How to Cartoon Yourself


Ever wondered how would you look in Cartoon? Ever thought of making yourself a Cartoon? Well, if you want to know how to cartoon yourself, here’s the answer. We have prepared a tutorial which will guide you creating your own cartoon in a few steps. Yes, all you need to do is just follow a few simple steps and you’re done. Following guidelines will help you to create an instant Cartoon of yourself online. Take a look!

Note : There are a number of different apps and other software available in the market to get a Cartoon of yourself. However, we can instantly create a Cartoon of anything just by following a few steps which is given below. The process needs a good internet connection to go through the steps.

How to Cartoon Yourself

Step 1 :

First, go to your browser’s address bar and enter You can follow below given link which will directly take you to the official website of

Go to

Step 2 :

On the homepage, you could see an option to purchase this software. However, you can easily create an online Cartoon of a particular photo. You could see an option, Online Cartoonizer Demo at the left side. Kindly select Upload an image option from there.

Cartoon Yourself 1

Step 3 :

A new Window will be appeared there and you’ll be asked to select a photo. Kindly select a Photo to create a Cartoon.

Step 4 : 

It will take a couple of minutes to load the image, you could see different options to create your own cartoon. Kindly select an option from the given list.

Cartoon Yourself 3

Cartoon Yourself 4

Step 5 :

Now, at the upper side, you could see a number of options from which you can add various effects on the photo. You can add different smiles, eyes and much more to make your Cartoon even more impressive.

Cartoon Yourself 5

Step 6 :

Once you are done with the editing, just scroll down a bit and you’d see a Generate option there. Select Generate option to download an image.

Cartoon Yourself 6

Cartoon Yourself 7

Cartoon Yourself 8

Step 7 :

Once the image downloaded, click on it once and it will be launched on your desktop.

Cartoon Yourself 9 Cartoon Yourself 10 Cartoon Yourself 11

So folks, this is how you can Cartoon yourself. It’s an easy process. Isn’t it? Well, you just need to follow a few simple steps which is already mentioned above. Go out and start generating your own Cartoon right now!

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How to Cartoon Yourself
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