Free Music Downloads for Android – Best Free Music Downloader App


Music is a real drug for almost everyone. People do own a smartphone not just to make voice calls and playing games, there are people who always like listening to their favourite music on it. Just plug an earphone and you’re done. If you are stress or in the gym or at any special occasion, Music comes first. When it comes to music, how can we forget the apps to download free music instantly! As soon as you are using an Android device, there are plenty of apps available to download music instantly. Get the best free music downloader apps for Android from the following list! 


There are a number of different kinds of music available for different people. Everyone has their own taste of music for different occasions. One can easily get rid of this world by listening to the music they like. Music plays an important role in an individual’s life and for the very same reason, one must have to keep a huge list of tracks to their respective smartphones. Here, we are presenting you a complete list of best free music downloader apps for your Android smartphone. Just install proper apps and start downloading your favourite music on the go. It doesn’t ask you to pay anything, all you have to do is just install any of the given app by getting proper knowledge, start downloading your much needed music.

Free Music Downloads for Android – Best Free Music Downloader App

1. 4Shared Music


Everyone knows about this popular music app, 4Shared Music. The app has millions of downloads as it serves the simplest User Interface which can be easily used by anyone. The app allows you to download and stream any kind of music you want for free. First listen to your music and then proceed to download it. The app lets you even search for your favourite music online. Just tap on the search field and enter word there, hit Search button to search for the music. You can filter your search by title, artists or a combine music.

Downloading music is as easy as simple. In order to download the required music, just tap and hold on the title. A new menu will be appeared with four different options, Play-Add to playlist- Download – Report abuse. You can tap the Download button to get the requested file. This is not just done, go and create your own playlist and manage it. You can even listening to music within the playlist. You don’t need to search for your music again and again. 4Shared Music application is available for free and you can download it from the following link.

Download 4Shared Music for Android

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is an official Music Player app offered by Google. The app comes a pre-installed one in many Android devices to play and to listening to music online. Google Play Music has over 35 million songs to play. The app is quite impressive as it doesn’t ask you for anything, just add your favourite songs to listen. The app allows you to add up to 50000 different songs at a time so that you can listen to them offline without any kind of Internet connection. Some songs and tracks are not available for free, however you can still get plenty of them to download for free. It even allows you to create your playlists and can manage them. Download this app for free just by clicking on the link given below!

Download Google Play Music for Android

3. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is an advanced and powerful download manager app allowing you to download three files simultaneously. Download files with higher speed with the use of multithreading technology. Interception of links from android browsers and clipboard. Special download manager to download, resume and remove files. Loader not only for music, you can even download videos, photos and much more. Make proper settings to your app which can only download files while your device is connected with WiFi. User can even change download speed according to the ease of your Internet connection. The app offers light material design to manage different things wisely. Following link will take you to its direct download page of Google Play Store.

Download Advanced Download Manager for Android

4. Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads is world’s most popular music downloader app for Android smartphones and tablets. The app lets you allow to search, download and listen songs that are licensed, you can listen to such songs for free within this app. You can even download these types of songs. Using this app is as easy as simple. Just go to the Download tab and tap on the Search field. You can start entering your song and can start downloading them once you get proper search results.

The app itself creates a download folder on your SD card. You can get all songs downloaded from here. User can directly start playing songs within this app with an in-built music player. The app is available for free and you can easily install it on a respective Android smartphone just by clicking on the link given below.

Download Free Mp3 Downloads for Android

5. RockMyRun


If you are fitness model or love to workout a lot, you might be missing some of the popular motivational workout music. RockyMyRun is a music app specially designed for the people who sweat a lot in the gym. The app works with the best DJs around the world where you can get plenty of songs and tracks to boost your energy. The app offers a list of popular DJs and other artists to pick up. The app is being featured in many popular magazines and newspapers for the tremendous UI for everyone. RockyMyRun is absolutely for free and anyone can easily install it on their respective devices from its official Google Play Store’s link which is given below. Just hit the download link and get the app installed in a couple of minutes!
Free Music Downloads for Android – Best Free Music Downloader App
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