How to Increase IDM Download Speed (Tips & Tricks)


Internet Download Manager is one of the most popular and indeed the best download manager to manage and accelerate the downloading speed of the files which you are currently downloading. Internet Download Manager is also known as IDM which is there to expand the downloading speed of whatever you are downloading on your Windows PC. According to the users and the officials, IDM can boost up the downloading speed upto 5 times than the original default download section of the browser. However, we people are always wish for something even more better. If you are looking for a way to increase IDM Download Speed, we’ve got some spicy tips and tricks which you can use in order to increase the IDM download speed right away. Keep on reading! 

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Windows is the most popular Operating System with a number of its versions. Windows users are happy because it offers tons of functionalities which anyone can easily use. If you are missing something with the Windows system, you can get proper help anytime from anyone. It doesn’t require more implementations. The hardwares can also be replaced easily and are available at more cheaper price tags. So overall, it’s a more preferable to use Windows PC instead of any other systems. You are here to know how you can increase IDM Download Speed and to do so, you need to follow a few simple steps. Make sure you are using the latest version of Internet Download Manager. You need to follow below given steps to increase Download speed on your Internet Download Manager.

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How to Increase IDM Download Speed 

1. Adjust IDM Connection Settings

It is always better to make sure your Internet connection has setup well so that you can get the maximum speed of what you are downloading. Make sure you select high bandwidth connection on your broadband connection. If you don’t know how you can set it up, kindly follow this steps.

  • First, launch IDM from your PC by clicking on its icon.
  • At the top side, you could see different options from which you need to select Options
  • From here you need to select Connection Type/ Speed and set it up to maximum bandwidth

2. Increase Maximum Connections Number

Make sure you have selected the maximum connections number to 16. You can set it by following these steps.

  • Launch IDM by clicking on its icon
  • From the top section, you need to select Options button
  • And then click on the Connections section
  • Change the “Default max. conn. number” from 8 to 16
  • Once you select it, click Ok button

3. Turn off the Sped Limiter

Make sure the Speed Limiter section is turned off, if not, kindly turn it off by following these steps. This will limit the downloading speed of the files inserted to the IDM software.

  • Launch Internet Download Manager on your Windows PC by clicking on its icon
  • Go to the Menu bar where you can see a number of options, select Downloads option from here
  • A dropdown menu will be there from which you need to select Speed Limiter option
  • If the Speed Limiter option is on, kindly select Off button and turn it off from there

4. Free up space from the Download page

It is always recommended to have your Download page section empty so that new files can be placed there with good downloading speed. You can free up space by following the below steps.

  • Launch Internet Download Manager app from the Start Menu or from the Desktop of your Windows PC
  • On the menu bar, you could see a few useful options from which you need to select Downloads option
  • A dropdown menu will be presented from which you need to select Delete All Completed option

By choosing this option, all the previously downloaded files from the IDM will be removed and hence it frees up the space on it so that the new files can be placed easily here.

5. Manually Schedule Downloads

There are reasons why people love to use Internet Download Manager as their default Download manager on a PC. IDM offers a number of features and functionality which anyone can use and get the most of it. You all can use this amazing IDM to get the super faster downloading speed of whatever you want. You can even schedule downloads by setting up time. Follow below steps to do so.

  • Go to Start Menu and launch Internet Download Manager on your Windows PC
  • On the front page you could see a number of icons each with proper functions, Kindly select Clock icon from here
  • By selecting this option, you can set up the download time of a particular file which is enlisted on the downloads section

Since most of the offices work stop at night, you can get the maximum download speed at night. Kindly set up the Schedule time accordingly and you will get a faster downloading speed at that time period.

6. Increase IDM Download Speed By Using IDM Optimizer

Yes, IDM even supports an additional software or we can say a tool to speed up the downloading speed. IDM Optimizer is a tool which is highly on demand for all the IDM users. If you are looking for a way to increase IDM download speed with an additional software, IDM Optimizer is here for you. Follow these steps to set it up on your Windows system.

  • Make sure you have installed an upgraded version of IDM on your PC
  • Download and Install IDM Optimizer on your PC – Download IDM Optimizer
  • Run the IDM Optimizer and you will see an operational Window on your desktop
  • You’ll see two options on this page from which you need to select the
  • Click Optimize button to optimize your IDM which is installed on the PC
  • After this, from these two options, you can restore the settings back by selecting Restore Default option

So folks, this is how you can actually increase IDM Download Speed on a Windows system. Do you know any other method or do you have any other tips which we can add to this list to help the users? Do share them with us. We’d like to interact with you. Stay tuned for more such useful updates.

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How to Increase IDM Download Speed (Tips & Tricks)
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