How to Export Chrome Passwords – The Fastest Way!


Google Chrome is world’s most popular web browser which is available for various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS etc. Google Chrome offers plenty of functions to enhance the user interface. You can quickly do a variety of tasks within the Chrome browser which is why people do like to use Google Chrome to surf the web. If you are using Google Chrome, you can export your Chrome Passwords easily. Today, we will guide you to Export chrome Password instantly from the Google Chrome web browser. 

With Google Chrome browser, you can import bookmarks, browsing history and other data from various browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other. However, the browser doesn’t allow users to export passwords easily. There is no such option to export Chrome Password to a certain folder. However, there is a trick with which you can easily Export Chrome Passwords to your computer.

Since, Google Chrome has its own webstore to download and install various useful extensions, you can get the LastPass extension in order to know the password which you have used last time for that particular website or application within the Chrome browser. But again, what if you want to Export all of your Chrome Passwords to your PC? If you are looking for a way to export Chrome Password, following steps will guide you to do so.

Technology has changed everything and we all are using various devices to explore the world wide web. You can do pretty much anything sitting in your room by making the use of various websites. You can recharge your phone, can purchase anything or can book tickets easily. Each of the websites need your password and username to let you enter. You have to register yourself to a particular websites to make use of such websites. It is hard to remember all of your passwords and for that, it is a good thing if you keep a copy of your Chrome Password along.

In order to backup your Google Chrome Passwords to save your life from hard processes, there is no any default option available on the Chrome browser. However, Google Flags can help you out importing and exporting all the passwords that are stored in your Google Chrome. It’s an easy process and can be considered as life saving tricks. Not everyone is able to get this trick, you can consider yourself a lucky one if you are here. Following steps will guide you Export Chrome Passwords instantly.

Basically, there are two methods with which you can export Chrome Passwords. The easiest and free method which doesn’t require any additional tools and software is by using Google Flags. The other method requires an additional tool to export files in different file extensions. Here we have enlisted both the ways which you can try out in order to Export Chrome Password to your PC. Let’s get on to the first method.

Note : In order to move with the tutorial, first you have to make sure that the Google Chrome web browser in your PC is up to date. If not, kindly go to the official store and get this Web browser app updated from there. Once you are confirmed with it, you can move ahead on to the steps given below.

How to Export Chrome Passwords

Method 1 : By using Google Flags

Step 1 :

First, go to your your desktop and launch Google Chrome Web browser by clicking on its icon.

Step 2 :

Go to the Address bar and launch Google Flags. You can copy and paste the following address to your Google Chrome’s Address bar to launch it.


Step 3 :

Now, you have to find out Google Chrome’s Password Import and Export option. Search for this option by opening the Search box with Control+ F or Command+F option.

Step 4 :

You could see this option into the Google Flags page. By default, this service set as default option.

Step 5 :

Click on the default button and you could see enable option. Click on to the Enable option to set this feature enabled.

Step 6 :

Scroll down and you would see a new Blue button with Relaunch Now option. To make changes to your Google Chrome browser, you have to relaunch it once.

Step 7 :

After this, go to the following path on your Chrome browser to Export passwords instantly.


Step 8 :

You could see two options here, Import and Export. In order to Export Chrome Passwords, you just need to select Export button from here. If you want to Import previously saved password, just select the Import button.

Step 9 :

In order to make this work, you have to enter your Windows or Mac password as the system will ask for your permission to do so.

Step 10 :

Once you enter your Password, the file will be exported and you will be able to get all the passwords.

This is how you can easily Export Chrome Passwords from Google Chrome browser to your PC. This process doesn’t require any tool or software. You can easily export your Chrome Passwords by following above mentioned simple steps.

Now, if you find the above tutorial messy and don’t want to go with this, there’s a free tool available for Windows users to get a copy of your passwords as backup or export. So following steps will help you out making this tool work on your PC.

Method 2 : By using additional Software

Step 1 :

Download ChromePass tool which is available for absolutely free for Windows users. If you have been using a Windows PC, download this software from the following link to your PC.

Download ChromePass Tool 

Step 2 :

Click on the above mentioned Download link to get the ChromePass software downloaded for your system.

Step 3 :

Once downloaded, you have to install it to your system by following simple instructions.

Step 4 :

Now, extract the downloaded Zip file from the Chrome browser.

Step 5 :

Launch ChromePass tool and you would be able to see all the Passwords that you have used in different websites and applications.

This is how you can Export Chrome Passwords from your Google Chrome Browser with the help of this tool. This free tool allows users to export passwords in different file formats so it is more useful than the free Google Flags way if you are using a Windows PC. This tool allows you to select the items and then you can save them into an HTML/XML/Text file or copy them to the clipboard as per your choice.

If you’ve been using Google Chrome web browser for a long time, you would be very well aware about the other services which you can use for free like its free extensions. You can set Google as your default page on any browser to launch Google as the home page. You can even delete your web history easily by following a few simple steps. Furthermore, you can check out the list of Google Flags to help you out with such useful ways. And one more thing, you can get rid of common errors of connection in your Chrome browser easily. We are here to provide you the best of solution to your queries.

What’s your take on this? Do you know any other way to Export Chrome Passwords, if yes, then do share it with us in the comments section given below this post. Stay tuned with us for more such useful updates.

How to Export Chrome Passwords – The Fastest Way!
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