How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages (Working Tutorial)


Nowadays, we all use a smartphone to explore the world of web within our hands. Technology has brought everything at our doorstep as we can do pretty much anything right on a smartphone. Talking more about the technology world, we all use different types of social networks to stay connected with our loved ones. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many other popular social networks are there with their web versions and app versions for smartphones. So, pretty much everyone is using such social networks. Facebook, world’s most popular social networking website at this moment and we all love to use it. We can post anything to share with our real friends and loved ones. We can even chat with them within the Messenger of Facebook. Sometimes, people delete their messages without knowledge. If you too have deleted your Facebook messages, learn how to recover deleted Facebook Messages with this working tutorial. Take a look!


Social media has taking the world by storm and we all love to get lost in this beautiful world where we can live in a complete different virtual world. It’s a fact that many of us can’t live without using Facebook and all the other popular social networks. And why not? After all we have been living a special life with our own world of people there. Many of us use Facebook for a chatting purpose. Yes, we all use to chat with our loved ones most of the time to share things between the two only. We can even send photos and share documents within the Messenger to our loved one. It’s pretty easy and we can use it on Desktop or Mobile phones. Furthermore, many of our readers have been asking for a solution to recover deleted Facebook messages and for that reason, we have come up with a working solution to fetch all of those messages from the Facebook Messenger.

There could be a number of reasons behind deleting messages from Facebook. Sometimes, we don’t want to see those faces in the chatting screen. Or somehow we accidentally delete some messages that would not have been deleted. Well well you can actually get those deleted messages from Facebook right within your Facebook account. It requires you to follow a few steps in order to get them recovered. Yes, you can recover your deleted Facebook messages within the same account of yours.

Years ago, getting the deleted things back was possible. However, in this digital world, there are many tools and other tricks available to use in order to recover all the deleted things from various social networks. We have analysed everything and came to know that many of the Internet users have been searching for a working solution to recover deleted Facebook Messages. For that reason, we have though of giving you a complete step by step tutorial on this, so that our readers can easily get there Archived or deleted Facebook Messages back if they are actually very important.

In order to do so, you don’t need to be a skilful person studded with all the technical skills. Any Facebook users can easily use this trick to get deleted Facebook messages back. So, just sit back and follow all of the below given steps wisely on your Desktop or PC. Here’s the tutorial to follow :

Note : You have to follow each of the following steps wisely on your own Facebook profile. Make sure you logged into your Facebook and then start following the steps given below.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages (Working Tutorial)

Step 1 : 

First, follow below given link and log into your Facebook account by entering the Username and Password.

Go to :


Step 2 :

Once you are logged in, you will be presented a homepage of your profile. Kindly hover over to the upper right corner and select the Down arrow. This will open a drop down box with a number options. Kindly select the Settings option from here.


Step 3 :

In the settings option, you could see General Settings section with all the useful options at the right hand side. At the end of this page, you could see an option Download Copy. Select this option from here.


Step 4 :

The next page will show you what you will get in an archived copy of your Facebook profile. Read all the information and then select Start My Archive button from there.


Step 5 :

You will be asked to proceed further with the downloading of an archived. Kindly select Start My Archive button from here.


Step 6 :

You could see that Facebook is downloading the content of our profile with a message. You will be sent an email of an archived to an associated Email Address.


Step 7 :

Once you get an Email, kindly download a copy of it and unarchive it. You would see a Messages section there. Here, you would see all the Archived messages and other deleted Messages from your profile.


So folks, this is how you can recover deleted Facebook messages from your own Facebook account. It’s pretty easy and help you to even take a backup of your entire Facebook profile. So before losing anytime, go ahead and start following the steps mentioned above and get all of your data recovered right away!

What’s your take on this? Do you have anything else to ask? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. We’d be happy to interact with you. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed, stay tuned for more such useful information on technology.

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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages (Working Tutorial)
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