iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Detailed Comparison


On September 12th, the giant Apple has introduced three new iPhones in the market with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. All these new generation iPhones have studded with a number of high advance technology features to explore the technology world better within the hands. Their design, specifications and everything is super impressive. If you are going to buy a new iPhone but couldn’t decide which one to choose, here we have enlisted all the features and specifications of these phones so you can compare them and decide for yourself which one to choose. 

Since all these new iPhones are packed with new technology features from the same company, there are a few things or we can say specifications on all these phones are common. So besides the comparison, we have also listed down all the common features that are available on these new iPhones.

iPhone 8 

iPhone 8 is the primary model of these new iPhones which were announced earlier this week by the giant Apple. The new iPhone 8 features all highly advance features to compete against the other high end smartphones which were launched recently by other smartphones manufacturer in the market. Let’s see some of the good and bad things about this new iPhone 8 smartphone now.

Good things about Apple iPhone 8

  • The iPhone 8 is powered by A11 Bionic Chipset which is the most advanced processor on a smartphone. This is by far the fastest chip that Apple has ever used in a phone.
  • This new A11 Bionic Chipset is compatible with new latest Augmented Reality technology to live a new virtual world life.
  • The phone supports Wireless charging. The iPhone 8 is compatible to recharge with Qi compatible Wireless Charger to recharge the phone.
  • The iPhone 8 features a 12 Megapixel of rear camera. This camera offers good quality of capturing photos and recording video through the primary camera. The camera features optical image stabilization which can record video with 4K resolution.
  • The size of the device is as same as like the predecessor i.e. iPhone 7. So you can use the iPhone 7 case on the new iPhone 8 smartphone as well.
  • The display serves rich and premium graphical interface which supports Apple’s True Tone color. It can auto adjust screen appearance and color temperature and gets you the best of graphics.
  • The iPhone 8 has pretty handy design which suits perfectly on all types of hands.

Bad things about iPhone 8

  • iPhone 8 features only one rear camera to support two different modes of the camera. You can use only one mode of the camera to use and can’t switch between the modes in real time.
  • The iPhone 8 is the cheapest smartphone from the new three smartphones. It features smaller screen of 4.7 Inches with low resolution of 1334×750. So you will not be able to watch your favourite videos and movies in big screen.
  • Small battery size compare to other iPhones. It offers relatively low battery life than the other iPhones.

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus is comparatively good than the original iPhone 8 as it is bigger sibling of the iPhone 8. So, if you want to go with bigger sibling of the above device, you should check out the good and bad things of this phone which are listed here.

Good things about iPhone 8 Plus

  • The new iPhone 8 Plus is powered by the same A11 Bionic Chipset which offers the super faster smartphone performance. It offers the best and the smoothest interface which you can ever use on a smartphone.
  • Touch ID is available in this edition of the iPhone i.e. iPhone 8 Plus. So you can make use of the same Touch ID which you have been using on the predecessors to make use of the Fingerprint Sensor.
  • The phone supports Wireless Charging just like the iPhone 8. It works with all types of Qi supported wireless chargers so you can easily recharge your iPhone 8 Plus with this new technology.
  • Since this is the biggest phone from all these iPhones, it offers longest battery life if we compare all these phones. It has the biggest battery in all these three iPhones.
  • The display is slightly wider than all the iPhones for better entertainment from all the angles.

Bad things about the iPhone 8 Plus

  • Lack of design. The iPhone 8 Plus doesn’t offer an impressive design like the other high end smartphones which are currently available in the market. It has kind of the same design like its predecessors and there is nothing much to praise about.
  • It has an LCD display of 5.5 Inch display with 1080 pixels of LCD display.
  • Its price is quite high if we compare to other same range of smartphones in the world. Or we can say the 256GB of iPhone 8 Plus carry the same price tag of the iPhone X.

iPhone X

iPhone X is the most amazing iPhone from all these three iPhones which were launched earlier this week by the giant. In fact, this is a premium iPhone which comes as a special edition in the market for the 10th Anniversary of iPhone smartphones. So, this makes it clear that the new iPhone X will feature even more advance features than the other two iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones. Let’s find out the good and bad things about this new iPhone X.

Good things about the iPhone X

  • iPhone X is the most impressive iPhone ever made by the giant. This is the future of iPhone or we can say smartphone world with an elegant design and impressive looks.
  • The phone has 5.8 Inch edge-to-edge OLED display offering rich entertainment.
  • The iPhone X has a stainless steel frame making the device more durable.
  • The phone has the bigger display than all the other iPhones. So this big screen makes it an ideal phone for full entertainment.
  • The OLED screen offers better contrast and brightness than the other iPhones.
  • The iPhone X supports HDR Video
  • Equipped with inbuilt Face ID on the front camera.
  • User can unlock the phone and can do a variety of things just by looking at the front facing camera of the phone.
  • Swipe up to launch the home screen and swipe down to bring the Control panel of the phone.
  • Animojis and portrait mode on the front facing camera for the perfect selfies and video callings along with fun emojis of yourself with the help of the Face ID feature.
  • Face ID can work with your own facial expressions and you can bring the best of animations of your own face. This Face ID feature recognizes your face and it works accordingly so you can make fun out of this feature.
  • Create your own Customizable Animojis with the front facing camera and share it with your friends on various messages apps.
  • Powerful dual rear cameras offer the best of photography experience though your iPhone X. It packs with all the professional photography features to get the DSLR effects on your photos.

Bad things about the iPhone X

  • Pricing of the phone. iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone ever made by the company. In fact, this is the most expensive phone if we compare to other smartphones in the world in the high end smartphones category.
  • The iPhone X doesn’t offer any Physical Home button or Touch ID sensor.
  • In order to unlock your iPhone, you have to look at the iPhone’s screen, otherwise you need to enter a passcode to unlock your iPhone X.
  • Since there is no any Physical Home button available on the device, it makes things more messy when it comes to multitasking with other applications on the phone.
  • It’s service AppleCare+ is costlier than the other iPhones available in the market.
  • The iPhone X is coming in the market a little late which is not a good thing for the people who are looking for this phone to purchase in the near future.

So folks, these were all the differences between these three new iPhones which were unveiled by the giant, Apple earlier this week in a Keynote held at Steve Jobs Theater.

We have listed down all the good and bad things about these phones in the above listings. However, as we have told you earlier that, these phones do carry some common features inside. So if you are keen to know more about these new iPhones, just follow the common features available on all these newly announced iPhones in the market.

Common Features on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

  • All these iPhones are powered by the same process : A11 Bionic Chipset
  • Common Primary Camera of 12 Megapixel
  • Common Secondary Camera of 7 Megapixel
  • Records video with same resolution : 4K at 60, 30, and 24FPS. 1080p slo-mo at 240FPS
  • All these phones support Wireless Charging technology to recharge the devices wirelessly
  • Designed with the hardest glass body on both the sides, front and back on all these iPhones
  • Certified by IP67 making the phones dust and water resistance
  • Offers same graphical interface with color tone and brightness
  • Supports 3D Touch technology to feel the real Augmented Reality and Virtual world
  • Supports Fast Charging technology to recharge the phones super faster
  • Same storage options available on all these phones with 64GB and 256GB of storage capacities
  • No any 3.5 mm Audio-jack or headphone jacks available on these iPhones and you have to go with the Wireless AirPods for all these iPhones. The company has even announced its new Wireless Charging Case for the AirPods.

These are all the common features and specifications available in all these three iPhones i.e. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

If you are even more keen to know about the pricing and availability of all these three newly announced iPhones, let’s get on to the pricing and availability details of these phones from here.

Pricing and Availability of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

Pricing and availability of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus 

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus starts their pre-orders from 15 September, and will be available in the market from 22 September. The pricing starts from $699 for the 64GB of its variant for the iPhone 8. And the pricing of the iPhone 8 Plus starts from $799.

Pricing and availability of iPhone X

The iPhone X starts pre-orders from 27 October while the phone will be launched in the market from 3 November. The pricing starts from $999 for the basic model i.e. for the 64GB variant.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Detailed Comparison
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