Google Play Store Not Working – No Connection Error Fix


Google Play Store is a place where you can find out your favourite apps and games to run on your Android. The place is having millions of apps and games to be installed. Using Google Play Store is pretty easy and anyone can easily connect with it by entering a proper Gmail account. Yes, Google Play Store works with a Gmail account and offers the best of service to its users. Apart from this, sometimes it shows “No Connection, Retry” error while surfing the Play Store. If you too are getting the same error and know how you can fix Google Play Store Not Working error just by following the below given tutorial. 

Google Play Not Working

There is no any specific reason why you are getting such an error, however you can still take further steps to resolve it instantly. Following are all the possible ways with which you can resolve this error to your Google Play Store’s account.

Google Play Store Not Working – No Connection Error Fix

Method 1 : By Clearing Google Play Store Cache memory

In order to clear Cache memory of Google Play Store app, just go to the Settings menu of your device and select Apps Manager from it. Search for Google Play Store’s option and tap it out. You’ll see a couple of useful options including Clear cache, tap it out and clear the cache memory of this Play Store app.

Method 2 : Reset Date and Time of your phone/ tablet

If your phone or tablet is not updated properly, just reset current date and time of your device by following below given steps.

Go to  : Settings >> Date & Time

Check automatic date and time option or you can even set date and time manually as well.

Method 3 : Re-Login to your Google Account

Try to re-login to your Google Account back by logging it out from the Play Store. Go to Google Play Store’s page and tap at the top left side, you would see an option Logout. Just tap it out, log it out and enter your Google Account back. You can even use an alternative Email Id as well.

Method 4 : By Uninstalling Updates from the Device

Google Play updates itself without the user’s permission. If your phone is connected with Wi-Fi connection, all the apps and games will be updated without your permission. In order to stop it, just go to the Settings option and select App Manager from it. Go to the Play Store’s page and tap on Uninstall Updates option from there. The recent update will be removed from your device.

Method 5 : Factory Reset your Phone

This is the last method you can try in order to resolve the error. Before resetting your phone or tablet, make sure to have a proper backup of your device well.

Go to  : Settings>> Backup & Reset and then tap Factory Date Reset option.

Your device will be reset itself after a few minutes. You need to setup your device back by entering a Google account and other required information to use it back!

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Google Play Store Not Working – No Connection Error Fix
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