How to Remove Shortcut Virus in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and XP


Nowadays, everyone uses a computer for various things. Since technology runs the entire world, we all have to use technology devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops and more. No matter in which field you are currently working in, Computers are always there to get done many of their routine tasks. If you are working on a Windows PC and love to transfer things using Flash drives or Pen drive, you are welcoming an unwanted virus called Shortcut Virus. If you frequently use a Pen drive or Flash drive, there is a chance of transferring this Shortcut Virus from one system to another. If you have been facing the same issue with your PC, learn how you can remove Shortcut Virus in Windows operating system here.

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If you have seen this Shortcut Virus on your system while transferring things from your PC to a Pen drive, and wondering if it is possible to use an additional tool to use to remove this shortcut virus from the system. Well, there are many ways with which you can remove Shortcut Virus in Windows so that you can freely transfer files from your PC to other USB Pen Drive or Flash drives easily. Windows users often come with this issue when it comes to transferring file to an additional storage devices. If a person use this affected drives to other system, the other system will itself get affected with it and this Shortcut virus will transfer from your Pen drive to another system.

If you somehow know that your Windows PC has this Shortcut Virus inside, make sure you remove it first so that it will not affect any other devices in the future. It is always better to keep your system clean with such small viruses. Make sure you always use an antivirus software to your system. You should regularly scan your system with this Antivirus tool to keep it secured from any virus attacks. We are here to provide you the perfect solution with which you can remove Shortcut virus from your system. Till now, you all know only one way to remove this virus, by formatting your drive. Well, what if your Pen drive contains very important files inside. In such conditions, you may not want to format your drive. But to remove that annoying Shortcut virus, you have to follow some basic steps on your Windows system so that you can remove Shortcut Virus quickly. Before moving any further, we’d like you to know more about this virus so that you can make people understood about it. Here we have managed to compile everything related to this Shortcut Virus for better understanding of it.

What is Shortcut Virus?

Shortcut Virus is nothing but a kind of a small malware which slowly starts affecting your entire Windows system. The Virus can not be seen properly, so you can not just remove it easily. Sometimes, even a premium antivirus tool can not remove these stubborn viruses. A Shortcut Virus creates shortcut icons of everything stored in your USB Pen Drive or Flash drive. You don’t need to do anything, you can see Shortcuts of every files stored in your device. You will not access the original files once your device is affected with this virus. In the advance stages, this virus will start removing the original files from your device and you will not be allowed to access any files from the device.

This Shortcut Virus affects external storage devices such as USB Flash Drive, USB Pen Drive, External Hard Disk, Memory Card etc. To make everything secured and away from such viruses, you need to remove this Virus from your system and from the device manually. Apart from this, this Virus sometimes affects the internal hard drive of your system as well. So we recommend you to remove this virus instantly from the system so that your files will be at the safe side.

How Does this Shortcut Virus Spread?

Shortcut virus can be spread by users itself. There are many ways with which this virus can easily spread and you have to stop doing all of them so that your drive will not get affected from it. Following are the list of ways you should stop doing in order to stop spreading this Shortcut Virus.

1.Stop downloading files from an unauthorized sites. Such sites contains unwanted malicious scripts and trojan files which welcomes such viruses to your system. If you are still downloading stuffs, make sure not to open any unwanted files from your PC. If you are sure about the downloaded file, you can go ahead and launch the downloaded file from there.

2. You can even spread this virus by connecting your external flash drive to other PCs. If your friend’s PC is already affected with this virus and you insert your Pen drive to its USB Port, the viruses will itself be transferred to your  Pen Drive. Yes, you are now affected with this virus. If you use the same Pen Drive to other PC, the other PC will receive these viruses and the chain continuous.

These are the ways which affect your system with the Shortcut Virus. You should stop doing it if you don’t want this virus to affect your system. If your system is already affected with this Shortcut Virus, you should follow the ways to remove it from your system. Following are all the right ways with which you can easily get rid of the Shortcut Virus from your system.

Note : Shortcut Virus is kind of a stubborn virus which spreads its script to your entire system. So the users can not recognize the exact place or files which are affected by this virus. Users can not locate the virus for this reason, Antivirus tools also can not help you finding it. You have to follow all the methods which are mentioned below to get rid of this Shortcut virus from your Windows PC.

Method 1 : Remove Shortcut Virus in Windows – Using Command Option

Step 1 :

First, insert the USB Drive or Pen Drive to your system.

Step 2 :

Now, you have to launch the Command Prompt window from the PC. Press Home button and search for cmd.exe. Right click on it and select Open as Administrator option.

Note : Different Windows OS has different option to launch Command Prompt Window. Make sure to launch it properly.

Step 3 :

Follow below command into the Command Prompt :

ATTRIB ‐H ‐R ‐S /S /D F:*.*

You can change the drive by replacing above code. You just need to change the F letter from the above code.

Step 4 :

Once you enter the above code, hit the Enter button from the Keyboard.

By doing so, all of your Shortcut icons will be recreated with the original files. The Shortcut Icons will be removed from the drive once you enter the above command to your Command Prompt.

Method 2  : Search, Find and Remove Virus Manually from the System

Shortcut Virus spreads with a malicious script to your entire system and all the other viruses. So you have to manually delete them from your system. Follow these steps to remove this virus from the system manually.

Step 1 :

First, you have to open the Run dialogue box from your Windows by pressing Windows+R button.

Step 2 :

Now, open the list of temporary files by typing %temp% and then hit the Enter button.

Step 3 :

You will be presented a list of all temporary files here. Search for nkvasyoxww.vbs file there and remove the file from the list.

Step 4 :

Now, make sure to open Windows Configuration window by typing msconfig and then press the Enter button.

Step 5 :

Go to Startup Tab and then disable nkvasyoxww.vbs from there.

By doing so, you will be able to remove Shortcut Virus manually from your system. If you couldn’t find this option, just remove all the temporary files from the list which are of no use.

Method 3 : External Tool – Shortcut Remover

Just like all the other extraordinary tools, you can use a tool called Shortcut Remover to remove all unwanted shortcut virus from your system. This tool is highly recommended by most of the Windows users. You too can give it a try in order to remove all Shortcut Viruses from your Windows system.

Using this Shortcut Virus Remover tool is quite simple and anyone can easily start using it with it. The tool can be downloaded from the following link and you can install it by double clicking on the downloaded installation file. Do follow all basic instructions well. The Shortcut Virus Remover tool will be installed on your system. Launch it by clicking on its icon. You need to select the drive to remove the virus from the dropdown box. Select the affected drive from here and then Click on Clean Virus option. You will be greeted with a Successful message with a new pop-up window.

Download Shortcut Remover 

Shortcut Virus Shortcut Virus 2

Shortcut Virus 3

Method 4 : Using Autorun Exterminator

Autorun Exterminator is also a very well known software to remove Shortcut Viruses from your system. By running this software on your system, all the autorun.inf files from it. It prevents the virus from spreading to your system. You can search for this software on Google for a respective Windows system.

Method 5 : Using WinRAR

You can use 7 -Zip or WinRAR software to retrieve the original files from the infected folder. Yes, you can compress the affected folder by using this WinRAR software. Using this software to remove Shortcut Viruses is quite simple. You just need to go to the location of the affected folder. Select all files and then right click on it. Select Add to archive option from here. Now, you can save this Archived folder to other location of your PC. Once you are done with it, you can format your current Flash drive which is infected. All the Shortcut Virus will be removed from the Drive itself.

Download 7-Zip 

Method 6 : Using VBScript

Since you know that Shortcut Virus spreads with an external script to your entire system and other USB Flash Drives, you need to run an external script which prevents this annoying scripts from your system. Make sure you use the right script for that. VBScript is a popular tool which can help you removing this unwanted Shortcut Virus from your system. By running this Script, all of your files, folders and documents will be scanned properly. Follow these steps to learn how you can run this script on your system.

Step 1 :

First of all, you need to download the VBScript for your system. If you are not aware about it, kindly follow below mentioned link and download it from there.

Step 2 :

Once the file gets downloaded, you need to double click and run the .vbs file from it.

You can even run this file by right clicking and selecting Microsoft Windows Based Script Host option. Which is essential to run any external script to your current system.

Step 3 :

At the end, you will be asked to select the Ok button. Make sure to select this Ok button to run the Script on your system.

The Script will take about a minute to complete the process. Soon, you will receive a message about the completion process. All the infected files are now recovered and the unwanted annoying Shortcut Viruses have been removed from your system. Your Flash drive or any other drives are now safe. To double check the process, you can try copying or transferring anything from your system to an external drive.

So folks, this is how you can remove Shortcut Virus from Windows PCs. If you are a regular Windows users who use it professionally, you have to keep your system cleaned so that you will not lose any important files from your system. You have to be up to date with proper antivirus software on the system. Make sure you scan an entire system every week. By following such simple steps, your PC will be completely secured without any external viruses or malware.

If you have any queries or questions to be asked, feel free to drop us in the comments section given below this post. We’d be happy to assist you with everything. Stay tuned with us for more such useful stuffs.

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How to Remove Shortcut Virus in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and XP
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