persist, move on to the second solution.

Method 2 :

Check for your Internet Connection now. If you are not connected with the Internet, you might get such error. So before moving on to any further, make sure the Internet which is connected to your device is working properly. You can check it by opening other apps. If the error is still there, move on to the next solution.

Method 3 :

Step 1 :

Go to Apps menu and select the Setting option.

Step 2 :

Now, select Apps or Applications or Application Manager from the Settings option.

Step 3 :

Select the Instagram app from the available apps.

Step 4 :

On this page, you could see cache and data options. You need to clear the cache and data from here by selecting them one by one.

Step 5 :

Once it is done, restart your device and check it once again.

If you are still getting the same error, move on to the next solution.

Method 4 :

Update your app or reinstall it back from the Play Store. This is the best solution you can try if all of the above methods don’t go well with you. Go to the Play Store’s official page of Instagram app where you could see Update option if there is any update available. If there is an update, hit the Update button and let the app gets updated itself. If there is no any update, hit the Uninstall button and remove the app completely from the device. Go back and Install a new fresh Instagram app.

Enter your Username and Password and you’ll be done with the error. You will no longer see or get any such errors while logging in.

Did you find the above methods helpful? If you have any other solutions to this, kindly let us know. We’d be happy to put the solution here so it can be helpful for others as well.


How to Fix Instagram Error “An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred”
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