The most important and useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10


Every professional PC user are known to Keyboard Shortcuts which are really important. Instead of using your mouse, you can make use of a combination of Keys from your Keyboard to do the tasks. Yes, there are hundreds of useful and important Keyboard Shortcuts available for your systems. If you are using a Windows 10 PC, then here we have listed down all the useful Keyboard Shortcuts for your current Windows 10 PC. We recommend you to follow all the basic Keyboards to bring the best of UI on your PC. 

There are two parts of Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts, traditional Keyboard Shortcuts which are very common and most of the people are known to them. The other part of the Shortcuts are important Keyboard Shortcuts which are a bit tricky yet very useful. You need to learn to use the right combination for a particular tasks. We have enlisted the Keyboard combination along with the task that combination will do for you.

Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

1. Traditional Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key + R – To run a command

Windows Key + Space- Switch to a new language on your PC

Windows Key + 1 or 2 or 3 – Open the tasks which are there in your task bar

Windows Key + Shift + Left – Move Windows tab from right to left

Windows Key + Shift + Right – Move Windows tab from left to right

Windows Key + P – To project a Screen by attaching an additional projector

Alt + tab – Open a new tab in your browser while surfing various websites

Windows Key + T – Shows you all the open tabs with cycle mode, you can release the button to open that particular tab or Window

Alt + F4 – Closes down the current Window on your Windows 10 PC

2. Standard Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Windows Key – This will present you the Start Menu of your Windows 10 PC

Windows Key + Tab – Opens Windows 10 Task View to view all the tasks

Windows Key + L – Locks down your Windows 10 system right away

Windows Key + Enter – Gives you tips and offers a variety of task guidelines

3. Keyboard Shortcuts for Cortana in Windows 10

Windows Key + Q – Launches Home Screen of Cortana and enables input by speaking and by entering on the Keyboard

Windows Key + C – Launches Cortana’s speech prompt

4. Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Windows Key + X – Open start button and its context menu to change things and other settings in your PC

Windows Key + Left, Right – This will move your tasks screen from left to right and right to left and shrink it

Windows Key + Up, Down – This will move your screen from corners at upper and lower side

Windows Key + : – Shows temporary Desktop

Windows Key + M – Shows Windows desktop

5. Keyboard Shortcuts for Connecting and Sharing your PC in Windows 10

Windows Key + K – Connects your system to Wireless display and other devices

Windows Key + H – Share content from your Windows 10 system from the supported app

Windows Key + E – Launches Windows Explorer on your Windows PC

6. New Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Windows Key + A – Opens up Windows 10 Notifications panel to view notifications instantly

Windows Key + I – Opens up Windows 10 Settings Window to make changes to your system

Windows Key + Ctrl + D – Offers you a new virtual desktop on your Windows system

Windows Key + Ctrl + F4 – Closes down current virtual desktop on your system

Windows Key + Ctrl + Left or Right – Easily switch between the Virtual Desktops available in your system

Windows Key + F1 – Opens up Help Center from Edge browser to help you out with Windows 10 system

Windows Key + Print Screen Key – Instantly takes screenshot of the entire system in your Windows 10 PC

These were all types of Keyboard Shortcuts available for your Windows 10 PC. You can learn all the Shortcuts by practicing them on your Windows 10 PC. Some of the Shortcuts are there for the advanced users, however you should know about the most common shortcuts to simplify your Windows 10 experience.

Apart from this, if you are not aware about taking a Screenshot in Windows 10, follow this tutorial where you could see four ways to take a Screenshots in Windows 10 system. You can even change your Windows 10 default browser easily from here. If you want to change the icon size in your system, follow our guidelines and make changes to your icons right away.

If you have any further issues related to your current Windows system, or have any queries or feedbacks to share, then kindly let us know by dropping them out here in the comments section. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!

The most important and useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10
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