How to Resize Images for WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook without Cropping


Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone to do various tasks. You can do pretty much everything and can explore an entire world sitting in your room using a smartphone. When it comes to a smartphone, how can we forget Android? Being world’s most popular operating system, Android’s Play Store’s got plenty of advanced apps and games to explore different things within a smartphone. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and many such social networking websites are there to build a new network within your PC or phone. If you have accounts in these Social Networks, get to know how to Resize Images for WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook Without Cropping so that you can use a whole picture as your profile picture. Following guidelines will help you to set a whole picture as Profile Picture. Keep on reading! 

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WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook doesn’t allow you to put a whole picture as your profile’s picture. You have to select some specific part of the image to be used as a profile picture. Well, since we have a huge number of apps to do various things, you can get your desired apps within the Play Store. Yes, to resize images for WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook, Play Store’s got a useful app called, SquareDroid. This app is a special one as it converts a picture from your Gallery compatible to your WhatsApp and Instagram so that it can be replaced as your profile picture. You can use full image as your profile picture once it gets converted!

SquareDroid is a special tool available only for Android users. Surprisingly, the app requires no special additional skills to use this app. Anyone can easily make use of this application to setup a profile picture on WhatsApp and Instagram without cropping. Before we move further, we request you to kindly follow below given list of its features first. Following list will guide you more about this app and its basic uses. Here’s the list!

Features of SquareDroid for Android

  • Simple and easy to use app available for free for Android smartphone and tablet
  • User can easily pick up photos from Gallery, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other such apps
  • User can even share pictures from any apps to SquareDroid directly
  • Three different backgrounds to choose – solid color, gradient and blur
  • Tune color to choose from a number of different options
  • Save settings with different file formats for your pictures including JPG and PNG
  • Share created square photos directly to Instagram with just one single tap
  • Create a square image to any of your images by selecting it within the app

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These were all the useful features available in this useful app called, SquareDroid. The app is absolutely amazing as it allows you to set up an entire picture as your WhatsApp’s or Instagram’s profile picture. Now, let’s see how you can convert Square images within this app on your Android smartphone. Just follow below given simple steps to know about it.

How to Resize Images with SquareDroid application?

Step 1 :

First, make sure to download and install SquareDroid application to your Android smartphone. The app is absolutely for free and you can install it from the following link easily!

Download SquareDroid for Android

Step 2 :

Click out above mentioned link and you’ll be taken to an official Google Play Store’s page of SquareDroid application. Click Install button to start installing the app.

Step 3 :

It will take a couple of minutes to complete the entire process. Soon, you will get a Successful message about the process.

Step 4 :

Launch SquareDroid app by tapping on its icon.

Step 5 :

On the homepage of the app, you could see a few useful options from which you can select anyone to pick up a photo. Click on Pick a Photo option from the front page.

SquareDroid 9

Step 6 :

Now, you’ll be asked to choose a picture from Gallery of your device. There are a number of different options you could choose from.

SquareDroid 8

Step 7 :

Once you select the image, you can change the background or add some more additional effects to it. There are various buttons given there.

Step 8 :

Once you are done with it, just tap the Save button which is given at the upper right corner of the app.

Step 9 :

You’ll be asked to select a file format for this particular picture.

SquareDroid 7

Step 10 :

After this, you will see this converted image to your Gallery app.

Step 11 :

Now, go to your WhatsApp or Instagram or Facebook’s profile picture option and click on the upload button.

SquareDroid 6

Step 12 :

Select the recently converted square photo from the Gallery app.

Step 13 :

You can select an entire picture to set as your profile’s profile picture with the chosen background colour. It’s amazing and works on all types of Androids.

SquareDroid 5

So folks, this is how you can Resize Images for WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook without Cropping. In order to use this application, first you have to install it on a respective Android smartphone by following above mentioned link. Hit the link, install it and start following above mentioned steps wisely. You’ll get a Resized photo to set as your WhatsApp’s, Facebook’s or Instagram’s profile picture!

Whats’a your take on this? Have you ever heard about this app before? Did you use it already? Do share your views and opinions in front of us. You can even put your thoughts and views on this. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask, just do let us know in the comments given below this post. We would definitely like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Stay tuned for more such useful updates in the coming time!

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How to Resize Images for WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook without Cropping
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