How much is Amazon Prime – Membership Cost and Benefits


Amazon Prime is an access to the world of Amazon’s hub where you can see movies, TV Series and much more. It helps you to stream out new movies and other TV Series as well. This is not just done, there are special Amazon deals, music, e-books are available to be explored within this special package of Amazon Prime. Initially, Amazon offers 30 days free trial period to access Amazon Prime, after that you have to take membership of it to keep the services on! Today we are going to answer about a much asked question, how much is Amazon prime? Its membership cost and benefits. Keep on reading! 

Amazon Prime

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon offers Amazon Prime’s trial for first 30 days for free. You don’t have to pay anything to access Amazon Prime for first thirty days. After that, you have to take a membership of Amazon. It costs $99 per year. By taking this membership, you’ll get plenty of advantages such as free two day shipping of special items, unlimited streaming of videos, movies, TV series and much more. Additionally, we have enlisted a few useful benefits of this membership of Amazon Prime here. Just follow below given list to know how does it actually costs!

Key Benefits of Amazon Prime

1. With Prime Instant Video user can stream out unlimited videos and movies.

2. Free Kindle Lending Library to get free e-book every month. User will also get a link to download free e-books every month.

3. With Prime Music feature, you can explore unlimited music within the app. User can even listen to their favourite songs from a list of over million songs.

4. Get early access to lightening deals of best products at Amazon.

5. With Prime Photos, you can secure your photos and can store them within the cloud. Amazon Prime offers a Cloud Drive where you can store your personal photos. You can access this drive from your PC and your device as well.

6. Buy Amazon elements easily with just a few clicks.

7. User can purchase low priced home furnishing and grocery easily!

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How much is Amazon Prime – Membership Cost and Benefits
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