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Being a Mac user, I always try to learn something new on my Mac! But what if I don’t know some of the coolest features of my Mac? What if I can’t use them when needed? Well, we are offering some of the coolest ways with which you can Force Quit Mac’s applications which are not responding. Many a times, some of the applications stop responding due to some reasons and you can’t do anything with it. For that, you have to force quit those apps and can launch them back instantly. There are a number of ways to force quit an app on Mac and we have mentioned all of them here. Just follow below given methods to force quit an app. 

Force Quit Mac – Tutorial 1

Press Command+Option+Escape buttons simultaneously. Make sure to do it perfectly and you’ll see a Pop up window with all the running apps on your Mac. You can easily choose a particular app from the list and click the Force Quit button.

Force Quit Mac – Tutorial 2

Force Quit Mac 3
You can even force quite apps from the Dock of your Mac! All the apps which are being running on your Mac can be seen in the dock. You just need to right click on that particular app and select Force Quit option from there!

Force Quit Mac – Tutorial 3

Force Quit Mac 2

Go to the Apple’s icon given at the left upper side of the Mac. A scroll down menu will appear, you just need to click Force Quit option from there. A pop window will be appeared with all the current apps, select a particular app and click Force Quit button from there!

Force Quit Mac – Tutorial 4

Force Quit Mac 1

By using Activity monitor of your Mac. Go to your Applications folder and select Activity Monitor option. You could see a list of all the apps which are still running on your system. Just click the app and select Force Quit option.

So folks, these were all the possible ways with which you can easily Force Quit a particular app which is not responding well. Just force quit it and relaunch it back to make proper use of it. If you know any other way to do so, just let us know by using the comment section given below this post. We’d definitely like to add that to this list!

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Force Quit Mac – Tutorial
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