How to Get HBO Go without Cable


HBO Go is a premium cable channel has started a new service where you can buy full HBO subscriptions without having to pay for cable connection. Recently, HBO has introduced its biggest premier with a new series of Game of Thrones and this subscription is for all the new subscribers out there. Get to know how you can get HBO Go without Cable by following the report! Keep on reading!


The premium channel in America HBO has announced its online streaming service where you don’t have to subscribe for any cable network. Users can easily access all movies and TV Shows without the cable subscription. That’s what HBO’s CEO has spoken up in the recent launch event. Currently, this service is only available for a couple of regions in America, however the other regions will soon get this service.

The service will be available in two different ways. User can add the much needed channels to their current plan or he can select a plan to stream videos and movies online just like Netflix. Talking about the current time, HBO Go is available in Norway only. And to subscribe for it, you have to sign up for it from your current region. It will ask you to choose a package from the two given ones. You can then make proper use of all of your favourite TV Channels, movies and TV shows without a Cable subscription.

Of course, this announcements of HBO will cut down the number of users of Netflix for sure, however Netflix will soon be announced its new Membership plans for its regular users. Meanwhile, just hope for the best from the technology world!

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How to Get HBO Go without Cable
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