How to Print Screen on Mac


Mac users are blessed with a number of cool features which can be quickly used. There are a number of short cuts to do many of your tasks done within a Mac. Just use a proper combination of keys to do a particular tasks on your Mac system. If you are a Mac user, you can do hundreds of things quickly without the help of a technician. Force Quit a non-responding apps easily with a number of ways. If you want to take a quick Screenshot, know how to Print Screen on Mac by following the below given tutorial! Screenshot on Mac

With a Mac OS X, you can take a full screen’s Screenshot or just a part of it. You can even select particular part of the Screen to take a Screenshot of it. Interestingly, you can find out this Screenshot right on your desktop with .png format.

Take Screenshot of Whole Screen

Press Command + Shift + 3 simultaneously!

Screenshot on Mac

You could hear a Camera Shutting sound on your desktop which indicates that the Screenshot has been taken. You can view this Screenshot right on your desktop.

Take Screenshot of Part of your Screen

Press Command + Shift + 4 simultaneously. By pressing this combination, a cursor will be appeared on your screen. Just press and hold your trackpad and move the cursor on a part to capture as a Screenshot. Once you leave the trackpad, you’ll hear a Camera shutting sound. The Screenshot is taken!

You can view this Screenshot on the Desktop as well!

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How to Print Screen on Mac
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