How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed (Tips & Tricks)


Torrents are a great way to get anything from the Internet. If you are someone who love to download stuffs from the Internet, you might have been using the Torrents files. To download different types of Torrent files you have to download and install an additional software to handle your Torrent files. uTorrent, BitTorrent are the most popular Torrent downloads software available in the technology market. Both the software allows users to download all types of Torrent files with an ease of their knowledge. However, many of the uTorrent users have encountered a slow downloading issue on their respective software. Well, there’s a couple of tricks which you can try to increase uTorrent Download Speed. We have enlisted all the possible ways with useful tips and tricks to increase the speed of the uTorrent software. Keep on reading! 


Since uTorrent is world’s best Torrent downloader software, there are a lot of functionalities available inside which you can use as tweaks to increase the overall performance of it. If you’ve been facing issues while downloading big torrent files through the uTorrent software, you can go with the following tips and tricks to increase its downloading speed right away. All you have to do is just follow some basic tips while downloading any Torrent files. Before downloading a file, you should make proper changes to your uTorrent software and you’ll be having a faster downloading speed.

How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

1.Kindly Test your Internet Connection Speed

First thing you should need to know is your Downloading speed. Go to the site to check your current Internet speed. You have to send a ping by selecting an option and you could see exact speed of your Internet connection from there. You can try for testing the speed for up to 3 to 5 times. Take an average from the available results which will give you the exact Internet speed.

2. Manually adjust upload speed

In order to adjust the upload speed from the uTorrent, make sure you setup the upload speed as low as possible which consumes less amount of memory while downloading a torrent file from the uTorrent Software itself. You can adjust upload speed by following this.

  • Go to Options and then select Setup Guide from there
  • Click the Upload Speed from there. A drop down menu will be presented to you
  • Make sure to select as soon as possible

3. Manually Adjust Bandwidth Speed

You can even set and adjust Bandwidth speed of your connection to get the maximum speed to download the Torrent files from the uTorrent software. Just follow the below guidelines to setup and adjust the Bandwidth speed.

  • Set MUR to 10 to 15 – MUR stands for Maximum Upload Rate
  • Set MDR to 1800 – MDR Stands for Maximum Download Rate
  • Set the Global Maximum Numbers of Connections to 2329
  • Set connected peers numbers from 250 to 300. Don’t go above 300
  • Maximum upload slots per torrent should be 14

Once yo setup above things properly, kindly select Apply button and then Ok button to adjust it up.

4. Change Advanced Settings of your uTorrent

You can even go further for the Advanced Settings on your uTorrent . In order to do so, just follow below given steps and follow the guidelines given there.

  • Go to Options section and then select Preferences option
  • Scroll down the menu and select bt.connect_speed option. Set the value to 80
  • Scroll down again and then net.max_halfopen option. Set the value to 100

Once you select proper options, make sure to select the Apply button.

5. Adjust Connection Option

  • Make sure to adjust the Connection option as well from the uTorrent.
  • Go to Options and then select Preferences option.
  • Click on Connection option from here.
  • From here check the box and enable UPnP port mapping.

By doing so, the downloading seeds with work directly with the files without any types of Firewalls.

6. Adjust Queuing Option

Set the queuing of the files which you are downloading from the uTorrent Software. Make sure you are all set with the Queuing of your files, you can change it by updating this.

  • Go to Options section and then Preferences option
  • Select Queuing from here
  • Set your maximum download files to 1

Once you set it up to 1 file, hit the Apply button and then Ok to save all the settings which you have made

These were all the changes which you need to make before downloading any torrent files from your PC. If you have set up above mentioned things properly, you will get maximum speed out of your current Internet connection. To get you more of the same, a list of additional tips are also enlisted below. Kindly follow this list as well.

Additional Tips & Tricks

To ensure maximum connectivity with your Internet connection, try connecting it directly to your Wi-Fi modem or Router to get the maximum speed

  • Make sure there is no other files downloading on your system
  • Try downloading files when you are not using the Internet for surfing other websites
  • Concern with your ISP because some of the ISPs set up the Torrents speed low by default
  • Check for updates regularly, if your software it not upgraded, kindly upgrade it now

Make sure you follow all of the above mentioned tips and tricks and you’ll surely get maximum downloading speed from the uTorrent software. Try make changes to it right now and get all of your files downloaded right away!

What’s your take on this? Have you ever heard about these tips and tricks yet? Do share your thoughts on this. You can even share your experiences if you have made proper changes with your uTorrent software to get the maximum downloading speed. Meanwhile, if you have any further queries or questions to ask, let us know in the comments given below this post. We’d be happy to assist you with everything. Stay tuned for more such useful updates in the coming time.

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How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed (Tips & Tricks)
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