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YouTube is world’s largest online streaming service which offers a variety of video functioning to all of its users. YouTube has a whooping over 4 billion searches everyday. You’ll be surprised to know that over 1 billion searches of YouTube come from mobile devices. Yes, you heard that right. Since YouTube has its own YouTube app for Android and iOS platforms, people love using it when they do not have a PC around. You can get the same user interface with more flexibility to use YouTube on a smartphone. Did you know you can play YouTube in Background on Android? Yes, if you are using an Android smartphone, you can now Play YouTube in Background on Android. More details about the process is given below, take a look!

YouTube in Background

Technology and its inventions are taking the World by storm. We are blessed with technology and gadgets to simplify our daily routines. We have use Tech devices for various things and with them, we can get many of our routine tasks done. You don’t need to have a companion around as soon as you are using a smartphone. With a decent Android device, you have a list of useful apps which can be used on a daily needs. You can start your day with these set of apps easily. Apart from this, when it comes to entertainment, YouTube comes first. YouTube offers all types of videos for your needs. Entertaining, education, how-tos and much more are there within the app.

Furthermore, YouTube has millions of its publishers who love to upload their videos within a channels of their own. YouTube allows you to create your own YouTube channel on which you can upload your own videos so that the World’s people can see them. You can even start earning by uploading videos to YouTube Channel. If you are just a user who love exploring YouTube on a smartphone, you can now play YouTube videos in background while using other apps with an additional app on your Android. With this app, you will be allowed to take your YouTube’s screen on a corner of the device, you can work and use any other apps on the device while running the video on a YouTube channel.

YouTube in Background 1

YouTube in Background 2

YouTube in Background 4


Talking about the official YouTube app, you are not allowed to listen to the audio or viewing the video once the app closed. For the very same reason, people find it quite annoying. Well, you can now use YouTube for a complete entertainment as you can even start using the app in background with an additional Android app called, Awesome Pop-up Video. This app goes massively popular in a very short time period because of its amazingly decent user interface which is compatible on all types of Androids. I’m sure you are pretty eager to know more about this app and for that reason, we have compiled a list of all the extraordinary features of this app here. You can follow this list in order to know more about this Awesome Pop-up Video app for YouTube and other apps. Kindly follow the list now!

Features of Awesome Pop-up Video for Android

  • Special eye candy for Xposed Framework users
  • Awesome search offers easy search for videos
  • First raw features offer trending videos on the front page
  • Supports Chromecast for external videos
  • Snap to edges feature doesn’t ask you to put the video on the edge of your display
  • Multi Window offers multitasking to use the app for multiple devices and much more

These were amazing features available inside this very useful app called, Awesome Pop-up Video. The app now supports YouTube which is the best thing for all the YouTube lovers. However, the app requires a few tweaks which you can add to optimize the functionality of the app. You can get the best of experience of using this app which allows you to take your YouTube videos on a small screen on the same display. Following steps will guide you through the process of using this app to use YouTube in the background of your Android device. Here’s the tutorial!

How to Play YouTube in Background on Android

Step 1 :

Since you are using an Android device, it has a default app store, Google Play Store. Tap on the icon to launch it on your Android.

Step 2 :

Now, tap on the Search box and search for an app named with Awesome Pop-up Video app.

Step 3 :

Click install button and Accept the terms and conditions to install it on your device. It will take a couple of minutes and you will have this app installed on your device.

Step 4 :

Now, launch the app by selecting its icon. You would see two different options on the front page. Popular videos and the next option is where you can put a URL of the video to be watched.

Step 5 :

Once you get a URL of a video, you can copy and paste it in the app in the URL field of the app.

Step 6 :

You can view an icon of the video and from there you could see a minimize option where the screen will be at the edge of your device’s display.

YouTube in Background 3

Step 7 :

You could even see a Close option just like the PC on this window. Once you finished watching the video, you can simply close it down by selecting the cross button.

That’s all you have to do in order to play YouTube video in Background. You can easily use this app by following the same process. You could see an icon of the app on the apps menu of your device and to start the app, just tap on the icon and launch it. You’ll be allowed to use this app on your device as it supports YouTube as well.

What’s your take on this? Have you ever heard of this app before? Do share your views and opinions about this app from here. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, let us know in the comments given below this post. We’d be happy to assist you with everything.

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How to Play YouTube in Background on Android – YouTube Background Player Download
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