iPhone X Feature Overview: How Does Face ID Work? Is it Better than Touch ID?


Earlier this week, Apple has revealed its much awaited iPhones in the market with, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the premium device, iPhone X in the market. iPhone X attracts millions of eyeballs as this is a special phone which is launched for the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone. If you haven’t heard anything about the new iPhone X smartphone, then here we have enlisted all the useful features of this phone so you can get the best information about this new iPhone X smartphone.

Apple has made these new iPhones with powerful processor and more durable frame or we can say design. You can find out the comparison between all these smartphones here. If you are confused about which iPhone you should buy from the newly announced three iPhones, then this comparison list of their features and specifications will help you out. You are here to know more about the new iPhone X and its new Face ID feature, so let’s get on to it right now!

iPhone X – Features Overview

  • Powered by latest A11 Bionic Chipset which is the most powerful chip ever used in an iPhone with M11 motion coprocessor technology
  • iPhone X offers full glassy body at both the sides, front and back. Reflective body makes the phone look more rich and premium from all the angles.
  • A surgical-grade stainless steel frame makes the device more durable from all the edges and sides.
  • Full screen edge-to-edge display offering more area to explore on your screen.
  • There is no any Physical Home button present on this phone at the front panel.
  • The lock button has changed with Side button. Single press to launch Siri and double press to launch Apple Pay.
  • 5.8 Inch Super Retina HD display with one handed usability and more screen space compare to other smartphones
  • Offers highest screen resolution of 2436×1125 pixels for rich entertainment
  • iPhone X is the first iPhone to feature OLED display
  • True Tone feature offering rich graphical interface with more brightness and color ratio
  • Phone X has a true High Dynamic Range display which we call as HDR which supports movies with Dolby Vision and HDR10
  • Simple tap to wake feature to turn the display on just by tapping once on the display
  • Swipe down on the display to launch Control Panel of the phone to change settings and other things
  • Swipe up on the display to launch the Home screen of your phone
  • Comes with a new iOS 11 with a bunch of extra ordinary features to the actual UI of the phone
  • Truedepth 7 Megapixel of front camera with infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, earpiece speaker, microphone
  • Front camera has Face ID, Facial Recognition feature with ortrait Mode selfies, and Animoji
  • iPhone X features Face ID instead of the Touch ID for security of your iPhone
  • New Animoji allows you to create your own facial expressions on the emojis with the help of Face ID feature
  • Instantly share Animojis with your friends on various chat messages applications from the phone
  • A dual rear camera setup of 12 Megapixel sensors at the back panel of the device aligned vertically at the upper left corner
  • The phone has dual optical image stabilization feature for wide-angle and telephoto lenses
  • Real-time image processing with new technology to consume less space
  • Supports 4K video recording at 60 FPS
  • Slo-mo video recording at 240 FPS with 1080 pixels of resolution
  • Improved video stabilizations in real time with good low light zoom function
  • Portrait Lighting to help the device choosing the perfect light for your photos in real time
  • Designed with the support of Augmented Reality
  • Supports Wireless Charging and compatible with almost all types of Qi Wireless Chargers
  • Equipped with Fast Charging technology to let recharge the device super faster in less time
  • Longer battery life compare to other two iPhones i.e. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • Faster Apple designed GPU offering rich graphical interface to play high definition games
  • NFC and Bluetooth 5.0 to connect the device with other devices and much more

So folks, these are all the highly advanced technology features available in the futuristic smartphone from the giant, Apple with iPhone X smartphone. Since, the phone is studded with high end feature, the pricing of the phone is also like the same. By far, iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone ever made in the smartphones industry. The iPhone X will be available in two different variants, 64GB and 256GB of variants. The pricing for the iPhone X will start from $999 for the basic model, i.e. 64GB.

Apple to start pre-orders for this iPhone X smartphone from October 27th and the phone will be available in the market from November 3rd worldwide. The new iPhone X will be available on all the official Apple stores from the same date.

Apart from all the goods in the iPhone X, many people have found a confusing feature in the iPhone X and that is the new Face ID feature. As you know, Apple has replaced the traditional Touch ID feature in the iPhone X with new Facial Recognition feature called, Face ID. You will better understand how this feature will work? Let’s find out everything about the new Face ID feature from the giant, Apple on the upcoming futuristic iPhone, iPhone X.

How does Face ID work on the iPhone X?

Face ID is Apple’s new and innovative security feature which is equipped with the front facing camera on the phone. If you take a closer look on the front panel of the iPhone X, you can see wide array space where a number of sensors including the front facing camera are placed. These sensors work together to make the Face ID work for you. Each of the sensor has its own functionality to work in different conditions.

These sensors work together and make your phone unlock by reading your face data after you setup the Face ID feature on your iPhone X. The Apple’s Face ID works just smarter and doesn’t take much time to recgonize your Face. Whenever you want to unlock your iPhone X, you just need to look at the screen and the phone will be unlocked right away. All the sensors will send data to each other and will work accordingly to unlock your iPhone X.

These sensors or we can say the Face ID feature is much powerful as it works perfectly fine in dark as well. So, this feature works smarter than all the other unlocking features in the night time when there is no lights around.

To make this Face ID work, the phone will take a few of your photos through the front facing camera and stores them to its space to help sensors work accordingly.

In terms of Face ID’s security, there is nothing much difference between the Face ID and Touch ID. The Face ID feature will work to unlock your iPhone without touching any buttons. It will also help you to make payments through Apple Pay and it will even help you launch specific apps. If the Face ID for some reason doesn’t work, you can go with the Passcode option to make things go smoother.

Apart from this, there is a fun way to create and personalize your own Animojis through this Face ID and front facing camera of the iPhone X. The camera can recognize your Face and it will create and customize the emojis in real time with your own facial expressions. Once done, you will be able to share your Facial Expressions through Animojis.

Is Face ID secure than the Touch ID?

Yes, indeed. Face ID is highly innovative and secure way to unlock your phone. If we talk about the accuracy, Touch ID has accuracy of 50,000 users where as the new Face ID has the accuracy of 1 Million users. So if you give your iPhone to 1 Million people, only one person can unlock the device with the Face ID which is double the Touch ID feature.

So this makes it clear that the Apple’s Face ID feature is way more secure than the original Touch ID or we can say Fingerprint Sensor.

Adding more to the security of this Face ID feature, the Face ID is built to find out the facial expressions and works accordingly. If you take a photograph of the person and put it in front of the iPhone X, it will recognize the flat face and it will not work with it. This Face ID will also not work if you have prepared a physical mast of a person. The company has tested enough of this and comes out with the secure way.

Additionally, this new Face ID feature is more powerful to recognize your face even if you have wear a Scarf or a hat or grow beard on your face or entirely make over your face. This Face ID feature will instantly recognize you and will work accordingly.

If you are asleep, then the Face ID will not work if someone takes the phone in front of your face. The Face ID will recognize your current activities and it scans your face entirely. Basically, it works with your attention and if you have closed eyes, this feature will not work with that.

One more thing you might want to know about the Face ID feature on the iPhone X and that it, you will not be able to add another person here. Face ID will work with one person’s face only and that is you, the owner the of the new iPhone X.

iPhone X Feature Overview: How Does Face ID Work? Is it Better than Touch ID?
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